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Hair salon observation


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I was at my hair appointment yesterday, and I once again witnessed sneezes while under the hair dryer. Both instances were from the owner of the salon, a redhead in her 50s. She's slim with a long, pointy nose, and she has a thick New York Accent. Her client was under another hair dryer diagonal from me, and her client was showing her pictures on her phone. The hairdresser, let's call her Dana, was looking at her client's phone when she turned her head away and sneezed a triple: Haessscccch, haessscccchhh, haescccchhhhh. They were loud and harsh. The client looked surprised and exclaimed, "God bless you!" Dana thanked her client, then continued looking at the pictures. She finished and sneezed one more time as she was walking away, "Haesssscccchhh." The client muttered "bless you" again, but Dana was already too far from the client to hear. The second instance of Dana sneezing was when the same client was in her chair getting her hair styled. I was still under the hair dryer. Dana turned away from the client and faced my direction (she was at least 10 feet from me). Dana sneezed four rapid fire, loud sneezes: Haesssccchhh, Haesssccccchhhh, Haesssccchhh, Haesssccchhh. The client said, "God bless you. Get it all out." Another hair dresser next to her said, "Bless you!" Dana thanked them and explained that her allergies were bad that morning. I sat under the dryer with my face bright red listening to all the sneezy talk. Dana couldn't see me watching her sneezing, and I'm thankful we didn't make eye contact, because I would've had to give her an awkward blessing from under the dryer... shy.gif There were no other sneezes after that, though Dana was sniffling quite a bit.

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Wonderfully detailed description. Thank you!

Observations at hair salons are wonderful. Somehow it seems less awkward to watch and enjoy when everyone is just sitting around anyhow. Here's hoping you get to see more next time since the owner has allergies!

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There seems to have been several great obs posted recently about hairdressers sneezing - must go and get my hair cut more regularly :lol: Also, hair salons are great places for covert observing as there are so many mirrors around... :D

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