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question regarding mental blocks


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So, I have a mental block for quite awhile now, probably since elementary school, and while I am not sure that I'm ready to get rid of it yet, sometimes, I really have to sneeze when in public and would like to, but I can't and then my nose just burns and it is frustrating...

My question is, has anyone successfully got rid of their mental block, and if so, how??

Or...is there any way to induce a sneeze without it being obvious? The only way that works for me, so far is a clothes tag, and a rolled tissue, and blades of grass (found that out by accident)...

Sorry, if this has been posted before, and thank you in advance for any advice!

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I think I remember someone saying they did get over theirs, once. I don't remember how they said, though. I do have to ask, how did you find out about that by accident?

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I know exactly what you mean about having to sneeze, and then just feeling that burning sensation. Sooooo incredibly frustrating. I feel like I'm on my way to getting over my mental block though. While I haven't completely lost it yet, I find that more often when I need to sneeze, I do, instead of it going away. Next time you feel a sneeze coming, really try to coax it out by breathing in slowly through your nose, looking into the light, or tickling the roof of your mouth with the tip of your tongue. Another thing I think also makes a huge difference is will power. TELL yourself that you are going to get over your mental block. Or more positively, tell yourself that you are going to sneeze whenever you feel it coming. Trick your mind back into sneezing. When you think about it, a mental block is something you developed over time by practice and thought. Now you have to put in practice and thought to undue it. :)

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Thank you alias, I will have to give that a try yes.gif ...I have never heard of the tongue on the roof of the mouth trick. And to answer your question, Amyparda, I was mowing the lawn and a piece went up my nose and I swallowed it and well it made me feel sneezy so I attempted it, and it works!

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