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Hey, it's winter again


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(And I just have to point out that it is raining over here. RAINING! Usually it's already snowing like heck at this time of the year. Oh well...)

Well, it's christmas everybody! And apparently my body took it as a perfect time to get a cold. So, here I am, on christmas day, feeling tired with slight headache. Yesterday I had an itchy nose that just wouldn't stop but after basically sneezing my head off today, I am beginning to wish that it indeed stayed just as an itchy nose. So, yeah, my family is running around and doing traditional things but I am just sitting somewhere, not really having any energy to do anything. I feel like I had something else to write but right now I can't remember what it was, so I think I will try to get some sleep now.

Until next time you guys hear from me, I guess?

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Awww that sucks! I've been sick on christmas before and its not fun. I hope you do feel better and happy holidays!

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