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Drippy nose + sneeze in the library (M self)


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I was at the library feeling kinda stuffed up when I decided to inconspicuously induce using a small clothing tag. I normally only sneeze when I am sick, and then maybe 2-3 times a day, although it's been getting better (increasing).

I face away from the people and start to induce the tickle that was already there from my cold and then was overtaken by a messy sneeze. (I recorded it on my phone but it came out badly so I won't bother posting) When I recovered, my nose was dripping furiously. At that moment, I was in the CD section looking for CDs that I wanted, and in order to see the CDs you have to touch every one because they are stacked depth-wise if that makes sense. I had nothing to wipe my nose with but my hands; I feel bad for whoever looked at those CDs after me. I was a mess, dripping on half the CDs that I touched as I looked for albums that weren't there.

The process was

  • check list
  • find next item on list
  • *drip. wipe nose on index finger
  • go toward section
  • *sniff
  • patrons look at me
  • excuse me
  • thumb through CDs
  • find it/not there
  • repeat about 9001 times (jk maybe around 7)

The worst part was checking out the CDs. The librarian girl gave me a nice smile and asked how my day was and I tried to pretend I wasn't sick but I was sniffling the whole time to prevent my nose from dripping. The CDs were probably moist too from me handling them.

When I got back to my car, after blowing my nose for a good minute, I induced another sneeze for good measure, with the window so the air inside doesn't get all germy. Spraying out the window was a nice release after trying to hide my drippy nose from all the library patrons.

Now would probably be a good time for that girl on the forum trying to catch a cold to come to the library. I read after I got home that nasal secretions are one of the most potent ways of infection. I'm sorry cute librarian girl upset.gif .

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