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Have you ever told someone? What did they do?


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Have you ever told anyone? Who was it and how did they react? Did you have success... or horror stories? Share them here, I'd like to know!

I personally have told both of my only 2 past boyfriends... but they were waaay back in middle school, where relationships kind of consisted of just sitting together at lunch or talking on the phone or whatever, you know? Also, thinking back I can't believe I pretty much announced the fetish over the phone to both of them right upfront when I started dating each. I can't imagine having that kind of confidence again, especially since middle schoolers are known for being buttheads and bullying the crap out of people. I am honestly shocked, now that I think about it, that I was lucky enough neither of the boys never said a word to anyone ever, even after we broke up.

First Boyfriend: I remember he was amazed that such a thing existed... and from a girl no less. He never reacted badly at all, but rather took the fetish by the horns and jumped in. I never got to induce him in person, since we only saw each other at school and then talked on the phone at night, but he would indulge the heck out of the fetish <3 He would roll notebook paper up and induce over the phone, making sure not to pull the phone away so I could hear all of it.

Second Boyfriend: He was a sweetie, and I remember I told him about the fetish right away. He was kind of confused at first and thought I was joking, but when he learned that it was real, he shyly admitted he had a slight furry fetish (which I didn't mind either!). I DID get to induce him with both grass blades and rolled up tissues, but I had to wear my cat ears headband when I did it. Looking back it kind of makes me giggle because it was so silly, lol!

But yeah, I am super glad I have only had positive reactions from the only people I've told, and I hope it stays that way.

Does anyone else have similar (or the exact opposite) stories they'd like to share? I am curious smile.png

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Well, I have told my Ex girlfriend. She took it surprisingly well. (Surprisingly well meaning that she stopped sneezing around me entirely for a month or so :D ) So, I don't have any negative experiences about telling everyone (even though I have the feeling that something like that might happen someday)...

Oh, and I almost forgot that I have told my brother. At first he laughed almost to the point he fell down from a chair (no kidding) but when he finally calmed down, he accepted it really easily. According to him, I was always the weird one :D

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