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I guess Grimms can get sick too (Grimm Fanfiction)


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Hey! This story just popped into my head! Hope y'all like it!


Chapter 1

The day started out well enough. The sun was shining, the birds were chirping, and I could hear Juliette downstairs singing as she cooked what smelt to be bacon and eggs for breakfast. I quickly got up, got ready, and went downstairs to eat.

"Hank called a little while ago, he said to come in as soon as you can. He sounded really urgent and tense on the phone."

"Aww, well now I can't spend my day with you" Nick said as he gave Juliette a quick kiss on the cheek and fixed himself some breakfast.

"I don't think you'll want to spend the day with me. I have to go into work and remember last time you went with me you had to get stitches in your forehead because a dog attacked you." Juliette said with a smirk.

"That's true, but I'd take stitches anyday if it meant I was able to spend more time with you"

I finished eating and put my plate in the sink.

"Goodbye Juliette, I love you." I said before giving her a kiss on the lips.

"Bye. Hey! On the way home could you pick up some milk? OH! And some more paper towels?"

"Sure thing!" I yelled as I got into my car and drove to the station.


I get into the station and I can immediately tell that whatever had happened, it was bad. People were running around getting things done as quickly as they could. There were extra forensic analysists on the site and there were even more cops on the site. Thankfully, Hank quickly spotted me and pulled me into an office to explain what was going on.

"4 murders. They were all found exactly .5 miles from each other in the woods. But here's the weird thing, all the victims are related to each other, and they were all killed the exact same way."

"Well how were they killed?"

"The killer cut off the left foot of each victim, and then it looks like the victim tried to eat the face off of each one. There are teeth marks on each of the victims faces in the exact same places. Any idea of what this could be?"

"None. I'll have to check the trailer"

*RING RING* *Nick answers the phone*

"Yeah...mmhmm...ok....We're on it...bye"

"Another one?"

"Yep, exactly .5 miles from the last one"

"Let's go then" Hank said.

The rushed into the car. Hank drove and Nick turned the heat up in the car seeing as it was pretty chilly out today. Upon arriving at the scene, Hank parked the car and looked over to find Nick asleep in the passenger seat. Hank shook Nick awake.

Nick jolted awake. "We're here?"

"Yeah, did you have a late night?"

"Not really, I went to bed at midnight. Only an hour later than usual."

"Alrighty then, let's go".

They stepped onto the scene, checked over their victim, and concluded that the victim was murdered the same way as the last. They took some samples from the victim and headed back into the car.

"Hey, it's about lunch time, do you wanna try that new deli down the street from the station?" Hank asked

"Nah, not that hungry. Drop me off at the precinct and I'll head over to the trailer to see what I can find. When you done with lunch, get Wu to round up all of the victims family members seeing as all the victims are related."

"Sure thing"

Upon arriving at the precinct, Nick got in his car and headed to his trailer. His head was starting to ache and he thought maybe that 1 hour difference in sleep was affecting him more than he thought it would. Once in the trailer, he immediately started pouring over his books.

"HSCHXCHOO! HSCHOO! HSCXCHOO!" Nick sneezed and was kind of shocked. He never really sneezes. The last time he sneezed was 12 years ago when he was 13 and had gotten the flu. But, Nick never gets sick. Sure he's gotten food poisoning once, and the sniffles once or twice, but he's always better after a day. I can't be getting sick ,Nick thinks.

Nick continues to pour over the books, sneezing every once in a while. Finally, he thinks. I found something! Now to just run it by Monroe. He grabs his phone and looks at the time.

"9pm!?!?!? I got here at noon! I couldn't of worked straight through the day!"

Checking his phone he sees 3 missed calls from Hank, saying that they narrowed the suspect to two guys, and that there had been 2 more victims. There was also a text from Juliette asking when he'd be home. He texted Juliette back saying that it was going to be a late night, don't wait up, before calling Hank and apologizing profusely for losing track of time. He told Hank to meet him at Monroe's house in an hour if he could.

Nick climbed in the car and rang the doorbell when he got to Monroe and Rosale's house. He waited a second and almost turned around and left when he heard footsteps running to the door.

"Oh, hey Nick, what's up?" Monroe said, surprised that the Grimm would show up this late without even calling.

"Sorry, I didn't call. I forgot, it's been a busy day," Nick apologized.

"It's ok. I know you wouldn't interrupt unless it was important."

"It is... *coughs into elbow* Sorry. There have been 7 murders, all of the victims were related. They were killed the exact same way and their bodies were found exactly .5 miles from the last victim. I think it's an Fuchsteufelwild but I wanted to check with you. "

"Are you ok, Nick? That cough sounded pretty bad. I can make you some tea or something if you want. Rosalee probably has some spice or herb that can help with it."

"No..HSCHOO I'b fide."

"Bless you, ok then. Based off of what you told me it'd definitely a Mauvais Dentes your dealing with."

"Thanks so much! Do you mind if I wait here for Hank so that you can help me fill him in?"

"No problem, come in and take a seat."


End of chapter 1! Chapter 2 will be up soon! Comments, tips, suggestions, etc are greatly appreciated!!

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Here's chapter 2!


Chapter 2

"Are you sure you don't want any tea, Nick?"

"Yeah, I'b fide....I'm find....fine" Nick says after seriously concentrating on making his voice not sound congested.

"Ok, but if you decide that your not "find" and would like some tea let me know"

"Actually some water would be nice though"

"Sure thing Nick"

Monroe goes to get Nick some water and Rosalee walks in.

"Hey Nick!"

"Hey Rosalee, how are you?" Nick clears his throat after hearing the hoarseness to his voice.

"I'm good...are you? Your voice seems hoarse"

"He's "find" Rosalee just "find" as he puts it" Monroe interrupts as he hands Nick his bottle of water.

"Thanks for the water"

"No problem"

"So what can you tell me about the Mauvais Dentes?"

"They are really strong and they have super sharp teeth. I'd check the trailer for some special equipment before trying to catch on." Monroe says.

"Thanks for the tip" Nick replies.

The three of them make small talk, however after a little while it's just Monroe and Rosalee talking. They look over at the couch to find Nick sound asleep.

"Poor guy, it's obvious he's getting sick. Why won't he just go home?" Rosalee asks Monroe.

"In all the time I've known Nick, he's never gotten sick. He's never even sneezed before! I think his Grimm-ness gives him some sort of superior immune system. He's probably not used to being sick and thinks he can power through it. Besides, this case him and Hank are on is pretty severe, murders keep popping up every few hours and he probably wants to get it solved as quickly as possible."

Just then the doorbell rings and Nick springs awake. "Sorry, I didn't mean to fall asleep." He says sheepishly.

"It's alright buddy. " Monroe says as Rosalee opens the door.

"I'm sorry Hank, it looks like we have to go back to the trailer I'll drive you and fill you in on the way. Thanks again Monroe and Rosalee!"

Nick catches Hank up to date as they drive to the trailer. They research Mauvais Dentes and weapons and tips to defeat them for hours. They call it a night at 1am. Nick has to drop Hank off at his car and then drive himself home so he doesn't make it home till 2am. He quickly gets ready for bed, gets in bed, and falls asleep. However, his slumber is disturbed by his pager going off at 4:30am. There's been another murder. He feels worse than he did last night. The feeling that he had about getting sick, isn't a feeling anymore, he's sure of it. His whole body aches, and he can't decide if he's hot or cold. Groaning, he manages to get out of bed, get dressed, and leave a note for Juliette before leaving for the station.

I guess he didn't realize how bad he looked because upon getting to the station, Hank and the chief both ask if he's feeling ok.

"I'b find" He replies hoarsely.

Reynolds and Hank roll their eyes and just show him the paperwork and victims files. Nick realizes the pattern and quickly looks at his watch. 22 minutes till the murderer strikes again.

"Come on Hank, I'll explain in the car!" Nick says.

They run to Hanks car and Nick starts coughing. It's not just small coughs into his elbow, it's enough to have him doubled over in pain.

"NICK!" Hank yells before rushing to Nick's aide.

Hanks rubs his back and helps him to his car after Nick's coughing subsides. "I'm taking you home"

"No! Look, the one thing we didn't pick up on was that all the murders happened exactly 143 minutes apart. There are 19 minutes until the murderer strikes again, we can go stop him. Drive to the .5 mile mark away from the last victim while I call for backup. We'll have the murderer under arrest in no time!"

Hank rolls his eyes and keeps driving while Nick calls for backup. They reach the scene of the crime and hear a woman's scream. They run and see the murderer, knife in hand, about to cut off the victims foot.

"POLICE!" Nick calls. The guy backs away from the woman and takes off running.

"Nick you go after the murderer I'll calm the woman and wait for backup!"

Hank goes to calm the woman down. Nick races after the Mauvais Dentes. He catches up to him in the middle of a clearing. Nick attacks him. Nick could have easily won the battle if he was healthy, but he's sick and having a hard time defeating the Wesen. Finally Nick's got him in handcuffs and is putting him in the cop car. He goes over to talk to the chief.

"Burkhardt, Griffin, good job today. Hank, take Nick home he looks like he's about to keel over. Feel better Nick." Reynolds says.

"You heard him Nick, in the car!"

Nick grumbles, but reluctantly gets into the car and is asleep before they even get out of the woods.


End of chapter 2! Part 3 coming soon and it will probably be the last part! Comments, tips, suggestions, etc are greatly appreciated!!

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Thanks ichixshiro14 and fraggle!!! Here's part 3!!! :)


Nick woke up halfway through the journey to his house with a start.

He groaned and said, "Hank can you turn around and take be to the store? Juliette's going to kill be I forgot to get baber towels and bilk."

"Baber towels and bilk? I've never heard such a thing." Hank said teasingly. "But sure, I'll take you"

Nick glared at him a minute before saying "thanks".

So Nick went into the store and bought the milk and paper towels. It obviously wore his already exhausted body out as he fell asleep after entering the car. When they pulled into Nick's driveway, Hank tried to wake him up but he just didn't want to move. Placing his hand on Nick's forehead he could feel that he was burning up despite the fact that Nick had been lightly shivering the whole time he was asleep. Hank sighed, "I guess we'll have to do this the hard way" he thought. He grabbed the bag of groceries and slid the bag down so it was hanging from his elbow, then he scooped up Nick bridal style and carried him into the house.

"Nick is that you?" Juliette called from upstairs.

"Um, sort of. It's Hank...with Nick"

Hank layed Nick down carefully on the sofa, grabbed the afghan that was hanging over the back of the sofa, and covered Nick up with it, as Juliette came down the steps. Hank handed her the bag of groceries.

"Oh, thanks. Where's Nick?"

He pointed to the sofa. "He's asleep, he wouldn't get up so I just carried him in. He's running one heck of a fever."

"He's sick?!?! I knew I heard him snoring last night. He never snores so I figured he was congested but he never gets sick so I didn't think anything of it." Juliette went over and lightly brushed Nick's matted hair off of his sweaty forehead. She could feel the heat radiating off of him.

"Gosh, he's really burning up.."

"Yeah, chief told me to take him home. I wanted to take him home right when he walked into the station this morning, but he figured out the case so I let him go. Thankfully after the case ended, chief told me to take him home, he looked like he was about to faint."

"Do you know how long he's been sick for?"

"No, I'd ask Monroe if he thought Nick was sick yesterday, and if Grimms can still take normal medicine. I'm guessing his Grimm-ness gave him some kind of superior immune system, but I don't know if it comes with any weird allergies."

Just then Hanks pager went off. "I better go. Bye Juliette, tell Nick I said to feel better!"

"Bye Hank, thanks for taking him home!!"

Juliette closed the door behind him and then went upstairs to the hall closet to see if they had any medicine. She easily found the thermometer and some Vick's vapo rub, and after searching a while she found some Tylenol cold and flu medicine and a box of tissues scented like Vicks. She went downstairs and gently shook Nick awake.

"Hey...Juliette" Nick said while looking around all confused.

"Hey sweetie, how are you feeling? Hank took you home and layed you on the sofa."

"I'b fide"

"Mmmhhmm of course you are. Open" She held the thermometer inches from his mouth until he decided to reluctantly open his mouth.


"-Ah! No talking. You'll mess up the reading"

Juliette stroked his hair until the thermometer beeped. "102.5, sure, your "fide" all right"


"Bless you" Juliette handed him one of the tissues.


"Here, take some of this and go back to sleep, Ok? We can talk later." Juliette handed him the correct dose of the Tylenol and watched him fall back asleep. Once he was asleep she kissed his forehead and walked into the kitchen. She put up the milk and then used her cell phone to call Monroe.

"Hey Juliette? What's up?" Monroe said, surprised she was calling.

"Nicks sick, I was wondering if he looked sick last night when he came to your place."

"Yeah, he did. He was coughing and sneezing. It didn't look so bad, but he sounded a little hoarse and congested. Rosalee and I asked him several times if he was ok or if he wanted some tea, but he said he was "find". However he did ask for a water, probably for his throat. Hank asked me before they left if he ate anything at my house. Apparently he skipped lunch."

"Hmm, well thanks for the information. He's asleep on the couch. Hank carried him in, after the chief sent him home. Are Grimms allergic to any medicine? I probably should've asked this before I gave him the Tylenol cold and flu, he just looked so out of it, I wanted to give him something and get him back to sleep."

"No Grimms aren't allergic to anything particular. Now if he's allergic to like penicillian or something, I don't know. Grimms can have regular allergies there's just not a particular allergen that all Grimms are allergic too."

"Ok, thanks Monroe! I better get going, I'm going to make him some homeade chicken noodle soup."

"Ooo yum. Tell him to feel better soon. Take care ,Juliette"

"Bye." She hung up the phone and went to check on Nick. Seeing that he was still asleep she started making the soup.

A few hours later, the soup was sitting on low so that it would be warm for whenever Nick woke up, and Juliette pulled a loaf of sourdough bread out of the oven. Juliette heard a soft moan and hurried into the living room.

"Good evening, Nick." Juliette said before kissing him on the forehead.

"Evening? Hank brought me home at like 9am? What time is it?"

"5pm, and Hank got you home around 11, remember you went to the store. "

"Oh, yeah."

"Are you hungry? I made you some homeade Chicken noodle soup, and some sourdough bread?"

"That sound delicious. Yeah, I could eat."

"Good, but first, open up. You still feel pretty warm." She grabbed the thermometer and slipped it under Nicks tongue.

The thermometer beeped "101.9, it's lower than before. Of course, you did have a nice big dose of Tylenol cold and flu. In fact, it's probably time for another dose." She poured him another dose and smiled at the funny face Nick made as he swallowed it.

"Soup?" Nick said reminding her.

"Yeah, I almost forgot." She went into the kitchen and came back with a steaming bowl of chicken noodle soup, a slice of sourdough bread with butter, and a cup of sweet, ice tea. She fed it to him so that he wouldn't spill any.

"Mmmm Juliette, that was amazing, I'll have to get sick more often. " He said smiling.

"Don't you even think about it." She said and kissed his forehead.

Juliette went into the kitchen and put up the dishes. Then , she cuddled up with Nick on the sofa and they watched a movie to end the night.

Nick looked over at Juliette who was fast asleep and covered her up with the afghan and he went and got another blanket out fo the closet for himself. They would always care for each other.


The End!! Hope you liked it! Tips, comments, suggestions, etc. are gladly appreciated!

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