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"Irreplacable Gift" M, Kim Possible(RonxKim)


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Hello! So my gift to you all...is a brand new story. A Kim Possible story! I love Kim Possible she can do anything....Well except cook. But that’s why she has Ron Stoppable! He’s the best SO for her ever. So this is a one shot and takes place after Kim and Ron graduate High school. They both attend the same college and live together. So I hope you all enjoy. Happy Holidays!

Summary: Ron Stoppable always assumed he would never get sick... But he did. What did he expect when he works, goes to school and hardly sleeps? Lucky him that him that he has Kim to care for him.

Kim Possible was usually a calm, cool, and for the most part collected young woman. Ever since she along with her boyfriend and his naked mole rat saved the world countless times, Kim learned to always expected the unexpected.

So why was Kimberly Ann Possible upset? Well it had mostly to do with her adorable but idiotic boyfriend, Ron Stoppable. Now don’t get the twenty- two year former super heroine wrong. She loved and adored Ron. He was always there for her when she needed him to be. He knew her better than anyone. But for the love of Christ’s sakes he could be stupid.

Why was he stupid?

Kim sat down on the bed and thought back to this morning...

That Morning...

“KB I’b fide.”

Ron was not “fibe” his usual messy blonde hair was more messier then usual, he seemed to wince as he talked or swallow and she was sure he was muffling a few coughs and sneezes. He was sick. Lucky for them winter break started but Ron still had to work at a local restaurant the day before Christmas. Something Kim was not to happy to hear. Ron was the type of guy that once he started something, he would finish it. Even if he was dying. Countless times, Kim had to always reassured Ron that he was fine the way he was and didn’t have to push himself so hard. Who did he have to prove something to anyway? Not her for sure. She understood her boyfriend’s passion for the culinary arts, hell it’s his major at the local college while hers was computer science. But even she knew when to take it easy...

Ron did not. As he finished washing up and dressing, both he and Kim walked into the living. Kim trying her hardest to plead her case.

“Babe, you don’t have to work. What you will do is get back in your pj’s get under the covers, and let me take care of you. Hell I can cook better now so I’ll make you soup.”

Kim was pissed. It was clear Ron was in no shape to work..let alone stand. He muffled a sneeze in his sleeve and looked at Kim with a sad smile.

“Hih’shh...Heh’shh, Kib, I’ll be fide. We have to bay, the bills. Bost Like’ly by boss will let be leave early.”

Kim just stood there with her arms crossed not looking at Ron’s gaze. She felt him hug her and melted in his warm..too warm embrace. Ron was too nice for his own good. Kim sighed sadly as she knew she couldn’t change his mind. She hugged back and kissed his forehead.

Damn he was hot..and not that kind of hot either.

“Ron, until you can say my name without a b in it or sneezing every minute, then you should be in bed!”

“KB, I’ll-het’chh..chh..hat’chu!....ugh...I’b sorry Kib..I’ll be back..”

And like that, Ron kissed his girlfriend’s check tenderly as he walked out the front door. Kim shivered as she felt the cold air surround her. Well she knew what to do...

“Better call Mom...”

Kim was right about how Ron shouldn’t work. Apparently after she finished calling her mother about the pride issues that both her father and boyfriend have, she began making soup. Now Kim wasn’t the best cook in the world but after some lessons from both her mother and Ron’s mother, she gotten much better. The orange hair woman was just about to add the vegetables in the pot when she her a knock on the door. Kim lowered the fire on the stove and went to answer the door. She was shocked but not so surprised when she saw one of Ron’s co-workers and friend holding Ron’s limp form. The poor boy was shivering head to toe and began coughing even more harshly. Kim allowed their friend to help her get Ron upstairs. Kim thank the co-worker and led him out. As she closed the door, she went to check on the soup and when she felt it was ok to leave for awhile, she bolted up the stairs to see Ron sneezing his poor head off.

“Hetchoo...het-het-het’xchu!! A-A-A’choo...kxxt, H’CHU!”

Kim shook her head sadly as she grabbed the aloe infused Kleenex and took out some tissues. Sat beside Ron who looked at her with both guilt and shame. He turned away from her and began coughing. He felt Kim rubbing his back soothingly as the coughing slowed down. He looked back her, and didn’t care that she saw his tears fall from his dull brown eyes.

“I’b sorry Kb...”

“Ron, I love you, I really do babe. But you got to take care better care of yourself. You work, attend college...you need to slow down. We’re in this together. Don’t place the burden of others on your break. I’m here to help you.


“No buts Ronnie. You’re an amazing guy. But you can be an idiot too. But you’re my idiot. Here...blow your nose. You sound awful.”

“I feel awful, Kb... I really do.”

Kim smiled fondly as she watched Ron blow his nose. It sounded wet and painful. The twenty-three year old cough as he laid his head on Kim’s shoulder. He moaned in pain even as he felt the warm strokes of Kim rubbing his shivering frame. The two adults sat like that for a while as Ron yawned in his fist and coughed again. Kim slowly got up and walked towards the dresser. She pulled out a matching set of cotton blue pj’s that she knew would be comfortable for Ron.

“I need to get back in the kitchen, but when I get back, a certain boyfriend of mines should be under the covers in bed. I’ll get you some medicine and more tissues.”

Ron smiled as he gave a shaky thumbs up to confirm he heard her. Kim nodded as she left to go back into the kitchen. She stirred the soup and let it boil for a bit. She got a glass of water and placed it on the nearby tray along with some crackers. Kim went back towards the soup and realized that the soup was ready. Grabbing a nearby bowl, she carefully placed the right amount of soup in the bowl and turned of the stove. The young woman would clean up later. Ron needed her now.

Kim went back upstairs with the tray in her hands. She walked into the bedroom and placed the tray on the table near the bed. She walked out real quick to grab the cold/flu medicine along with more tissues and the thermointer. When she came back, Ron was waking up. Good, she didn’t want to be the one to wake him, but he needed to eat and get some good medicine in him.


“Hey Kb..I wish I could sm’bell the soup.”

Ron coughed in the tissues he had another sneezing fit. Kim sat beside him rubbing his back.

“Hetchoo! Hetchoo! Hetchoo...he-he-het’choo choo! HETCHOO HETCHOO! CHOO..Choo!”

“Bless you, that’s one doozy of a cold.”

Ron nodded slowly as he blew his nose. Kim winced at the sound but knew that Ron felt bad. Telling him she was right would make him feel worse. Kim continued to rub her sick boyfriend’s back as he coughed weakly. He weakly laid his head on Kim’s shoulder as he felt Kim place the thermointer in his mouth. He sniffled weakly as Kim kissed on the forehead whispering soothing words in his reddish ears. Damn he was lucky to be with her. It was a few minutes later when both occupants heard the instrument beep and both groaned when they read the number.


Kim helped Ron to eat what he could of the soup. At least he was eating she thought. After some weak protests, Ron finally took his medicine and Kim gave him some cool water to help it go down. She helped the pale man to lay down and watched as he fell asleep instantly.

“Poor Guy..”

Kim whispered as she went towards the bathroom to get the vicks Vapor rub, a bowl that she filled with cool water and a cloth. She walked back to the room and sat on the bed carefully so Ron wouldn’t be disturbed. Kim dipped the cloth into the water and gently patted Ron’s forehead. He was still asleep but moaned in content. That was good. Kim stopped after fifteen minutes and checked Ron’s fever. It went down a bit but it was still high. She just laid back as she watch Ron sleep...God she loved him.

Right Now...

Kim didn’t realized she dozed off until she woke up and looked around. Checking her cell she realized she slept for almost two hours. When she turned to Ron, she realized he was awake too drinking some water. After he was done he turned to see Kim and smiled.


“Hey, how are feeling?”

Ron felt himself out. He still felt tired, and his throat was sore. His headache wasn’t so bad but it was still there. His nose hurt and his eyes felt watery. He was about to speak but felt his nose flare up. He tried to talk but the tickle was to much. Kim was prepared as she gently placed the tissues in front of Ron’s streaming nose. Ron shook his head slowly muttering that it hurt to much. But when he felt a soft kiss on his cheek, he just let those pesky sneezes out.

“Hetchooo...hetchooo. Hi-hi-hit’choo..choo, choo, ugh, Hit’chuu! HITCHOO HITCHOO!!! Ugh..Kib...”

“I know, sweetie... I know that hurt, but they had to come out. Blow for me ok?”

“By n’dose really hurdts...Pl-please... I don’t..ugh.. H-h-hit’CHOO!”

That final sneeze did it for Ron. The sinus pressure and congestion made him feel worse. Even after he blew he felt his redden ear pop. He didn’t care. He bed forward and cried. He cried, and hiccupped as he let the tears fall. Kim had tears in her green eyes as she hugged her boyfriend towards her chest, rocking him gently back and forth. She hated seeing him like this. It wasn’t fair. She rather be the sick one then Ron. Ron didn’t deserve this stupid rotten cold. It took awhile but Ron finally calmed down enough where Kim helped him to take some sips of water and some more medicine. It was time to take it anyway. Kim placed the tissue box on the bed as she snuggled under the covers and allowed Ron to lay on her stomach. She felt the heat coming from him but was glad it wasn’t like before. She didn’t care that tomorrow was Christmas. Ron needed her more then some family meal. Plus her mother understood and would come by the next day to check on the sick blonde.

Kim rubbed Ron arm slowly sighing in both content and sadness. While she was happy Ron was resting, she was sad that he wouldn’t be well for tomorrow as Ron lit up like a child during the holidays. This would be his first time missing a family dinner. Kim kissed Ron’s forehead as snuggled further upon her body. They fit together like a puzzle and both former super heros wouldn’t have had it any other way. Hearing him weakly cough, Kim softly spoke.

“You’re ok Ron, I got you...”

Ron spoke a few minutes after...His normal and cheery tone was replaced with a pained and congested tone mixed with guilt. Something Kim understood all to well when it dealt with Ron’s insecurities.

“I’b so sorry babe...We could have had...fun’d... and I messed up...I didn’t ed’ven get’d you andything.”

Ron sniffled as he blew his chapped, redden nose.

“Ron...you need to stop. You didn’t ruin anything. Yes you overworked yourself, yes it led you to getting sick..But I’ve done the same. And who was there for me every step of the way? You. We’re a team, we’re partners. Most importantly, you’re my soul mate. I’m here for you always like you are to me. And you know what else silly boy?”


“You are my gift. I’ll never return you and the flaws you do have, make you better then any ring, or car could ever be. Nothing else could compare. So stop worrying ok?”

Ron cried again...But it was due to his illness...It was because of Kim. He was hers and she was his. Kim was his gift as well. He couldn’t see a life with out her...It wouldn’t be a life. He always thought he was never good enough for her and still doesn’t. But hearing the words his girlfriend just spoke would make him rethink the negative thoughts, the stares he got at school. The mean whispers. Ron could face anything as long as Kim was there. And he would always be there for her...

Even when she didn’t need it. He sniffled as he closed his eyes and spoke softly as darkness over powered him for much needed rest.

“Kb I love dou...”

Kim chuckled softly as she heard Ron snore softly. She kissed him as she snuggled further under the covers. She spoke in Ron’s ear knowing he heard her as sleep was taking over her body.

“I love..you too. Feel Better and Merry Christmas.”

The couple slept holding each other...Smiles plastered on their faces, as it began to snow softly... Both holding their special gifts.

It would definitely look to be a wonderful white Christmas...

I hope you all enjoyed this. I had fun writing for this fandom. KimxRon is my OTP. Have a wonderful holiday my lovely friends. :love:

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Awwwwwwe I use to love watching Kp as a kid smile.png this fic really made me smile. I ship .. Keego (Shego+Kim ) just throwing it out there wink.pngtonguesmiley.gif

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Awwwwwwe I use to love watching Kp as a kid smile.png this fic really made me smile. I ship .. Keego (Shego+Kim ) just throwing it out there wink.pngtonguesmiley.gif

Aww thanks! And i've heard of the pairing u mentioned. Glad it made u smile. My work here is done! ;)

AHH!!!! I LOVE THIS!! There isn't much Kim Possible sick fics on the web. And there's even less KimXRon sick fics. :) I love this soo much! :)

I know right?! More RonxKim sickfics!!! XD

I love KP! I missed this so much! Thanks for all the nostalgic fics! They're great!

Awww thats what im here to do...bringing back them classics! :cool:

And if you remember the film road to eldorado, here's a one shot I wrote about it:


And prince of Egypt: http://www.sneezefetishforum.org/forums/index.php?showtopic=53864

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