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Describe yourself in three words! :)


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Okay, so I guess this doesn't need a lot of explaining. The idea is to find three words that give people a good impression of who you are. I think this could be fun because we can learn new things about each other this way! (;

Oh, and also... compound words are also okay. So if you want to use "elementary school teacher" that would count as one word. They can be adjectives or nouns.

I'll start.


Surfer girl.


Your turn! :P

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Oh gosh. :sweatdrop:

1. Werid

2. Funny (by opinion)

3. Confident

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Not all there mf_zippy.gif

You are wrong, but that was beautifully done!

As for me.....





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Vicarious/Pensive (these two are pretty much amalgamated for me, but I don't think there's a word for that)

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