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Casanova with David Tennant


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huh, i always seem to find things without any sneeze action...

So in 2005 David Tennant starred as Casanova in the BBC mini-series Casanova (2 episodes).

ggguuuuuhhhhh.... there's this part where he gets shot in the hand, and the wound gets infected (dont worry, no gross nasty), so he gets a fever and passes out, and there's care-taking, and, and, and.... :D I dunno if you guys can tell, but i was super excited when i found this on netflix, couldnt find it anywhere else when i looked a year or two ago.

But, yeah. Tennant is fantastic in that part. It's in the second episode, which is called part 2. I only found it on netflix, so I'm not sure if it's anywhere else online, but i haven't looked in a while, so...


Then his friend catches a cold and is dies 6 days later. There's only one scene of this, with the older casanova narrating. But Tennant is goin' all care-taker and stuff, which was also really cute :3

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OMGOODNESS!!! I MUST GO CHECK AMAZON PRIME (I don't have Netflix ,amazon prime is cheaper with student discount ) AND YOUTUBE ASAP!!! Thanks for the info!!

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This has been on my to-watch list for some time. I think it just moved up a few levels!

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This sounds heavenly! Thank you SO MUCH for sharing! It is a little scary that his friend (SPOILER) dies from a cold upset.gif I wonder how that plays out......

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