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Self obs from my cold (M)


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I was out walking around yesterday, trying to soak up some sun before Christmas. I went into Nordstrom's and was walking around, when suddenly, my nose began to run. That's always embarrassing for me when my nose starts to run in public. So, I went to the nearest counter and asked the lady behind the counter if she wouldn't mind handing me some tissues. She said, "Of course, here you go, take as many as you need". She held the small pink box of white Kleenex Ultra Soft tissues for me. I grabbed two tissues and folded them over and thanked her. I then turned around and put the tissues to my nose and gave it a good blow. I blew it really soft at first, one nostril at a time. There was quite a bit of snot coming out. I was a little bit embarrassed, but had to get all the snot out. I folded the tissues over and gave my nose a good little honk, then folded the tissues again and threw them away. After my honk, one lady was walking by and looked over at me. The look on her face said, "Poor guy". My face turned a little bit red.

The second blow was about an hour or so later. I was sitting at a table at the Nordstrom's Cafe outside and just got done finishing my meal. I didn't have any tissues with me, so I grabbed one of the brown napkins and put it over my nose. I gave my nose a soft little blow at first, one nostril at a time, then a honk. I opened up the napkin when I was done and saw that the snot was clear.

Hope everyone enjoys!


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sounds like someone needs a good handkerchief, since you always seem to be left without any tissues

I couldn't agree more ;). Nonetheless, that does sound like a very sexy round of noseblowing; thanks for sharing!

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