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87 - Shampoo 88 - Kiss 89 - Cloud 90 - False Alarm 91 - Pyjamas 92 - Butterfly

93 - Daisy 94 - Thermometer 95 - Trailer 96 - Thief 97 - River 98 - Insult 99 - Dragon

100 - Night

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15 - Idiot

Characters: Skyiler and Arés

Arés is Skyiler's closest ally but he isn't too bright sometimes


Skyiler and Arés were sitting in the livingroom watching some sports and having a guy's game in night.

"Hey Sky you want another beer?" Arés said and stood up "I'm going to the kitchen to grab some more snacks and maybe something to eat"

The hybrid nodded "Sure I could go for another" finishes his second beer, they usually do this once in a while if there is an interesting game on the TV.

After a few minutes Arés returns with the beer and food. "Hey want me to help you with that?" Skyiler said getting ready to get up.

"No I got it ACK!" Arés yelps as he trips over the rug and sends everything flying, luckily the beer ends up in the armchair and the food ends up on the table, but the peppershaker is knocked to the ground right by Skyiler's feet sending up a cloud in his face causing him to choke and cough.

Then his eyes went wide as his nose twitched and flared "ehh ehh... TSHUU TSHUU heachuu! kshuu!! snf snf ISHOO!!" He goes into a mad sneezing fit, his long braid flopping against his back wildly. Having to brace himself against the back of the couch so that he wouldn't loose his balance and fall on his face "ISCHOO! eehh TSHUU heeeeCHUU!" when the fit ends Silver hands Skyiler a hanky "Um... Sorry and Bless you"

Skyiler takes the hanky and blows his nose then slaps Arés in the back of his head with his tail "Idiot, next time I ask if you need my help say yes, do we have a deal?" he looks at Arés who nods and said "Yeah, agreed" then they sit down to watch the game.

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23 - Dust

Characters: D.J , R.J, L.J and M.J

Sneezer: D.J (Allergies)

Fandom: TMNT but my OCs

Introducing the TMNT children!

Donatello Jr - http://umeko.deviantart.com/art/Donatello-Jr-D-J-160748743?q=gallery%3AUmeko%2F35358870&qo=1

Raphael Jr - http://umeko.deviantart.com/art/TMNT-Raphael-Junior-R-J-261300145

Michaelangelo Jr and Leonardo Jr, no drawings of them yet

"Oh look!" M.J said and pulled out an old scroll that he found in the bookcase.

The others gathered around to look at it "That thing looks like its been lying there for centuries!" R.J said and pointed at the fine film of dust covering it and even some cobweb.

M.J took a big breath and blew the dust off the scroll, unfortunately the dust was blown right in D.J's face whom choked and waves his hand trying to get it off him "What... *cough* was that for!?" he scowled but was caught off and sniffed "Ugh... Greaaah... great... Ieehh think I'b goddaaah aaah aaaaahhh eeeeehhh" his only eye closed slowly and a tear was squeezed out and then "haechoo!! eeh'TSHUU! haaahchoo!! *snf snf* eehh eehhh HEACHOO!!!" the last one made him stumble backwards and would have toppled over if it wasn't for R.J standing behind him and steadied his cousin.

D.J shook his head and sniffed wetly "Ugh... Dow I'b stuffed ub, Thagk you B.J!" He grumbled and blew his nose in a kleenex.

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93 - Daisy

Character: Tam - A wolf about 15 years old with white fur black hair yellow eyes and black arms and legs.


The young teen was lying in the grass enjoying the nice sunny spring weather.

The breeze was warm, birds where singing.

Tam inhaled deeply and exhaled slowly eyes shut.

Then a strange feeling was creeping up on him, it made his ears twitch, blinked an eye open and looked around.

What he saw made his fur stand on all ends, he didn't see it before but he was lying in a bed of daisies, just the sight of them made his eyes water "Heeeh..." his breath hitched, sniffing and scrubbing at his black wolf nose, trying to no vail to make the burning tickle go away.

His chest rose and fell unevenly faster and quivering with each ragged breath "Ehhh... EH!" He gave up and burried his muzzle in the crook of his elbow "Hachoo!! h'tshuu! tshhh tshhhhh TSHHHUU!!" he got up and hurried away from the field still sneezing his head off "huh'SHUU! CSHUU!!! Eh'tXH!" Trying to stifle them but it only made it more intense "NTXH! huuurhhTSHHHHH!!!" the last one made him fall back on the ground.

Shaking his head as his dug in his pockets for a tissue, it took a while but he finally managed to find one.

Blowing his nose long and hard to be rid of the pollen "Heeeehhh.... CHOOO!!" one final sneeze and it finally died down.

He groaned "Oh wow... dad was bad... baybe I'll look where I ab before I decide to have a dap id a field of daisies"

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30 - MusicCharacters: Skyiler *manager on phone*Sneezer: Skyiler -Cold****


"H'KSUUU!! ehh'TSHOO!" Skyiler scrambled after his cellphone and looked at the display 'Manager' he shook his head and "Heeeh CSHHHH!! TXH!" trying to stop himself, blowing his nose long and hard and rubs his temples then clicks the green button to pick up.

"'ello..." he said with a hoars voice."Stripes? Where are you you were supposed to come down to the music studio to record the new material to the album" the manager asked"I've... I'b so... oh ohhh... heeehXSHHH! eeeh'tsshhhoh... ugh... 'scuse be..."

he sniffed "As I was tryig to say... I've cobe dowd with a dasty cold... as you cad hear... I dod't thidk by voice is good for sigig today..." he muffled a round of coughs in a hanky."Yeah I can hear that now, no we'd want you to be careful with that killer voice of your's so no music for you today, get some rest and call me next week!"

The manager said and was about to say good bye when he was interrupted "HAA'KSHUUU!!! Kshhh!! nnhhh tshuu!" a few coughs and sniffles later

"Damn Stripes, Bless you and get your ass back in bed!""Thagk you Diko... Talk to you later bad... peace" then they hung up and Skyiler flopped back on the bed groaning.

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11 - Christmas

Characters: Skyiler, Aiyame and Their Twins Benjamin and Olivia

Sneezer: Skyiler (from Allergies)


It was christmas day, outside the snow covered the land in a white blanket.

The sun slowly rose over the palace.

Skyiler the striped singer and emperor to be, was still asleep, when his cubs came into the room and pounced on him ”Papa papa! Wake up! It's christmas!” they said in union.

He opened an eye and looked at his cubs and smiled ”Alright alright, I'm coming” He stretched out and sat up.

He slipped on a pair of jeans and a black shirt, then he went out into the livingroom where Aiyame was busying herself with the preperations for the dinner later on today.

Skyiler went over and kissed her on the cheek ”Merry Christmas, Kitten” he murred, the tigress turned and put her arms around his neck and kissed his lips in return ”Merry Christmas, Tiger!” she grabbed one of her homemade cookies and put it in his mouth ”Here, have a cookie” She smiled.

”Oh by the way, my family sent us these christmas flowers this morning. They are a tradition over in Mha'itx” She pointed to a basket of pink, blue and white flowers.

Skyiler smiled and kept away from them and busied himself with putting the star ontop of the tree and lighting the fireplace.

”Papa look at me!” Olivia stood under the mistletoe and waved at her father.

Skyiler smiled and picked his daughter up in his strong protective arms and kissed her forehead ”Lih Hem Rih Solivia” He purred ”Lih hem Rih Adapa!” Olivia said and hugged his neck.

Suddenly the singer pitched to the side burring his muzzle in his elbow ”hhh'Tshuu!” blinking and sniffing.

Olivia looked at him ”Bless you papa”

”Thank you babygirl” Then he put her down ”Go and get dressed before our guests arrive” the girl nods and bounces off to her room.

The singer goes into the kitchen ”Anything you need heeh... he gasped and turned away from her ”Sky? Are you okay?” She rubbed his back soothingly ”Yehh eehh... Ha'kshuu! Ihh hakshuu! he sniffed wetly and rubbed his nose.

”Bless you, here” She handed him a hanky and looked at him with concern in her eyes ”Are you catching a cold?”

Skyiker shook his head ”No, I feel fine, just my-Tshuu! blinking his watering eyes ”Sobethig is bakig be sdeeze by head off id here” Aiyame thought for a moment then she pointed at the christmas flowers ”Could these be the ones?”

Skyiler went over and smelled the colorful flowers, he jolted back and shook his head ”Ha'kshuu! Tshuu! Tshuu!! tshhh tshh! Heeh'tshh!!” He gasped for air, tears streaming down his cheeks.

The tigress took the flowers and threw them out of the window.

Then she grabbed Skyiler's hand and pulled him into the bedroom, pulling his clothes off and helped him into the shower to wash off the pollen and the scent of the flowers.

”I'll tell my parents not to send thoes again” She stepped into the shower with him and helped him tshuu! Thags, I'b sorry, I did't kdow I would react to theb”

”Merry Christmas love” she kissed him tenderly ”Berry Christbas Kitted”


Lih hem rih = I love you *Language - Lunarian*

Solivia = Olivia's real name, her lunarian name

Adapa = Daddy

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90 - False Alarm

Characters: Kayne & Artemis

Sneezer: Kayne (Induced)


Artemis and Kayne was lying on their bed watching a movie, Artemis lied with her head on Kayne's chest and her arms around him, their tails coiled around each other.

Suddenly she hears him gasping, she looked up and saw him rubbing his nose and blinking his eyes.

”hh...” he blinked and sniffed softly then his eyes slowly closed and he hoovered his hand by his face ”heehh... ehh...” he sighed and sniffed again ”Nope... false alarm” he said and shook his head, then settled back down on the pillow, enjoying the movie.

Artemis giggled a little at him ”You're such a tease mousebutt” The mouse arched a brow at his nickname ”What? I can't help it if the sneeze decides to take a u-turn and leave me hanging” He chuckled.

Then Artemis sat up ontop of him and looked down at him with a playful grin over her face ”Let me force that big bad sneeze to come out and stop teasing you” Kayne blinked up at her ”What?” before he could say anything else, his girlfriend had started to tickle his nose with her claw ”Wh... What a-ahre you doing?” Kayne's voice began to fade as the tickle from before returned and with Artemis's tickling it made it much stronger.

His eyes began to water, he sniffed wetly and looked up at her ”I'll help you get rid of that mean tickle” She smiled and purred.

He opened his mouth to protest but his breath got caught in his throat ”heeh... ehh” his nose twitched and wiggled, then he grabbed her wrists and whipped his head to the side ”hehnn'TSHUU! Ehh'ntshh!” he sniffed and rubbed his nose and blushed looking at her ”Bless You dear!” Artemis smiled and offered a hanky, Kayne took it and wiped his nose, then he rolled over ontop of her pinning her down into the mattress.

He looked down at her and smiled ”You're one crazy girl, you know that? Thank you though, that felt good” then he cupped her cheeks and kissed her.

”I love you Kayne!” she purred

”I love you too Artemis!” He smiled


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92 - Butterfly

Characters: Skyiler and Aiyame

Sneezer: Skyiler (Induced)


It was sunday morning, the sun was rising casting it’s warm rays over the palace where Skyiler, Aiyame, Arés and Niji lived together.

In Skyiler and Aiyame’s room everything is quiet, only the sound of the singer’s soft snores fills the room.

The window is slightly open and a cool pre spring breeze floats into the room.

A cute lemon butterfly flutters into the room, and settles down on Aiyame's ear making her wake up and look startled.

”Hm? Oh just a butterfly” she said and looked over at her beloved boyfriend ”So sweet” she brushed some blue strands out of his face.

Then the butterfly flutters around and finds a perfect spot to sit and clean itself on, right ontop of Skyiler's nose.

The singer opened an eye and looked at the thing that was interupting his sleep, then slowly he closed his eye again and parted his lips ”heeeeh...” then he pitched forwards ”HAAH'KSSHHoo!!” the poor butterfly flew across the room and against a wall; luckily it flew out of the window unharmed.

Aiyame couldn't stop herself, she burst into a fit of laughter, she infact laughed so hard she rolled off the bed.

Of course Skyiler has lightning fast reflexed and catches her with his tails and pulls her back up onto the bed and looks at her ”Laughing at me are you Miss Houel?” he rose an eyebrow.

”I'm sorry Sky! It was just so darn cute! I couldn't stop myself. Bless you dear” she said and kissed the side of his muzzle.

He murred and pulled her into his arms and then they went back to sleep.


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97 - River

Characters: D.J & Howie

Sneezer: D.J from being cold and wet

Fandom: TMNT but my OC

Introducing D.J *Donatello Junior* and his boyfriend Howie



The door to the lair swung open and D.J walked in muttering to himself.

He was met by Howie who ran up to hug his lover but stopped dead in his tracks when he saw the state of said lover “Holy hell D.J what happened? You look like you've rolled around in the city dump!”

“Almost... I ran into the Raptor Gang and had a fight with them” D.J paused to cough “Then they pushed me off the bridge and into the river, now I'm filthy, wet and... and” his breath hitched and his single eye fluttered closed “heeehh...” he burried his face in his elbow “heh'CHUU!” he sniffed and groaned “And cold?” Howie added in and offered his lover a tissue “Yeah...” D.J nodded and wiped his nose.

Howie grabbed his lover's hand “Then let's have you take a nice warm shower and then snuggle up on the sofa and watch a movie under a blanket and eat some food!”

D.J arched his brow at Howie's sudden burst of energy “Sure why not”

They got into the shower and Howie helped scrubbing D.J's shell “Never thought the river was this dirty” Howie said.

The young turtle chuckled “You're not born and raised in new york I hear.

You don't go swimming in it that's for sure, it's crammed up with junk! Everything from beercans to airplanes” D.J sniffed and gasped then pitched forwards “tshhUU!!”

“Bless you, wow you're serious? Airplanes?” Howie couldn't believe what he heard he shook his head in shame of how people could destroy a river.

D.J turned around and faced Howie “Don't let it get to you... it's been like this for as long as I've been alive pretty much” then he leaned in and kissed the human.

Howie wrapped his arms around D.J and with a finger he gently traced the scar over D.J's damaged eye.

Suddenly he felt D.J tense up and whip to the side “hah'chuu!” Howie turned the shower off and stepped out “Alright let's get you dried up and under the blanket on the sofa before you catch a cold”

D.J obeyed, dried himself off and then let Howie lead him to the couch.

Then they snuggled up with snacks and a movie.

Howie looked over after a while and saw D.J had fallen asleep, making the human smile and kiss his lover on the cheek “I love you D”


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68 - Porch

Characters: Skyiler, Arés and Nikolaji

Sneezer: Skyiler (Hayfever)

Introducing Nikolaji and Arés


It was almost noon when Skyiler walked out on the porch and was greeted by Arés and Nikolaji who both were enjoying some coffee and cigarettes.

”Morning Sky!” Niko said and smiled ”Morning Niko, slept alright?” Skyiler said and lit up a cigarette, then he sat down on the wooden bench they had on the porch, leaning back against the fence.

”Yeah I slept alright, what about you?” Niko said and sat down on the chair next to the bench and flicked some ash into the ashtray.

Skyiler sniffed and rubbed at his muzzle ”I slept alright” then he froze, placed the cigarette in the ashtray and pitched forwards ”hh'KSHUU! Hah'KSHH! Hh'kshhu! Tshh! Tsh! Kshh! Kshh! Kshhh! Heeh'nkshuu!” the singer panted and gasped for air.

Arés rushed over and handed Skyiler a hanky ”Jesus in shorts! Bless you bud!” The singer took the hanky and blew his nose harshly, then he put the hanky in his pocket ”Thags Arés... ugh” Skyiler grabbed the cigarette and took a nice long drag on it and exhaled the white smoke.

”Hayfever?” Niko asked and took a sip of his coffee ”Yeah... every bornig udtil the widter... hhh'txh! he pinched his nose shut with his index and thumb and shook his head again ”Bless you, that has got to suck” Niko said then he stood up ready to go back inside.

Arés and Skyiler followed his lead, the mouse king was walking behind Skyiler, when the singer suddenly stopped dead in his tracks.

”Hm? What's the matter?” Arés looked at his friend and then he grinned at the singer's expression; eyes half closed, muzzle wrinkled, nose twitching and wiggling, lips parted revealing his canines ”Hehe, bless you in advance Sky” The king chuckled and then felt Skyiler's back tensing up ”heeh... eehh... Ehh! Hh'tshuu! Hah'kshuu! Kshuu! KSHH! KSHH!! ehh'hnkshuu!!” the singer doubled over and almost stumbled backwards if it wasn't for Arés standing there steadying him ”Whoa careful there, don't want you to hurt yourself” the mouse put Skyiler's arm over his shoulder and helped him up ”I'll help you inside” then he felt Skyiler's muscles tense up again and then he surpressed another round of sneezes against his wrist ”hh'ntxh! Hh'txgh! N'ght'cha!” his braid whipped his back mercilessly and his body jerked violently with each eruption ”Here, let's get you inside so you can take some benedryl and rest up”

Skyiler nodded and blew his nose again ”Thags, ugh the polled coudt bust be idsadely high today...” He let them lead him inside and placed him on the cough, then he took his medicine and then he was out like a light.


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16 - Three

Characters: Skyiler & Aiyame

Skyiler is a Tiger/kitsune/mouse hybrid whom has a very very sensetive nose and suffers from hayfever and strong scents sets him off easily.


Aiyame is a tiger princess and priestess who met Skyiler at their school and now they're dating


Aiyame woke up as the sun stood high and casted its golden rays in her face. She yawned and looked down feeling something warm and fuzzy under her head. She saw white and purple fur, then she looked up and saw her beloved sleeping peacefully resting his chin on-top of her head.

She draped her arm across his broad chest and decided to stay in bed a little longer.

Suddenly she felt him tense up a little and his chest under her head started to rise and fall unevenly, glancing up at him she saw his lips parting revealing his fangs a little.

She smirked and giggled quietly "one..."

His nose twitched and wiggles a little, ears slowly pinning back against the back of his head "heeh..." he gasped

She watched him and snickered "Two..."

His lips parted more as his breath begun to hitch and become ragged, fur slowly standing up and his muscles tensing up "heeeh uuuh huuuhh..." his free hand hoovering infront of his face.

Aiyame laughs quietly and smiled at him "Three..." gently kissed the tip of his nose, causing him to whip his head to the side and burrying his muzzle in the crook of his elbow "haaahKSHUU!! TSHUU!! heehhh TSHUU!!" Skyiler sniffed wetly and glanced at Aiyame who was offering him a tissue "Bless you Sky" she giggled.

He rose an eye brow "Ab I dad predicdable?" he took the tissue and blew his nose long and hard then tossed the tissue in the overfilled wastebin by his side of the bed and lied back down.

Aiyame giggled again and dried his cheeks from allergy tears "A bit dear, just a bit" then she kissed him and lied back down to sleep a little longer

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Wow! I've never heard of any of these characters before (are they your OCs?) but I do have a soft spot for fantasy hybrid creatures. And there are some lovely scenarios here too, especially with all this handkerchief action. Keep it up!

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Wow! I've never heard of any of these characters before (are they your OCs?) but I do have a soft spot for fantasy hybrid creatures. And there are some lovely scenarios here too, especially with all this handkerchief action. Keep it up!

Thank you ^^ yeah they're all mine *grins* I will state if they're not mine ^^

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I've read them all and I really like your Oc's c: . Great plot too and I love the drabbles :)

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62 – Pillow

Characters: Sniper and Hitomi

Sneezer: Sniper (Allergies)

Introducing: Sniper Van Ripper a mercenary from Sunspot on Mars, he’s one eyed and one armed.

6’ tall and has about 200 lbs of muscles.

His fur is black and his hair is red.

He is in a relationship with Princess Hitomi of Lunaria.

Sniper is allergic to birch, dust and Some strong scented stuff, his immune system is rather strong but when he gets ill he’s ill for a while.


It was early morning in Sunspot, the sun slowly rose over the quiet city and soon the streets were filled with people.

The golden rays crept through the blinds of Sniper and Hitomi’s bedroom window.

The mercenary opened his eye a little and gazed around the room, then looked over at his beautiful fianceé who was sleeping next to him.

Then a soft breeze swept through the open window and the mouse’s eye snapped open wide ‘Oh no…’ His nose twitched as a burning itch began to brew.

His breath got uneven, his chest rising and falling.

He sat up and buried his face in his pillow “nng’ISHUU! Ehh… ehh Ishuu!” He sniffed and blinked his watering eye.

Then he felt a soft touch on his back, he glanced over his shoulder.

Hitomi was looking at him “Good Morning Snipe”

Sniper sniffed wetly and smiled a little “Go… good m…morning” Then he buried his face into the pillow again “ISHUU! ISHH ISHH ISSSH!” He groaned and sniffed again.

Hitomi reached over and grabbed a hanky and gave it to him “Here honey” she rubbed his back soothingly.

He took the hanky and blew his nose and sniffed again “ehh’SHUU!” Then he blew again and the tickle died down for now.

Hitomi pulled him back down on the bed and snuggled into his arms “Bless You love” she purred

“Thags… Ugh sprig is dice add all but could be without the birch polled…” He sniffed and pinched his nose with his thumb and index-finger “Heh’IXH!” He rubbed the side of his nose and sniffed again “Should I get your medicine love?” Hitomi asked and sat up, but he took her hand and pulled her back down into his arms “Do its alright I’b fide, lets just lie here for a bit”

Hitomi reached up and kissed him putting her hand behind his ear “I love you Sniper” Sniper noserubbed her and smiled “I love you too Hitobi”


90 to go

Feedback? Comments? Suggestions?

Here's my list of victims, who should I torture next?








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