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New Year's resolutions, etc?


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So does anyone have any hopes/plans/resolutions/ etc for 2014 smile.png?

For me I have several things

-I want to pass some qualifying exams.

-I want to find a better job.

-I want to take some short trips (as funds allow >.<)

-I want to go to a... I don't know how to call it, I guess you can say "convention" for stuff I like (again... if I can afford it) biggrin.png

-I want to do more arts/crafts. This has been my resolution every year since 2nd year in university... and every year it never happens. I'm doubtful about this year too, but oh well!

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Nice, those are some awesome resolutions, I hope they all work out for you :)

I'm definitely with you on the short trips and better job ones, but I would say my resolution for this year would be to get an apartment of my own.

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Oh, good luck with the apartment hunting! I just got my first apartment this year (well, it's my second... but it was my first time making all the arrangements by myself). It's so much work. And so expensive! I don't want to go through that process for as long as I can help it! (Even though I strongly regret moving to a place that doesn't allow pets.. sadsmiley.gif). And to be honest, I still haven't finished unpacking completely even though I lived in this apartment 4 months already.

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*quit smoking (only have 2 a day so itll be easy lol)

*take another course in college for wildlife rehab

*spoil my lizard

*stay single

*get a damn job lol

*obtain at least 20 new games for my 360

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Job/Employment: Get a job in the arts or with children. Start volenteering. As well as start art commisions.

Career/school: Start looking at grad schools and consider applying for later semester or year.

Relationship:....well i was dumped after a seven yr relationship so im scared about dating...so i guess no for this.

Social life: try to go out more...

Health: sleep better, try to loose weight...i hate all this fat ;_; i feel hideous with it.

Other: try to finish my character design projects that i started. Try to earn enough money to join The Art Students League of New York to better my art.

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For New Years resolutions I like to do reasonably small things. They're probably not 'resolution' worthy, but they're easier to keep and I feel better about myself the more I can keep them. Last year one of my resolutions was to actually make the effort to throw away my gum instead of swallowing it and I feel so proud that I keep it, haha. You have to love the little victories smile.png So far I am considering some or all of the following.


- Not rearrange icons on computer when Windows just puts them back to default anyway. I will learn to love the default.

- Use laptop more on deck instead of couch, especially when trying to write. I paid for a fancy kneeling desk-chair and I'm actually gonna use it.

- Commit to a nail polish colour instead of changing my mind or giving up half way through putting it on.

- Learn how to put on eyeliner.

- Learn how to wear short skirts and then wear them. Twenty-two years of full length skirts have not been helpful in this matter, and my legs probably do not look as bad as I think they do.

- Write at least one story that is not fanfiction.

- Not get lazy and let my hair grow long again. It took a year of psyching myself up to cut it from waist length to above the shoulders and it looks awesome, so it should stay.

- Keep hair natural colour for at least six months. It's boring, but cheaper.

- Spend more time reading non-school books. Since I am no longer taking public transport half-way to uni I don't put enough time aside to actually enjoy reading.

- Actually leave a comment on stories I like and to reply to comments on stories I have written.

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My New Years resolutions:

*Lose weight (2nd year this is my resolution, hopefully this time I will lose weight instead of gain it)

*Get my first job

*School: I'll be entering college in the fall of 2014, so I guess my goal would be to do really well.

*Learn how to put on makeup. (Yes I am a high school senior, and I don't wear any makeup except for the occasional lip gloss.)

*Read more books not for school. I love reading, but school and extra curriculars have taken over my life and I just haven't found the time to read.

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*Get a job/apply to grad school

*move out of my parents house

*Eat healthier (and hopefully lose a few pounds in the process)

A lot of us have similar resolutions :)

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i really just hope that 2014 is better than this year was...for me it was probably the worst year ever...ended up dating a total loser, and two of my pets died. at least i went to college which is probably the best thing that came out of this crummy year.

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Can relate to hopefully seeing fewer friends pass on next year (preferably none). I suppose I hope to have a better emergency fund and maybe a roth IRA... Oh and I am expecting a neice so I hope to set aside some things for her.

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- to start listening to my Geography teacher. Or at least try to. (that's mission impossible- no one present in the classroom has any idea what the hell she is talking about, including her) I should have more respect for her- poor woman is probably doing her best.

- not to procrastinate that much. I'd say "at all", but that change would be a wee bit too radical. :lol:

- to write more that I did during the past year.

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