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Thinking about writing a story


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Which would you rather read?

1: a Big Bang Theory fic in which some form of contagion gets passed around, causing Sheldon to flip out

2: a divergent fic (as I am reading/obsessed with the series currently), possibly involving either Tris and Four or Zeke and Shawna.

Both of these are partially thought out storylines that I have been pondering for a while, and i would like to try my hand at writing if either of these interest anyone :)

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Well, the whole universe was in a hot dense state then nearly 14 billion years ago expansion started



They built the pyramids~




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Haha, there's like no Big Bang Theory Fanfiction on here (of course there's no Divergent either, but I still have to read that book haha) .I wrote 2 BBT fanfictions on here, but I want to read BBT fanfiction not write it! Haha!


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Looks like Big Bang Theory is the most popular so far. The one thing I really can't make up my mind about is how to begin that one (as in which character should be sick first, but I have some scenarios in mind already :P)

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Figure out who's most likely going to spread there germs all overt the place not covering and getting everyone stuff germy. Then go from there making Sheldon last.

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