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Is anyone familiar with LA? Please?


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I'm travelling to LA for a week, and looking at hotels at the moment and I have no idea where is safe or not - I've just been told to avoid downtown! I'd really appreciate any sort of advice, because reviews of places seem quite contradictory! And what I've found online hasn't always been relevant, and I'm not sure how old it is either...

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I do a lot of business in LA. My best advice is to stay near where you will be spending the bulk of your time. That's because it takes 45 minutes to go anywhere in LA ... even if the distance looks short. It's not a myth that the freeways are generally congested. But, arterial roads are also very slow.

Cabs are also relatively expensive. It costs about $65 to go from LAX to West Hollywood. If you need to get around, I highly recommend renting a car at the airport.

There is a gentrified beach head in downtown LA, but generally speaking you want to avoid it and the South Central area.

Hope this helps.

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