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Question about writing stories...hope this is in the right place


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So, this isn't a story, because I do know where those go, but I would like to contribute some stories but I am not sure what the rules for those are, or if what I write would be appreciated...I write mostly loose fanfiction, and usually only male sneezing, but I don't know how to spell any sneezes, and am super embarrassed about trying to spell them...also, some of my stories are not solely based on the actual illness, but are an actual story with a character who is sick in them.

I suppose my questions are: Would anyone read a story where a sneeze isn't spelled out?? And would anyone read a story that is long, and not solely focused on the illness?

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I for one don't really mind. I just fill in the blank with my favorite sneeze of choice :)

But I really like when the author spend some time describing how the sick character feels, the evolution of symptoms, the subtle (or not so subtle) hint that the other characters can see. And YES I would read a story where it's not all about sneezing. That's how I write my stories anyway :)

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Certainly don't feel like you have to spell the sneezes in your story. Some of the best stories on here never actually spell them out, and instead focus on describing the sensation and predicament of the character which is highly effective. And lets face it, we've all heard enough sneezes to be able to add our preferred sneeze of choice into the story as we read it - this is harder to do if the author spells it for you.

Good luck with your writing Nola :D

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I would definitely read a story that is long, and I prefer that it's not solely focused on the illness, so yes :)

It doesn't really matter if you spell the sneezes or not, but if you want to, you can pay extra close attention to how other people do it in there stories to try and figure out how to do it yourself

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There are some great stories I've read where the sneeze is not spelled out and the actions create a great picture. However, I will say that it is appreciated when a person is a good writer and they include the onomatopoeia. It just completes the picture.

Of course it's up to you in the end whether or not you want to write it. The first time I wrote out the sound, I closed my eyes and typed it really slowly because I was so embarrassed. But now I'm used to it, like many people here have gotten, and can just plug something out without thinking too hard. Don't let it deter you, have some fun with it! I believe someone posted a sneeze generator on here some time ago, and I would also suggest just typing out random letters and seeing if you can read between them, or looking at favorite stories for suggestions.

Chances are though, if you write what makes you happy, someone else will enjoy it too. Hope to see your writing around the boards sometime!

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Well I can only speak for myself, but I think the secret to writing stories here is to remember that you're really doing it for you. Do it as if you were just typing it into Notepad for yourself and not planning to share it with anyone... and then share it here as a favor to the rest of us. I think your stories will be better that way than if you try to cater to what you think other people will like. Trust me, no matter what or how you write some people will like it, and some people won't. Write for yourself, and the people who will :)

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Thank you so much guys for the advise and encouragement....now all I need is some guts to actually post one! I'm almost done with one that I've been working on for months now, haha, so maybe shortly! I don't know exactly how to post one though...

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We look forward to your contributions whenever you feel ready :D

I don't know exactly how to post one though...

You can post your story in exactly the same way that you started this thread, but making sure you choose the correct sub-forum within the stories section, namely:

Original Fiction


Drabbles, Interactive Stories and Roleplay

Hope that helps! :)

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