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Tenth Doctor & Rose [incomplete] Secret Santa for Matilda3948


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I promise that this isn't over! This is obviously much too short. I just don't want to save this anywhere it could be found because of its fetishy subject matter, and I'm having writer's block right now. Matilda3948, feel free to tell me if there's anything you don't like. I'm trying to go with your hurt/comfort & vulnerability interests, which are mine, too, but for some reason, I'm finding it hard. Doctor Who fanfic is so much harder to write than Sherlock! Do you like Ten/Rose as a couple? That's how I see them but I don't need to make it that way if you don't like it...

Anyway, without further ado, I present:

"Where to today, Ms. Tyler?" the Doctor asked one morning as Rose stepped into the main room of the TARDIS. The Doctor was, as usual, fiddling with the console. His tone was chipper, but his voice was a bit rougher than usual. "The past, the present, the future?"

"Hmm," Rose said, moving to the console and facing the Doctor. "Past. Let's see some old technology being invented that was really exciting at the time. The telephone?"

The Doctor sniffled softly as he continued to press buttons and turn levers. Rose noticed how tired he seemed. Whatever he was trying to do, he was doing it at a much slower pace than usual.

"Ah, I've been there before. Well, I say I was there -- I helped invent it. Well, I say 'helped'..." sniffle "Alexander Graham Bell was brilliant, though. And not just at inventing things." sniffle "Great at disguise -- no one ever suspected he wasn't human."

"What? You're kidding."

"Of course n--" The Doctor cut himself off as his breath began to hitch. Rose watched him curiously. She had never seen him sneeze before.

He shook it off and continued. "Of course not. He--" With a sharp intake of breath, the Doctor pitched forward and sneezed directly on the TARDIS console. "HAAASCHEW! HECHOOOO!"

"Doctor, are you feeling okay?" Rose walked around so she stood right next to him.

"Fine, fine," he said brushing her off. "Now, what year was that? Eighteen... Eighteen..."

Rose put her hand on his back. "You can't even remember. You're sick. We don't have to go anywhere today."

"No, I know it was--" He quickly covered his nose and mouth with both hands. "Eh'TKTSHSH!" Rose's hand was still on his back. She could feel each breath hitch. "EHTSSH! He'SCHEW!"

It took a lot of convincing, but an hour later, Rose had finally got the Doctor to agree to stay in. Just for the morning, he'd insisted, but she could tell he was rapidly feeling worse and worse.

They went together to Rose's bedroom in the TARDIS. That's where they always went. Rose had never seen the Doctor's bedroom. She'd never actually seen him rest. The Doctor usually wouldn't stand for such nonsense as slowing down.

But now he was different. Quieter. Softer. And not the one in control like he usually was.

"Come on, Doctor," Rose said as they stood in front of her bed. "You need to get out of that suit."

He didn't even give her a devilish look and make a joke. He just nodded glumly and began fumbling at the buttons.

"I've got it." Rose pushed his hands aside and removed the jacket for him. As she reached up to loosen his tie, her hands brushed his neck. "Whoa. What is a timelord's temperature supposed to be?"

"Well, skin temperature and core temperature are different things, and taking into account the Earth's atmosphere and the TARDIS --"

Rose cut him off. "Do you have fever, Doctor?"

He paused, defeated. "I think so."

When he was fully undressed and redressed in a t-shirt and pajama bottoms, Rose sat in bed while the Doctor rested his head in her lap. She ran her fingers through his hair.

"I didn't even know timelords could get colds."

"First onde id two huddred years." He groaned and rubbed his face into her knee. That didn't help. His nose began to itch. "Ah'KTSCCH. TSSHH. Eh'TSSSH." He sneezed into the blanket. "TSHSHOO."

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AHH!! I love this!!! This is super cute!!!! This is like the first story where the Doctor is sick that I've actually liked! I usually read where the companion is sick. But this story is too perfect for words!! I LOVE THIS!! Can't wait for you to continue :)

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Great start :) I love Doctor 'tchoo stories ;)

Sorry... just thought of that bad pun and had to get it out of my system *blush*

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YAY!!! clap.gif I looooove it!!! You just keep doing what you're doing--I don't care what direction it goes in. It's delicious!

Please don't feel pressured to write on any sort of timeline. This is supposed to be a fun thing and writer's can't help when we get stuck :)

Thank you!

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*squeaks* Yum yum yum yum yum. As much as I want to take care of a sick Doctor, I would much rather see Rose do it!

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