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Santa Gave Me (and Others) a Cold for Christmas (self-f obs)


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Okay, so for the last couple of days, I've been battling a nasty little cold in my nose. ;) It's literally been a cold in my nose. So far, outside of a slightly scratchy throat, I've had a runny nose, sneezing and lots of stuffiness and blowing. Very little in the way of coughs or headaches. Basically, enough to be annoying but not enough to be deemed properly 'sick'.

Funny enough, quite a few of my friends on Facebook have also had a cold for the last couple days. One of them even commented that Santa dropped him off this lovely cold for Christmas. :) Hence the title. I got this just after Christmas, so I figure it counts. ;)

It started out two days ago, on Friday, with a scratchy throat and some runny nose action. I knew that morning that I was getting a cold—I could totally feel it coming on. On Saturday, I sounded totally sick. I was hoarse, my nose was all stuffed up and I was sneezing little 'HehhShoo's! and AHHTchooo's! a couple times every hour. Mostly, my nose was constantly running and alternately stuffy from all the itchy tickles in my nose. I blew or else I'd sneeze quite messily.

Everyone could pretty much tell I had a cold by that point, which wasn't that much fun as I'm staying with my family at the moment and the fussing is getting to me. :) Today has been pretty much a repeat of yesterday with more stuffy and less runny. The tissues my family has kinda suck so my nose is bright pink, slowly turning to red with all of this attention I'm giving it. I'm hoping it clears up before I fly home in a couple days as I really want to avoid the sinus headache I'm bound to get. Of course, if it's still around by the time I get home, I might be able to get some wavs in for everyone here. :)

Thanks for reading and I'll send over more details if they come!

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aww feel better soon ! :)

yah, I HATE it when my family fusses over me, so I feel for you there :hug:

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Feel better soon, Gallatea! I ended up with a cold from Santa too but not the 'fun' kind...just mostly fever and aches! Blah! I hope your flight is comfortable :)

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You have a lovely way of describing your cold that makes me very happy indeed. ^_^ Hurr, such colds are so hot. I mean really.

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