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Once upon a time, there was a beautiful kingdom that was ruled by a kind king and queen. King Roland and Queen Evelyn ruled over Erinsdale, a small kingdom nestled between two large mountains. They lived in a medium sized castle with twenty rooms and one tower with three large windows. They had a draw bridge that allowed one to cross over the moat that surrounded the castle. It wasn’t there to keep people out, Queen Evelyn thought that adding a moat would be pretty. The King and Queen were loved by their subjects and they tried to make sure everyone from the smallest fairy to the largest dragon was happy. They had everything, except for a child. The King and Queen had tried for a child many times but the Queen never got pregnant. They had been trying for a child for five years and both of them were tired of the disappointment. They had consulted with every magician in the kingdom and not one of them could help. They tried talking to the Queen of the Fairies, and the King of the Leprechauns but even they couldn’t help.

Today, the King was entertaining some friends from the neighboring kingdoms. Evelyn rarely attended these “boys’ days” and instead she sat in her bedroom at her large sewing desk working on a new cross stitch pattern. She was looking out of the window which gave her a beautiful view of the mountain and the valley that the castle was nestled in. The Queen had the window open, to give some fresh air into the room. Suddenly, her nose began to twitch. She sniffed a few times and tried to ignore the feeling in her nose but it quickly got stronger. “ehh.. HISHHOO! AHHTISSHOO!” She sneezed loudly and pricked her finger on the needle. “Ouch!” She cried and dropped the cross stitch pattern out of the window along with the needle. “Oh no!” she screamed, but all she could do was watch her hard work fall into the moat four stories below. Her maid, Ella, ran in the room “I heard you scream! What happened my lady?!” Ella cried running to the Queen’s side. “I sneezed and dropped my project out the window!” Evelyn explained. “Did you prick your finger?” Ella asked. “Why yes, I did. Why?” Evelyn asked. Ella smiled, “I think that it’s a sign! You will have a little child soon!” Evelyn laughed and then sighed heavily. “I don’t think so. But I do pray for it to happen every day.” Ella smiled, handed Evelyn a tissue and said “I feel it in my bones that it was a sign. I’m going to start knitting booties!” And with that she rushed out of the room and went to find some supplies. Evelyn smiled sadly and shook her head. “I do hope she is right” Evelyn thought to herself.

Nine months later, Queen Evelyn gave birth to a beautiful baby girl. They named her Roselyn. She was born with short and curly black hair and she had green eyes just like her father. “We must have a party!” The King said. “Oh yes! That would be wonderful! We’ll invite everyone in the kingdom!” Evelyn said, and smiled down to their new daughter. Roselyn looked up at her mother and father and smiled and then fell asleep in her mother’s arms. King Roland left and went to get their party planner and they worked through the night to set up the party for Roselyn’s birth party. They invited everyone in the kingdom. Well, almost everyone. They didn’t invite the Witch of the North. That would turn out to be a very big mistake.

Two months later, the whole kingdom came out for the party. There was a huge feast and everyone was excited to meet the new princess. Princess Roselyn was at the head of the table inside of an ornate crib that was hand carved by the dwarves of the kingdom. Every person came with a gift. Most of the magical folk of the kingdom gave the new princess blessings such as a luck potion, a beauty enchantment, and even a love potion or two. Suddenly, there was a large gust of wind and the sky outside turned pitch black. A screech was heard from the rafters and a large black crow flew into the hall and flew in a circle around the table. There were gasps and screams from the crowd as they watched in disbelief. It was none other than the Witch of the North. “WHY HAVE YOU NOT INVITED ME!!!!?” She screamed. The Queen ran over and threw her body over her little baby to protect her from any harm. The Witch of the North was the cruelest witch in the whole kingdom. The Witch flew down and changed form in front of everyone. She was wearing a long black cape, and a green dress. She had a large nose and piercing red eyes. She looked like a woman who was capable of anything. “Be gone you she-devil! No one wants you here!” King Roland yelled at her. “No one wants me, how… familiar.” The Witch mused. “I curse your daughter!! Her nose will betray her at every lie!! Until….” The Witch had started to change into a crow again. A large gust of wind howled into the great hall and echoed many times and it sadly masked the words of the Witch. No one knew what the last words of the curse were, and so none of the wizards or witches in the kingdom could fix it. “What did she mean “Her nose will betray her at every lie”?” The queen asked after everyone had calmed down. “Let’s find out.” King Roland said. He walked over to the crib, smiled at his daughter and said, “My name is Fred.” The effect was immediate. The baby’s nose crinkled up and she closed her eyes and “Itshooo” Roselyn sneezed. Roland looked at his wife and shrugged his shoulders. “Well, it seems our little girl is allergic to lies.” Evelyn picked up their little girl and cradled her in her arms. “Yes, I suppose so. This means we will have to be extra careful as to what we say to her.” Evelyn said quietly, lost in thought. “Well, well. Thank you everyone for coming!” Roland said to the audience. “But, I think it’s time for us to take our leave now.” Roland told the crowd. There were murmurings of “Yes, quite” and “I hope she will be okay.” The Queen and King retired to their room and when they were out of sight of the crowds they both broke down crying.

Twenty Years Later

Roselyn had grown into a very beautiful young woman. She had long, flowing black hair and was dressed in a beautiful red dress today. She had grown up a little differently from other children because of the curse. She did not have much of an imagination to speak of and she was a realist, for that was all she had ever known. Though sometimes, when she was alone she would say aloud three or four lies about anything and to make herself sneeze. She really liked that release that a sneeze gave her. But she never told anyone this. It was her own secret.

Today was the day that she was to choose a husband. Her parents were going to allow her to marry any man, whether he is a prince or a pauper, if he could talk to Roselyn for ten minutes without her sneezing. Roselyn thought that it would never happen.

The first prince to come in was Prince Nicholas. He spoke with Roselyn for three minutes, and all one could hear was Roselyn sneezing. “AHH..HISSHOO!! AHHKERCHOO! Ehh…EHHISHHOOOO!!! Ahhh…ahhh…. AHCHOOOOOOO!!” She sent the prince out so that she could breathe. Next was Prince Simon. He came into the room confident that he could talk to the princess without her sneezing. “Hello Princess Roselyn. It is wonderful to meet you.” The prince said. “Yes, likewise I’m sure.” Roselyn said. They talked about life in a castle and Simon tried to talk to her about her favorite books. “Oh yes I love to read. My favorite book is by that new author Julian Sutton. Do you know him?” She asked. “Oh yes, he is wonderful” Simon agreed. “ehh…EHHISSHOOO!!” sneezed Roselyn. “You have never heard of Mr. Sutton, have you?” She asked. “No.” He admitted and left the sitting room, his head hung because he lost out on the chance to marry a wonderful woman. The day dragged on and the more men that came in, the redder Roselyn’s nose got.

Finally, the last young man entered. His name Prince Roger. He had traveled many miles to come and speak with Princess Roselyn. They spoke of his travels and he told her how he had traveled all over the kingdom and had even met a dragon. All the while, Roselyn was smiling and listening and not sneezing. She was very happy for he was very handsome. Finally, with only two minutes left he asked her a question no one else had ever asked. “Princess, do you think that the curse is really that bad?” Roger was nervous at how she would view such a direct question. But, Roselyn loved that he was being so truthful and so honest. “I will say that this curse has taught me that the world isn’t all rainbows and puppies. Which is good I suppose, we found out that I am actually allergic to puppies.” She giggled and Roger started to laugh too. “Roger, I do like sneezing though. It is a wonderful release. But, don’t tell anyone.” She said quietly. “Oh, I won’t.” Roger said. “Well, it’s been ten minutes. I think that you are very handsome and I could see myself falling in love with you.” Roselyn told him. Roger was taken aback by her honesty, but he was happy that she was so open with her feelings. Roger smiled at her and said, “And princess, I think you are very beautiful and I cannot wait to get to know you and fall in love with you.” Roselyn stood up from her chair and reached for Roger’s hand. They walked out of the sitting room hand in hand.

The King and Queen were very happy that they had found the one honest prince in all the land. They quickly got married and were very happy. Even after the marriage, Roselyn was still cursed though. Sometimes, when Roger and Roselyn were together and no one else was around Roger would look into Roselyn’s eyes and say “The sky is green.” And he would grin devilishly. “ehh…AHHCHOO!!” “Tell me another!” Roselyn would gasp. “The grass is blue, your hair is gold and my name is Eli Matthew Hubert!” He laughed, this was his favorite time with her, watching her sneeze. “Oh dear! Ahh…ehh..EHHISSSOOOO! ACHOOO!! Ehh…EHHTISHHOO!! AKERCHOOO! Ehh…ehahh…..AHHHHIISHHOOOOOOOO!!!” She sneezed loudly and fell over from the powerful sneezes. Roger fell down with her. They started to kiss and hold each other close in this field of beautiful flowers. “I love you.” Roger said, and kissed her sneezy nose. “I love you too honey.” She kissed his lips and they laid together in the grass, smiling at how lucky they both were.

This is my first post, please let me know what you thought!!

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Awwwwe hum I'm sensing a spin on "sleeping beauty" or must be just me :P but I really like the plot <3 and like that would be a great curse.. For some people c: haha.

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This is such a sweet story. Honesty really is the best policy in relationships anyhow, but I wouldn't argue with having a little extra…reward. yes.gif

Thank you for writing this!

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Thanks!! I have always loved the old fairy tales and I thought that it needed a little sneezyness added in! biggrinsmiley.gif

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Very sweet story :) Not sure why, but I have always loved the idea of sneezes so powerful they literally knock the sneezer to the floor :lol: Oh, and welcome to the forum :D

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