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what the heck? i'm sneezing constantly! (self-obvs)


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this is so weird!

i feel fine, not sick at all: a little tired and kinda out of it, sure, but i've got a pretty busy life, so that's standard. and i've got allergies, but it's been ages since they've acted up! none of this makes sense, but...

i cannot stop sneezing. it started when i was out at dinner; my friend and i were chatting, and then in the middle of our conversation ("eh'thhhh")! i tried to stifle it, you know, since we were eating and all, but no such luck. and ever since then, i've been sneezing non-stop. it's so strange --- they take me completely out of the blue. i'll just be sitting here on the computer when ("haaaaa-aaa-TCHHHHH"), these sneezes just bust out, no rhyme or reason. i dont even have time to cover my mouth most of the time!

wish me luck in figuring this out! i just cant understand why i keep sneezing and sneezing (and sniffling) and sneezing. hope you guys get something out of it, even if i'm just sitting here all confused...

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