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Authors notes (oh hey does that make me an author?) So this is like my 2nd story ever (please be nice) and as my last one didn't really get noticed so kind of ground to a halt, let's hope this one does better! This one will go on only if you guys want it to x

Part One

Shannon Wells was absolutely positive she could not be sick. Not today anyway.

But, as was usually her luck, she had woken up with a red, blocked up nose, and her cold (she would refer to it as "Life Ruining Misery" but cold was shorter, and people would probably look at her weirdly if she phoned in sick with a Life Ruining Misery. Not that she would be phoning in sick, because unfortunately for her today just so happened to be the day of her important presentation. You know, only the one that would totally either get her fired, or get her promoted. And it would be in front of Cindy Brett, only the most important person, like. Ever.

Yeah. Great day to get a cold. Thanks, immune system.

Shannon was just about to get dressed,when she felt a familiar tickle rise up in her red nose. Quickly, Shan clamped her fingers around it, desperate to hold the sneeze in.

"Heh....heh.... HEH-CHMP! Huh-CHMP!"

And so it was that Shannon Wells sat in her bra and pants stifling a sneezing fit when she should have been preparing for her presentation.

It wasn't that Shannon particularly hated her sneezes. In fact, she quite liked the release of an unstifled sneeze, it relaxed her. It was just that, Shannon didn't sneeze like most people. Oh, no. Her sneezes were much, much more powerful - powerful enough to pretty much wreck a room. Or, in this case, a presentation if she wasn't careful. So, she would have to be on sneeze alert - or face the consequences.


Yep, definitely have to be careful.

Soon, Shan was driving her way through the twisty roads, to her workplace. Central Offices stood right beside a farm. Ideal if you work for a place that designs new farming methods, but for Shan, it was hell. When she was sick, her sensitive nose got even more sensitive. So, all of the animal fur, hay, and pollen really didn't help the whole "try not to sneeze" thing.

'HEH-CHMP! Heh-CHMP! huh..... Heh..... HEH-CHMP!"

Shan rifled through her handbag, and eventually found a plain white handkerchief, with which she blew her nose roughly.

"I. Will. Not. Be. Sick."

Coughing slightly, she walked into the office.


Sally, a strawberry blonde with boobs that Shannon swore couldn't be real, bounded up to Shannon just as she was in the middle of coughing her lungs out.

"You don't sound so good. Are you ok?"

Shan nodded unhappily. "It's- it's just the hay irritating be. I'll be fide." She refused to believe that was a bit of congestion getting into her voice.

Sally shrugged. "If you say so. Anyway, I have a message from Cindy and the guys? "

Cindy Brett.


"Anyway, you're meant to go and do the presentation a little earlier than planned. Like now. Tenth floor!"

Shannon swore, and picked up her things. Apparently life hated her.

Managing to get to the elevater without sneezing was quite hard. Shan almost broke a couple times.

Once she was in the elevater, though, and had verified that there was nothing that could be broken that easily, she allowed herself a release.



Her top had torn slightly at the chest, due to the intense power of the sneeze. She tried to hide it with her jacket, blew her nose again with the now sodden hanky, and waited for the doors to open.

Soon, the elevater was opening again. Shannon walked into the meeting room with her head held high. Not a single sniffle escaped her reddened nose, and her slightly ripped top was barely noticeable.

The important people had already sat down. Cindy Brett was at the very front. Her blonde hair was perfectly styled, she wore a tight fitting red suit, and her green eyes were rimmed with smoky eyeshadow. She wore bright red lipstick on her perfect lips.

Shannon gulped, and began.

"Ladies add gedtleban, today I ab goidg do dork do you about a very ibportadt issue. Dis is global warbing. Dow, I kdow that ad our cobpady, we always tra...... Try......"

Shannon suddenly felt a familiar tickle in her nose. She willed herself not to sneeze. Her arms were filled with papers and she wouldn't be able to stifle.

'Try do......"

The tickle was too much.

"I'be so sorry....."


The papers flew from Shannon's arms, as did her shirt, which ripped clean off of her body, leaving her in just a red bra and a skirt. But her nose wasn't done yet.


Shannon ran from the room crying, and still sneezing.

She hurried into the toilets and bent over stifling a few more sneezes,

"If it helps, I think your presentation was amazing."

Shannon looked behind her. Cindy was standing, smiling, not a perfect hair out of place.

"You probably think I'm disgusting..... I'm so sorry...." Shannon sobbed.

"Actually, I thought that was pretty hot." Cindy winked.

Shannon smiled through the tears. "Really?"

Cindy smiled and held out her hand. "Well, I noticed you seem to have a bit of a cold..... How about you come back to mine so I can take care of you properly?"

Shannon nodded happily. Perhaps today hasn't been all bad.

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Part Two

Author's Notes: Thank you so much to everyone who read the first part! Here is part two, hopefully you guys like it, and don't forget to tell me what you think and whether I should continue!

After the events of that fateful day, all Shannon Wells wanted was to crawl into a hole and die.

However, the conditions were slightly improved by the fact that she was being driven to Cindy Brett's home, and her nose seemed to be slightly less sneezy, perhaps due to the mammoth sneezing fit that had happened that morning, in the meeting room.

Cindy pulled over, and Shannon stared. The house was massive, and beautiful.

"You live here alone?"

"No. I have my babies - my kittens: Sydney, London, Brooklyn, Manhatten, and Pez."

Shannon gulped. Her nose was itching just at the mention of kittens. She was extremely allergic to cats.

"Is there a problem?"

"N-no. No problem."

Cindy frowned. "Let's go in then."

The home was as beautiful on the inside as it was on the outside. Shannon admired the perfect surfaces, as Cindy talked about clothes etc.

"So I'll go upstairs and get you some new clothes-" Cindy gestured at Shannon's red bra, perfectly visible, as her shirt was ripped off.

"Make yourself at home."

Shannon nodded dumbly. As soon as Cindy had left, she let out the sneezes that had been building up in her nose ever since she'd seen the cat hair covering the house.


The cushions flew from Cindy's white sofa, as Shannon fell backwards from the force of the sneeze. But she couldn't stop them now, a full sneezing fit was on its way.


Cindy walked downstairs, just in time, to catch a glimpse of Shannon's suffering pre-sneeze face. Her mouth was wide open, gasping in anticipation of the sneeze. A slight drip was coming out of her slightly long nose. Her eyes were tightly shut, and the noises she was making-


Unable to stop herself, Cindy placed the clothes she had been carrying on the almost-destroyed sofa, and walked over to Shannon.

"I'm gonna help you, ok?"

All Shannon could do was nod dumbly as she gasped, waiting for the sneeze.

Cindy reached a finger up, and began rubbing Shannon's nose. Quicker and faster she rubbed, until her hand was almost covering Shannon's nose. Shannon tried to warn Cindy, but the sneeze's full force soon overtook her, and she could not hold back.


Cindy looked down at her snot-covered hand happily.

"Guess its a good thing I brought new hankies, then?"

Shannon nodded, a thin trail of mucus trickling from her bright red nose. Her eyes were watering fully now, and they were also swollen and red. She sniffled meekly.

Cindy picked up a handkerchief and held it firmly over Shannon's nose.


Shannon obeyed.

Cindy smiled at Shannon, and passed her the clothes.

"Get changed. I'll be in the kitchen, making you some soup."

Just as Cindy left, she heard Shannon let out four mammoth sneezes, and heard a few paintings fall from her wall. God, she'd never met anyone as sneezy as Shannon- and she was loving this display of helpless uncontrollable sneezing. With any luck, she'd get sick too!

While Cindy daydreamed about Shannon taking care of her, Shannon herself was miserable. The cold and allergies combined were making her sneeze and sneeze - and she couldn't stifle at all.


Holding another off so she could blow her nose, she hoped dearly that Cindy wasn't very attached to anything in this room,


Yep, definitely hoped so.

Should I continue?

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Authors notes: wow! Thanks so much to everyone who commented! hope you enjoy part three! and don't forget to tell me if you'd like a part four

If it helps, I imagine Shannon as looking something like http://wwwdelivery.superstock.com/WI/223/1598/PreviewComp/SuperStock_1598R-131657.jpg

Part Three

Shannon and Cindy were soon seated on the sofa, Shannon's head laid on Cindy's lap, and a movie playing that none of them were really into. Shannon's life was almost perfect.

Apart, of course, from her horribly itchy nose. Now, Shannon had a dilemma. She could feel that the sneeze building up in her nose was incredibly huge. She knew it was going to be bigger than any other sneeze she'd ever had.

But, she was in Cindy's house, and was terribly afraid to sneeze, as it might destroy the room, let alone Cindy's priceless furniture..

And yet the sneeze was too large for Shannon to stifle or ward off.

Shannon Wells was unlucky.


Cindy looked at Shannon happily. "Are you gonna sneeze, sweetie?"

Shannon nodded unhappily.

"Then let it out!"

Shannon could not be blamed. Or so she thought.





Cindy examined the "destruction". All of Shannon's clothes had ripped right off her, leaving her totally naked, and with a pre sneeze expression showing that the worst wasnt over. Mucus covered Cindy's lap, she mopped it up with a tissue, and smiled. Several paintings had been dislodged, and Cindy's kittens were mewling from the kitchen.

All in all, pretty damn hot.

Shannon stifled the second, third and fourth, before letting out another mammoth sneeze into a hanky.


Shannon coughed meekly into her hand and sighed. Cindy felt her forehead worryingly.

"You're burning up!"

Shannon looked at her with watery, red eyes.

Cindy sighed. "I'll get you some meds."

Shannon sneezed again. "HUUUUUCHOOOOO! ok."

Cindy fetched the meds, and gently fed them to Shannon. "You're staying here until you're better."

By now, Shannon's nose was totally blocked up, as well as swollen and bright red.

"That's fide by be. HEH-CHMP! HEH-CHMP! HEH-ASHMP! HEH-CHMP! HEH-CHMP! HEH-ACHMP!" Shannon's nose still itched from the fit of stifles, and she knew there was more to come. "HEH-ACHMP! HEH-CHMP! Heh-CHMP! HUCHMP! HEH-CHMP! HEH-CHMP!"

Cindy smiled. "You don't have to stifle here, babe. It'll make you sneezier. Just let them out."

"Ub, ok?" Shannon could feel a fit coming on. She grabbed for a hanky,and


Whilst admiring Shannon's naked body during that last, sexy sneeze, Cindy recognised that being naked probably wouldn't help Shannon's cold.

"I'm gonna go out and buy you some more clothes. Stay here?"

Shannon nodded weakly. As soon as Cindy was out the door, she let loose another fit.


Staring down at the messy mucus she'd sneezed all over her naked body, Shannon groaned. Cindy probably thought she was disgusting.

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Shannon stifled the second, third and fourth, before letting out another mammoth sneeze into a hanky.


Love it when a character finally sneezes out loud after successive attempts to stifle, as if the sneeze is too big to deny :D I am enjoying your story a lot!

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There can never be enough stories about sneezes so big they tear peoples clothes off them wink.png Please continue biggrin.png


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Thanks so much! it really means a lot to me x

Part four should be coming this way soon?

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Part Four

Authors notes: as always, THANK YOU!!!!! To everyone who read the last parts.

If it helps, I imagine Cindy as looking something like http://www.ourvanity.com/images/blonde-woman.jpg

This is really just a filler, you'll get a proper part five ok

Cindy opened her front door, and immediately heard the sweet sounds (her words, not Shannon's) of Shannon sneezing loudly.


Smiling, Cindy ran up to the (now wrapped in a blanket) Shannon and hugged her.

"Oh! Hi Ciddy. Whad did you buy?"

Cindy smiled at the congestion in Shannon's voice, and continued.

"Some clothes for you. Here. You can change here, or in the bathroom."

Shannon chose the bathroom. Cindy wasn't even going to pretend she wasn't slightly disappointed.

Soon, she heard a loud


And she knew Shannon was out

The pair decided to watch a movie. Albeit it was a movie interrupted with several stifles, courtesy of Shannon, but much less than usual - Shannon was a little helped by the meds, and her cold was getting better


Well, apart from the occasional stifle and sneeze.

Yes, Shannon was fine. The only problem at the moment was Cindy herself. She felt a strange itching in her nose. Perhaps she would sneeze, but Cindy never, ever got sick.

Soon, they were watching yet another movie, when Cindy needed to sneeze.


She pinched her nose gently. That should repel it.


Still no. She wondered what would happen if she just let it out, but last time she'd let a sneeze out destruction had been caused. Cindy's sneezes were even louder, bigger, and more explosive than Shannon's

She had no choice. Directing the sneeze at the wall, Cindy sneezed.



Despite the loudness, it was still a very girly sneeze.

Shannon and Cindy examined the damage. There was a sneeze shaped hole right in the wall, and a couple paintings had been knocked down. The cats were mewing sadly and Cindy's nose still itched.

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A part 5 sounds like it'll be quite interesting. Maybe a little role-reversal, where Shannon has to take care of Cindy.

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Part 5

Authors notes: so sorry it's been late! My boyfriend and I got into a rough patch but we've gotten through it x incidentally he now has a cold and is sneezing all the time.... Perhaps a trip to the observations forum afterward, methinks?

Cindy had grown progressively worse over the hours. Soon, she just didn't bother with clothes, as she would just sneeze them off anyway. She sat,totally naked, and holding a blue handkerchief to her reddened nose.



Shannon hugged her poor baby. "Awe, sweetie." Secretly, she rejoiced at the opportunity to take care of Cindy. She took the handkerchief and held it over Cindy's red nose.


Cindy gave a gurgling blow right into the hanky. It was so snot filled that some got on Sharon's hand, which she didn't mind ( to be honest she quite liked it)


Cindy sneezed all over Sharon. She hadn't had time to warn Shar, and the sneeze exploded over her lover's face and hands.

Shannon didn't mind. Again, she felt a slight tingle as the sneeze hit her.

"Bless you baby. Do you need another blow?"

Cindy shook her head, and sighed. "I'be so sduffed ub..."

Shannon smiled. "I know, baby. Just sneeze it all out."

Cindy obeyed with a huge sneeze that shattered a few priceless antiques. "HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAASHIEW!"

Shannon smiled, and was about to bless Cindy, but noticed that she was building up to another massive sneeze. Her nostrils were flared to twice their natural size. Her reddened eyes were closed and her mouth was gaped open as...


Cindy opened her eyes and looked at Sharon. "I caaaah....I can't sneeze.. Aaah...."

Shannon smiled happily - her dream was coming true! "Do you need some help?"

Cindy's face contorted once more, and she nodded unhappily .

Sharon reached up a finger and gently tickled Cindy's flared nostrils. At first, it seemed to work,but then Cindy's face contorted back to its normal expression and she shook her head - "I staaah... HUUUUH... I still can't sneeze..."

Shannon walked into a cupboard and pulled out a feather duster, waving the dust all over Cindy's face.

"HUUUUUUh!!!!! No."

Her face contorted once, then went back to normal. "No."

Shannon reached up a tightly rolled up piece of tissue into the depths of Cindy's nostrils, but although Cindy "huuuh"ed she could not sneeze. The expression on her face was priceless.

Eventually, Shannon reached up a piece of cat hair, and stroked Cindy's nostrils. Faster and faster she stroked, until she could hear the satisfying sounds of Cindy building up to a sneeze.


Shannon continued tickling.

Having no way to warn her, all Cindy could do was let the sneeze take over.


The sneeze was huge. It blasted Shannon's clothes off, and both women were naked. They looked at each other, and laughed.

"I guess I'm not the only one with a big sneeze." Shannon said. She eyed up Cindy's naked body, as Cindy did the same to Shannon's.

"HASHMP!" Cindy forcefully stifled a sneeze. "Shall we take this to the bedroom?"

Shannon took Cindy's hand. "Oh yes."


-the end-

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Sad to see the end of these two :) They have left us with the legacy of some great sneezes though - hope you will be back with more original fiction soon...? ;)

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Great story! One of many of my favorite fictional stories. It'd be nice if you'd continue this or make something new that's similar to it, even if it's using different people, though if this is continued, I'd like it with 2 girls again.

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