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Other "strange" or unique fetishes?


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Has anyone dated or known anyone with an equally unique fetish? I say "strange" fetish because I'm not counting feet or anything that is widely known.

My ex-boyfriend had a smoking fetish, which meant he enjoyed when girls smoked cigarettes. He was very secretive and shy about it, I found out by accident when I was using his computer to go on youtube and saw something in his search history. I smoke cigarettes and I assume that was part of my appeal to him when we first started dating.

I had told him about my fetish early on in our relationship (before I'd even seen him sneeze) because I like open communication. I do that with everyone I date longterm, because I feel like if I wait until after I've witnessed one, I will chicken out and never mention it. I've never gotten a bad reaction to my reveal, though. He had always been very willing (and eager) to do things for me, induce and so on. I was a little sad that he'd kept his fetish from me. He could have easily "come out" when I did. He did tell me that I was the only person who'd ever known this about him and I guess maybe he was just too used to hiding it to come out with it on his own.

I happily acted out his fantasies, which were fairly mundane (french inhale, exhaling smoke through my nose and mouth at the same time, making a few videos of myself just having a smoke) and all in all the whole thing was NBD for me. Although eventually, I felt like all we did was fetishy stuff for each other. The relationship ended because we were no longer connecting in a loving way.

I've recently heard of people being turned on by others who have poor eyesight. I read a snippet of a forum where a girl was describing what she liked, and it sounded so similar to how most of us feel about sneezing that I got squirmy. This girl liked strong prescriptions, and higher levels of magnification would increasingly turn her on, etc.

Does anyone here know of anyone else first hand with an interesting fetish, one on par with ours?

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Wow. A poor eyesight fetish? I have to say that's a new one for me. I can only imagine watching Scooby Doo and getting to one of those scenes where Velma drops her glasses ;)

I don't know if this is overly interesting, but my girlfriend and I actually share a tickling fetish. I think my sneezing fetish likely stems from my tickling one, as they're actually fairly similar in nature. Apparently I'm a sucker for involuntary reactions. Then again, I'm fairly sure that tickling is actually a boring fetish compared to some of them out there.

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Well, I suffer from Globophobia (which is the phobia of balloons, for those of you who don't know), and when I was looking it up online the other day, I found out that some people have the opposite. A balloon fetish. Seriously.

Okay, I made a promise to myself never to judge someone else's fetish, but that freaked me out, I have to say.

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I've read from a few websites saying that there is such a thing as...a wool fetish. Apparently,people like to wrap themselves in something similar to a wool mummy suit. There's also a squashing fetish,where someone has someone ,who is...well fat, squash them. There are many other "different" fetishes,but I won't list all of them out here.

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I don't know anyone first hand with any other fetishes except for you guys :P

After doing some research, however, I did find that there is a fetish for overalls - the kind that mechanics wear. I didn't think it was strange, but I certainly found it interesting!

I know there is also a lipstick fetish, which is quite a "cute" fetish.

As for myself, I have what could possibly be described as a cologne/aftershave/deodorant fetish. Aside from sneezing, my main turn on is a man that smells incredible. It has to be a manufactured smell. I never really realised until I came onto this forum that I had this other fetish :P

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Hiya, like Glory's ex boyfriend i love attractive girls that smoke, i guess thats because when i was younger it was the 'naughty' or rebellious girls that smoked. A lot of fetishes will stem from earlier experiences in life.

As for dating people who had fetishes i did date a girl who had a thing about ironing, she would iron my hankerchiefs and while still quite hot stroke them around a sensitive spot down her panties and then re iron them and put them on my hanky pile. I thought at the time if that what she likes to do then why not go along with it.

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