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The X Virus

Part 1

It's impossible to detect. The X Virus does not differ from cold viruses, making patients hard to identify.

However, it contains the X Element. Those carrying the X Virus cannot destroy it with their immunity. They will sneeze uncontrollably, spreading the disease to anyone they come in contact with. Anyone can be infected.

Once the virus is contracted, there is no escape.

This is where you come in. You must infect patient zero. Aqua works at a café called Secret Latte. The virus will leave her sneezing excessively, hopefully over her customers and the food she delivers.

Once the disease spreads, people will search for a cure. However, the virus is similar to the common cold. There is no obvious cure.

“Wait,” Christy interrupted. “Then how am I protected from it?”

You will be infected with a different virus. That virus is designed to fight against the X Virus. However, the virus cannot be created. I have the only sample of it in my lab.

When the world is infected, people will pay anything for this ‘cure’. Billions, possibly even trillions of dollars. And half that money will be yours.

It’s your decision. Help me... or be infected.

“I’ll help you,” Christy replied. She narrowed her eyes, smiling. “I’ve always loved sneezes.”

Very good. This sample contains a concentrated amount of the virus. Infect Aqua and your job is done.

Don’t fail me.

“Don’t worry.” Christy took the container, holding it up to the light. She smiled, imagining her reward. Trillions of dollars, if she was successful.

But there was a reward even better than that.

The sneezes.

Anyone care for more? There will be lots of sneezes, I promise! X3

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MOOOOOORE! Please! I didn't notice how recent this story was and started reading through it, getting excited for the next part - but it wasn't there :P please make it be there ;)

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Thanks for the comments, everyone! ^^

Here's part 2! It's really rushed... sorry. T.T Hope you like it~!

The X Virus

Part 2

I can’t mess up now.

Christy closed her eyes, inhaling deeply. I just hope nothing goes wrong... Nervously, she pushed open the door.

Sunlight poured in from the windows, illuminating the small shop. Cream colored tables were arranged neatly around the shop. The walls were crystal blue, making the room look like a castle in the sky.

“Hi!” A waitress greeted Christy. Her hair fell beautifully over her shoulders, almost like a waterfall of chocolate. Her almond eyes sparkled in the light.

“H-Hi.” Christy forced a smile on her face. “Um... Would you happen to know Aqua?”

“That would be me!” The waitress replied. “How can I help you?”

Target identified. Christy smiled secretly. This is all too easy. “I’d like to eat inside, if that’s fine.”

“Of course!” Aqua replied, gesturing for Christy to follow her. She led her to a small table. It was located next to the open window, giving Christy a perfect view of the outside.

After skimming over the menu, Christy sighed. She couldn’t just poison her food and tell Aqua to taste it. It would seem to suspicious. But then how...

Christy gazed out the window. Suddenly, she noticed another waitress. Curious, Christy watched her from inside.

“I can’t believe it!” The young girl fumed, her hands on her hips.

“Calm down, Ann.” The customer replied. Christy narrowed her eyes. The curly auburn hair, the sky blue eyes... they were too similar. And why would Ann be complaining to a customer? There was only one explanation.

They had to be sisters.

“How can I?! Aqua’s just STUPID! Coming to this café, stealing my spotlight...” Ann complained. “I hate her!”

Christy smiled evilly. “Aqua?” She called.

The waitress hurried over to her. “Do you need anything?”

She nodded. “Would you mind letting me sit outside? Sorry for the inconvenience.”

“Of course!” Aqua led her into the garden. Christy nodded her thanks, setting her things down onto a table.


Christy slipped her sunglasses over her eyes, making sure she was unrecognizable. Then she made her way over to Ann.

“Um, excuse me.”

Ann spun around. “How may I help you?” She inquired, her annoyed scowl shifting into a sweet smile.

She’s really good at acting. Christy smiled to herself, amused. “Can you step into the garden? Just for a minute, of course. I have something important to discuss.”

Ann looked confused. But nonetheless, she nodded. “Of course!”

“You see, there’s another waitress who works here.” Christy lowered her voice to a whisper.

“You must be talking about Aqua.” Ann frowned visibly, but she didn’t say anything more.

“She troubles you, doesn’t she?”

Ann’s eyes widened. “H-How did you know?”

Perfect. A weak spot. Christy smiled, ignoring Ann’s question. “She’s been terrible to you in the past.” She pressed. “Don’t you want her to suffer? To get a taste of her own medicine?”

Ann nodded. “I’m not sure I should tell you this, but it seems you know already. I’ve always hated her.”

Christy smiled evilly. “Do you know when she has lunch?”

Ann thought for a moment. “Well... Her work shift ends at 1 PM. She usually eats then.”

“Well, I have something for you.” Christy reached into her pocket, handing Ann the vial. “Aqua must consume this. If she does, it will bring her great suffering.”

Ann blinked. “Are you sure...?”

“Trust me,” Christy reassured. “You hate her, right? Besides, it’s nothing serious. She's done worse to you.”

Ann stared at the vial. She shrugged. It couldn’t hurt... She opened the fridge, emptying the virus into Aqua’s lunch salad.

When she returned, Christy was gone.

Or so she thought...

Wah... there's no sneezing... T.T The next part will have a LOT of it. I promise! ;v; Thanks for reading~

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Okay, I officially hate this story. It sucks. T.T

But if anyone's still reading it, I'm still continuing. It's not going to go as you expect...

Anyways, as promised, Aqua's FINALLY sick. Muahaha. :D

The X Virus

Part 3

“Hih... HIH... HICSHOO!” Aqua sneezed. She sniffed, wiping her nose on her hand.

“Hi, welcome to... Hatchoo! Welcome to Secret Latte. Can I get anything for you? Hatchuu! Hitchoo! HETCHIEW!” She sneezed again, straight onto her customer’s face.

She sighed. Usually she would have covered her sneezes. But with the tray in her hand, she had no choice.

“Bless you!” The customer replied, trying not to look disgusted. “Hm... how about a Cafe Latte?”

“Of course. Haitchoo! Etchoo! Etchuu!” Aqua silently cursed her immune system. “I’ll get it right away.” She walked off, glad for a chance to sneeze freely.

“Ha... Hatchoo! Heptchoo! Itcxhoo! Hakshuu!!” She sneezed into her cupped hands. When she removed them, they were glistening with spray. Aqua frowned. Today was not going her way...

Just then, the door swung open. In stepped Ann. “So. I see you haven’t been fired yet.” She smirked.

Aqua glared at her. “Don’t mess with me, Ann. I have this terrible cold– Haeshoo! Hechoo! Aishoo! Haschoo! HATCHIEW!” She didn’t bother to cover her sneezes. Maybe it would get Ann sick. Teach that girl a lesson, for once...

“Wow. I’m so scared.” Ann rolled her eyes. “You know how good my immune system is. I haven’t been sick since middle school.”

“Well, there’s always a first,” Aqua muttered under her breath. She inhaled sharply. “Ha... hah... HA-ITCHOOO! Hatchuu! Eshoo! Icxshooo!”

“Yeah, right. You’ll be fired soon, I’m sure of it.” Ann smirked. “Customers don’t appreciate it when you sneeze all over them.” She walked off, a smile still on her face.

The stranger was right. This was fun.

Too bad that happiness doesn’t come for free.

Too bad that now, she would have to pay.

Thanks for reading this! :D Sorry it's so short... :'(

Anyone care for part 4...?

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Thanks so much, everyone! :D You're all amazing! Here are my very, very delayed replies:

Hollowication: Thanks so much! ^^ I’m so glad you found it interesting! :D

DeathNoteOwner: Uwahh, thank you! ^.^ I’m terrible at thinking up plots... TT.TT

SkylerSneeze: Haha, thanks! :D I’ll try to update as soon as possible~ ^^

lucker051038: Thank you! I finally included some sneezes... hope you like it! :3

ichixshiro14: Really? Thanks so much! :’D You’re too nice... ;v;

Kshu: Thank you so much!! It means a lot to me... :D

DeathNoteOwner: A-Awesome? :‘D Thanks again!! <3

Kshu: Thanks so much! Here’s the next part, hope you like it! :D

ichixshiro14: Thank you!! :D I hope this doesn’t disappoint you... ^^”

MoonDuck: Really? I’m glad... <3 Here’s part 4! :D

The X Virus

Part 4

“Ha... ishoo!”

Ann frowned. How had she gotten sick?

She sniffed, letting out a spraying double. “Eshoo! Itchoo!”

Aqua, She remembered. This must be her fault. Her eyes narrowed. “You’ll pay for this, Aqua.”

She felt horrible. Her head was pounding, her poor nose visibly redder. But she wasn’t about to admit defeat. After all, Ann wouldn’t lose to a cold.

Suddenly, the door swung open. It was Aqua. “Add?” She inquired.

“It’s Ann, not Add.” She muttered. “Get it right.”

Aqua sniffed. “I cad’t help it! By dose is all stuffed up. I cad’t eved breathe properly– Hatchiew!”

Ann rolled her eyes. “Whatever. Go complain somewhere else.” But secretly, she was struggling to hold back a sneeze...

“Just be happy you dod’t get sick.” Aqua blew her nose, only for it to fill up again. She sighed. “I wish I had your –Ishoo!– abazig ibbude systeb...”

Ann smirked. “Only idiots get sick.” She held her breath. I can’t sneeze now. Not in front of Aqua...

Aqua frowned. “I’b dot an idiot... Itchiew! Hatchoo!”

Ann gritted her teeth. The urge to sneeze was unbearable. She couldn’t hold it back much longer. “Don’t you have people to serve?”

“Yes, I– Etchuu! I already took their orders.”

“Actually, I’ll make their orders.” Ann stammered quickly. “Just go!”

Any second now...

“Okay! I wrote them down. Let me find my notebook. Haishh!” Aqua looked around. “Wait, where did I put it?”

Ann turned away. She couldn’t take it anymore. “I-I need to use the restroom. Bye!”

She sprinted out of the kitchen, slamming the door behind her. And not a moment too soon. The second the door closed, she burst into a fit of sneezes. “Ha... Hatchuu! Itchoo! Hatshiew! Hashoo! Hitchoo! Haishh! Hatchiew! Kishuu! Atchuu! Ha... Hah... HATCHIEW!!”

When she was finally finished, the café was already crowded with customers. She sighed. It was always the busiest at noon.

Straightening her outfit, Ann led a couple to their table. “Can I get you anything to dri– drin– Kshoo! Hakshuu!”

“A cafe latte, please.” The girl replied. “We’ll be sharing it.”

Ann nodded politely. She hurried into the kitchen, pouring expresso and warm milk into a cup. As she was placing the two straws inside, an itch overcame her. “Ha...”

She sniffed. No. Not now... But despite her plead, the sneeze betrayed her. “Ha...”


She let out a messy, explosive sneeze, straight into the cafe latte. It drenched the latte in spray. Ann stared at it in distaste. Eww...

She was too tired to make a new one. And she couldn’t keep them waiting... Sighing, Ann brought it to the unsuspecting couple.

“E-Enjoy your drink.” She hurriedly walked off, silently apologizing to them.

Ann sniffed, stumbling back into the kitchen. “Hetchiew!” She sneezed into her cupped hands. Ugh. I feel terrible...

She gritted her teeth. This is all Aqua’s fault! If it wasn’t for her, I’d be perfectly healthy right now!

Her breath hitched again. “Ha... Hatchuu!”

She always makes a fool of me, Ann fumed. That idiot! She should be fired. She deserves it...

Slowly, a smile filled her face. And if my plan works...

...She will be.

I find that part... pointless. And unnecessarily long.

But that's pretty much what I think of this story. My argument is invalid. =.=

Anyways, please leave a comment! It means a lot to me! <3 Thanks for reading this~ :D

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Contagion contagion can you spell comtagious?Hum hum hum. I love this story <3. You're really an amazing writer don't doubt yourself :) ! Keep up the good work :) can't wait for other parts.

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it sounds so evil :) can i request male sneezing? :P

. Yeeeeeeees I second that ! we NEED male sneezing thanks :) . Yeeees. I'd love that.
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DeathNoteOwner: I love contagion! And thank you so much... :D You're too nice!

MoonDuck: Of course! There will be be male sneezing soon. But first, I have to infect one~ (Muahaha) :D

DeathNoteOwner: Male sneezing FTW! :D There will be some soon, I promise~! ^^

The X Virus

Part 5

“Haishoo! What would you like?” Ann sniffed lightly, not bothering to cover her sneezes. “Itchoo! Hetchew!”

“Hatchiew! Is there anything I -Kshuuu!- Can get for you?” She drenched her customers’ faces in spray.

“Hi! Welcome to- HATCHUU! The Secret Latte. Hakishh! Please follow me to your seat~ Ha-ishhh!”

Ann smiled. After everyone she’d sneezed on, someone was bound to complain.

She sneezed a few times, directly into the cakes she was making. “Ishoo! Hatchoo! Hacshuu!” When she was finished, they were covered with a light mist.

Ann wiped her nose on her hands. Then, without bothering to wash them, she left the room.

She no longer cared about her sanity. If others got sick, it was their loss.

Because she couldn’t have cared less.


Two days passed without incident. As Aqua’s cold worsened, so did Ann’s.

Bu the end of the week, Aqua looked terrible. Her face was pale, her nose torturously red. She couldn’t get through a sentence without sneezing.

Ann, on the other hand, felt considerably better. She was still a sneezy mess, but it was more annoying than painful.

Finally, the store manager called them into her office.

She gazed at them sternly. “Both of you have terrible colds.”

Ann’s face reddened. Flustered, she opened her mouth to deny it. But she knew it was pointless.

“It’s winter. The fact doesn’t surprise me.” The manager frowned. “However, don’t think you can get away with it.”

“W-What?” Aqua inquired. “You just said it was fine!”

“Aqua’s right,” Ann lied. “I don’t understand.”

“One of you has very poor sanity. Sneezing all over your customers... what were you thinking?” The manager demanded. “Do you know how much this harms the shop?”

“It was her,” Ann replied smugly. “She was sneezing everywhere.”

“No, I didn’t!” Aqua wailed. “I wouldn’t dream of it- Hatchoo! Hakshuu!”

The manager surveyed them carefully. “I see.” She replied, frowning. “You’re fired.

Tears sprung to Aqua’s eyes. “I... I’m sorry.” She hung her head, slowly making her way out of the room.

Ann smirked. Finally, she’d won. “I knew you’d believe me. I’d like to assure you that I–”

“Excuse me,” The manager interrupted. “I was talking to both of you.”

Ann’s eyes widened in horror. “W-What? It can’t be!” She stuttered.

“You heard right. I can no longer trust you.”

Ann shook her head. “It was Aqua’s fault... Hetchiew! THIS IS UNFAIR! ” But her protests went unheard. The manager gestured towards the door. With a heavy heart, Ann followed Aqua into the cold winter air.

She had no idea that someone was watching her.

Secretly, Christy smiled. Hey, Ann. Guess what?

I should thank you. Because you just started an epidemic.

Muahaha. I don't like Ann. I like her sneezes though...

Anyways, thank you all for reading it! :D If you're still reading it (despite the boringness), I can't tell you how thankful I am. ;v;

Part 6 will come soon! Happy (late/early) new year... :D

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Great awesome :) yeh I really hope to see Male sneezes <3 and nice Epidimic's = lots of contagion. Yay ! . I love this <3 and no problem at all, I love reading this story <3 . Uhhh if you could have a gay (males) couple and uh one covers the others sneezes with a tissue , tht be hot ;o covering another one's sneeze is h-o-t ;o . Okay it's like half an hour til 2am. So I'm really hyper ;o . Nocturnal. Anyways uhm yeh continue ! :)

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Uhhh if you could have a gay (males) couple and uh one covers the others sneezes with a tissue , tht be hot ;o

that'd be interesting. or a straight couple :P yes this is awesome.

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Great story! Epidemics are like contagion stories but even more exciting.

A side note though; to describe whether someone is being sanitary would be hygiene, sanity describes whether they are sane.

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This is fantastic! Don't worry about disappointing anyone, your writing is great! I can't wait for more :D

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Good god I love this! Evil-planned-virus-attacks is my one true weakness! Keep the awesomeness up! :D

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