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How common is this fetish?


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Hey everyone! Sorry if this is already a topic ( send me the link if it is :) ) but how common do you think this fetish is? How often does it occur? If anyone wants to take a go at it, approximately how many of us are on this forum? Lol just something I had always wondered... well feel free to share your thoughts! :)

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Well, you've got us on here. And then you've got people who are closeted about the fetish, which is probably about the same number of people on here, if not more. And then you've got people who aren't on here just because they don't want to be or they don't get along with technology. And, to a lesser degree, most people might think that sneezing is cute or enjoy sneezing (which doesn't qualify as a fetishist, per say, but still..)

So honestly, I'm inclined to believe that we're actually a rather common fetish, but with varying degrees of interest.

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approximately how many of us are on this forum?

2,665 biggrin.png

Lol tonguesmiley.gif someones quite specific

its on the community index :P

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