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Hey everyone! I'm looking for someone to be a Beta reader for a story I want to write. Harry Potter is my all-time favorite series and movies too and as many times as I've read and seen the movies, I feel like my story wouldn't do it justice.

  • The story would be a sick fic ( because I'm obsessed with sick fics).
  • Harry will 90% be the one sick (maybe a little contagion from Ron, NOT SLASH)
  • It will take place during either the 4th or 5th book's Christmas break (Which book or movie do you think Harry is more stressed in , the 4th or 5th?)

Those are the basics of my story. If anyone would be willing to be a beta reader for it and give me feedback and help me edit before I post, it would be greatly appreciated!! :)

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I'd be very happy to read it and try to spot typos and simple things like that- and I know the Harry Potter fandom. But this is not a type of fic I would usually read, so you might prefer to use someone who is more 'into' it (if that makes sense).

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