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BBC Sherlock -- (M/M) -- Fever


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Didn't know if this was posted here before, but I found a really well-written fic of both John and Sherlock getting fevers!

I'm really enjoying it, and a lot of adorable banter and like, "Darn it, Sherlock, do what the doctor says!!" stuff so far <3 But John is just as miserable, so it's heart-wrenchingly delicious~~


Very cute so far~

Haven't read the whole thing, so read with caution if you are squeamish about M/M stuff, though it doesn't seem 18 +

EDIT: Okay, the last chapter is DEFINITELY 18 +, so I don't know if this should move to the Adult Board or not.

Chapters 1-8 are free of R-rated action; just M/M kissing and cuddling stuff xD

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Thanks for sharing, BlackScatter. Since that last chapter is definitely 18+, I'm going to move this over to the Adult Section.

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