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What a Christmas treat.


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So let me just preface this, by stating what dorks my friends and I are. And I apologize profusely for the length...

I don't know why or how it happened but me and my five buddies, plus my friend's mother, and his little sister and brother that we live with, all decided to head home-ish for the holidays.

We spent the majority of Christmas Eve hamming everything up for the little kids, and helping his mother, so we waited until 3 AM to let our pent up idiocy and ended up shove sword fighting in the front yard. We ended up running down the street chasing each other, but I guess someone forget to salt the sidewalk, because I ended slipping on ice and landing on my wrist.

An hour later, my friend Matt and I were sitting in the ER waiting room. We sat in silence for about twenty minutes, and then randomly, my nose started acting up, being packed like sardines, him at my right, and a family of three on my left, I tried sniffling as quietly as possible. After thirty seconds, I knew it was a losing battle. I took in the preparatory breaths and in my haste to bring my arm to my face, I accidentally bumped shoulders with the person next to me. And my attempt at an apology went something like this. "Sor-Etchew! Hgnxt-chuh!" I jerked forward trying to muffle the sound into my arm and made it a point to try and stifle the second sneeze, turning my entire body to the right to shield the family from seeing another nasal outburst.

Though it ended up being unnecessary because the family fled in disgust after the one, Matt turned and looked at me with a feigned grimace, and blessed me, I thanked him seconds before snapping forward with another sneeze.

This time, I heard a slightly surprised, femanine sounding "Bless you!" from behind me, turning around I see a blonde, petite, early twenties, propping herself up with a pair of crutches, and after staring and (probably drooling) and only do I notice she's wearing cast on her leg. She hobbled over to me with a smirk. "You gonna live?" She teased, and immediately after she sat down she went on to ask me what I was in for, I explained what happened, we talked, laughed and hung for nearly a half hour, until she had to leave, but not before she wrote her phone number down on my hand. (Yes I think this was the first time in at least the last ten years when a group of teenagers/ young adults did not have a cellular device among them)

After she left I turned to my buddy, grinning, smirking, and showboating about what 'stud' (for lack of a better word) I was, up until a sudden sneeze over took me. 'Hehpt-chuh!' I caught it quickly in my hand. The hand she had just written her number on. :/ Needless to say,my friend had a good laugh, and I've been kicking myself for the past twenty hours.

Again, I'm sorry it's so long, but I think I may be getting, so I suppose there may be some more (shorter) obs opportunities.

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