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Is this attractive, or awkward? (handkerchief related)


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So I was thinking about this today. For any of you into women and handkerchiefs, if a female pulled a hanky/tissue from her bra (so, it was like touching her boobs where she was keeping it) and offered it to you, would that be a turn on? Or would that really turn you off?

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Yes- a woman extracting a handkerchief from her bra would be a turn-on for me. I mean, really. blush.png To be honest, I have a thing for lingerie, and hankies... so what's not to like?

This got me thinking- I thought we'd had a thread about this before, so I went looking. Actually the thread was 'Hankies in Knickers' (that's panties for you Americans) but there is some discussion of hankies and tissues in bras too, which you might find interesting.

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Oh my god absolutely definitely a turn on for the handkerchief, the tissue not so much but definitely not a turn off

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it would be sort of a turn on for me...but id probably find it more funny than a turn on if some random chick or whatever just casually pulled a handkercheif out of her bra...i know id never stick something like that in my bra....only thing id EVER put in my bra would be my lighter :P

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