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So I've been friends with this girl for about a year, let's call her E. She is athletic, in her mid-20s, natural redhead with freckles across her nose and dark green eyes. Periodically, she gets incredibly sneezy for no apparent reason...

We were sitting on my bed talking, when the conversation turned into this:

E: Hey, Cold Case is coming on TV...*sniff*...wanna watch it?

Me: Sure, if we haven't seen the episode before.

E: *sniff*...I think we've seen th-...hnnxxt! Hehnxxt! Ugh my nose is being annoying.

Then she starts talking about a boy she went out with last night and how much she's missed us hanging out. All the while her sniffling is getting progressively wetter.

E: *sniff* What's it been, like 2 months? Hehnxxxt-chu! Sorry, i have no clue why this happens.

Me (nervously): bless you, at least I know this is normal

E: *sniff* haha, yeah and thanks.

After a few minutes of idle chit-chat and sniffling, when we had a lull in conversation:

E (in a sing-song voice): I really, really need to sneeze and it's making me crazyyy!

Then...hehnxxt! Hngnxxtchoo! Hupchuuh! *sniff* sorry!

Thankfully, not long after that we started watching something on TV. It always gets awkward as her sneezing gets more desperate and powerful and her they also become deeper yet still quite feminine. Eventually, it progresses past stifles entirely.

Hupchuh! Hupchoo!...*sniff*....HahtCHIEW! Pardon me. This hasn't happened for a couple weeks now.

After a 10-15 minutes of this, she returns to complete normalcy. It's so bizarre and unexpected. The first time it happened, I thought I was literally about to spontaneously combust!!

If anyone wants, I'll pay attention and write future observations featuring E.

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Huh, and so she doesn't know at all what causes it? I like that... the element of surprise makes it even more precious than this kind of thing already is. :yes: Lovely observation. I'll be very happy if you ever decide to share more of her mysterious fits with us ^_^

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