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Tis The Season to Catch Colds--All Time Low--Alex Gaskarth--COMPLETE


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MASS EDIT: 12 February 2020: edited my own story so it's (hopefully) free of typos, and made slight adjustments to the plot. 


Inspiration came from Alex Gaskarth’s official Twitter. 
[Dec 28, 2013, 9:58 pm----Alexander William @AlexAllTimeLow---“Chilliest of Saturday nights. Feeling run down. ‘Tis the season to catch colds!”] 

PLOT SUMMARY: Alex wakes up late Sunday morning still feeling groggy and run down. Lisa (his girlfriend) calls and she comes over to watch the Baltimore Ravens game (Alex’s favorite Football team—also where he is from). The next morning she calls Alex to see how he’s doing. He’s sick, but tells Lisa he’s fine. Lisa comes over and takes care of him. Assume Alex and Lisa are around twenty years old, and Alex still lives with his parents (even though in 2013 Alex would have been 26). 

Late Sunday morning was when Alex Gaskarth finally rolled out of bed. Throwing on a sweatshirt and slippers, he mindlessly wandered into the kitchen to pour himself a cup of coffee. The smooth warm liquid soothed his raw throat he had woken up to. He shuffled into the living room and found his parents already up and enjoying the quiet morning. 

“Morning, sweetie, I was wondering if you were ever gonna get up,” Mrs. Gaskarth began; she put down her laptop and stared lovingly at her son. 
“Hi, Mom. Why are you staring at me?” the tired singer noted, eyeing his mother back whilst taking a sip of coffee. 
“I’m just looking at my beautiful baby. You know I don’t get to see you often,” she declared. “What have you got planned today?”
“What have I got planned?” Alex questioned, his voice rising along with his eyebrows as if to say, ‘you don’t know?’ 
Mr. Gaskarth brought the paper down from his face and interjected, “Why the Ravens play at 1 pm and you bet your ass Alex and I will be right in front of that TV cheering on our Ravens!” 
“Oh, that’s right…the Ravens play in a few hours. Silly me…” Isobel mimicked. “Shall I get started on the game-day snacks?” 
“Yeah that’d be great Mom,” Alex chimed in. 
“I was being sarcastic, but I’ll do it anyway. I’m assuming you want your favorite sandwich?” Mrs. Gaskarth reasoned. She stood up from the Lazy Boy chair and kissed her son’s forehead. 
“Extra bacon please,” he requested.  
“Yes, I know how you like it,” his mother acknowledged as she smiled. 

Alex took his time waking up. He just sat peacefully on his couch sipping his coffee and staring out the window admiring the dull, gray Baltimore morning. The sun was trying to peek out which was a nice surprise since winter left Alex feeling depressed because he rarely saw the sun. Soon enough his phone started vibrating. He took it out of his sweatshirt pocket and wondered who could be calling him at this hour of the morning. Of course, it was his girlfriend, Lisa. 

“Hey Lisa,” Alex spoke softly, his morning voice a little deep and raspy. 
“Hey, baby, how are you?” Lisa asked with a little pep in her voice. Alex loved Lisa, but couldn’t fathom how such a person could be so happy and so energetic in the morning. He was definitely not a morning person. He gets grumpy anytime someone wakes him up before noon. 
“I’m alright,” he mumbled sniffling a bit. He ran his finger under his nose to appease the small itch he had, resulting in the urge to sneeze. 
“You sure, your voice sounds a little hoarse,” Lisa observed. 
“I’m fine. I just woke up, not totally awake yet,” Alex explained completely ignoring his brain telling him to take it easy and remember he woke up with a sore throat. 
“OK, so you have any plans today?” she asked. 
“I’m going to watch the Ravens game in a few hours, you’re welcome to come hang out with me; in fact I want you to come over, the last few games we’ve watched together the Ravens have won, you’re my good luck charm,” he informed. 
Lisa laughed, “OK, I’ll be over soon.” 

Alex hung up his phone, showered, and got dressed in his lucky Ravens jersey. By the time he had exited the bathroom, his sinuses were clear, which meant he went in with a stuffy nose. His throat seemed a little rawer and he was comfortably warm inside the bathroom, but as soon as he cracked open the door the draft slapped him in the face and allowed chills to run up and down his back. He trotted back to his bedroom and slipped on a black long-sleeved shirt then threw his jersey back on. He came out and saw his dad sitting on the couch eagerly waiting for his son. 

“Come on, Alex, the game’s just starting!” Mr. Gaskarth announced. He patted the seat next to him wanting Alex to sit down. 
“I’m coming, I’m coming,” Alex mumbled. He took a seat next to his father clearing his throat as he sat down, “I miss anything?” 
“Nah, it just started.” 
“Alright here are you game day sandwiches: turkey with all its fixings and a BLT with extra bacon,” Mrs. Gaskarth presented. 
“Thank you,” the two boys chimed in unison. 
“You’re welcome,” she replied. 
Alex took the first bite of his sandwich and when he swallowed he really felt his sore throat in action. He thought: “You’re telling me I can’t eat my favorite game day sandwich because my damn throat hurts to f-ing much?” Well, he still ignored it and took small bites chewing extra and being careful when he swallowed. He really wanted some warm tea but sucked down a beer with his father instead. Right on time, fashionably late, Lisa knocked on the door. 
Alex got up to answer it. “Hey, sweetie.” He stood aside to let her enter and kissed her on the cheek after closing the door. 
“Hey, I’m not too late am I?” Lisa questioned taking off her coat. 
“Nah, it just started, it’s still nothing,” Alex reassured. “You hungry? You can have half my BLT, I’m not going to eat it,”
“BLT? That’s your favorite,” Lisa stated as she followed Alex into the living room. 
“I know, I’m not that hungry. I want you to have it,” he insisted. 
“Alright,” Lisa agreed. Alex cut the sandwich that had maybe two bites taken from it in half and gave the uneaten half to Lisa. He thought: “Great now I don’t have to finish the whole damn thing with a freaking sore throat.” 
“Hi Lisa,” Mr. Gaskarth greeted as he took a sip of beer. 
“Hi Mr. G.,” Lisa smiled. 

Lisa joined the father and son in watching the Ravens game. It was a good battle. Each quarter was up and down. The Ravens scored a bunch, then the Bengals scored—it was up and down until the end. The Bengals came out on top and sadly the Ravens would not be advancing to the playoffs. By the end of the game, Alex had managed to down another beer and yell and scream with the rest of his family, despite his throat hurting like hell. By the end, his voice was barely audible and he couldn’t get through a sentence without going into a coughing fit. 

“Alex, I can barely hear you and that cough sounds horribly painful,” Lisa emphasized rubbing his arm. 
“I know, my throat’s been bothering me all day—[cough, cough]—I need a cup of tea and some lozenges,” he whispered. 
Lisa agreed and went to the kitchen to make her boyfriend a cup of herbal tea. She came back with a piping hot mug and dropped a few cough drops in his palm. Alex took it and nodded thanks. 
“Shhh, don’t bother talking; you need to rest your voice,” Lisa cooed. “I should get back home to let my dog out and you should get some rest. Hope you feel better sweetie,” Lisa kissed his forehead and he mouthed ‘thank you’ to her and she let herself out. 
Later that night Alex’s mom brought him a bowl of chicken soup and gratefully took it. He thought: “Finally, something warm.”
“How’s your throat?” she asked. 

Alex wriggled his face and gave the so-so hand signal to match. It actually felt a lot worse than so-so, but he didn’t want to worry his mom. He was sure with some more tea, voice arrest, and sleep it would be better in the morning—he hoped. His throat was so sore that he even had a hard time finishing the warm soup, the soup that made him feel ten times better, but yet still hurt his throat—he must have really overdone the yelling if it hurt to simply swallow. He wasn’t sure if he still had a throat, it was all tingly and raw. Alex gulped down one more cup of tea before heading for an early bedtime. He waved goodnight to his parents and crashed as soon as his head hit the pillow.

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Awesome :) his sneezes are delightful, can't wait for the next part. Ever hear the saying "You're cute but you're not Alex Gaskarth cute c: " ? Well that describes this, just adorable <3 . Yes continue ! I'm on board to read it c:

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The next morning, Alex awoke to a buzzing phone. It was Lisa calling to check in. Alex very annoyed that she had woken him up, decided not to answer her. He glanced at the clock; it was quarter ‘til noon. Alex turned on his back and took into account the illness. Staring up at the ceiling, it was spinning and he massaged his temples to ease his throbbing head. He tried to take a deep breath but noticed that his nose was quite blocked, still, he sniffed anyway and it resulted in a harsh deep-chested coughing fit. He sat up attempting to calm his lungs down but was miserably failing with every slight inhale. Finally, he was able to quiet himself, after swallowing, he noted that his throat was still rather sore. He tried to say hello to himself, just to see what he sounded like, and his voice only made a faint hoarse squeak. It only ached to try any harder, so he accepted the fact that he had a pretty nasty cold and laryngitis. Alex threw on a sweatshirt, sluggishly treading to the bathroom. He knew he looked like hell and didn’t need a mirror to confirm, so he put his hood up to block his peripheral vision. Alex just used the restroom and grabbed a handful of tissue off the back on the toilet and painfully strolled out into the kitchen to find his mom hustling about.  

“Alex, honey, I was wondering when you were going to get up—I was starting to think you might have died,” Mrs. G. teased striding toward her son to peck him on the forehead. “How are you feeling?” she asked grabbing him by the shoulders and looking him in his tired eyes. 
Alex mumbled out a faint “Horrible” and went into a coughing fit. 
“Horrible?” Mrs. G. repeated, “and your voice is still gone?” 
Alex nodded sneezing wetly into his handful of tissues afterward—Hept-CHOO!! Hept-CHOO!! 
Mrs. G. hugged her son tightly, “Aw, poor baby…go on back to bed, I’ll bring you some tea.” 

Alex nodded and turned around heading back to his room, his nose buried in his tissues preparing for a sneeze. AAARRSHOO!!! AARSHOOO!!
Alex hobbled back to his soft bed, struggling to get under the covers all while sneezing, coughing, and shivering. AARSHOOO!! HESSHOOOO!! [cough, cough] AARSHOOO!! [cough, cough] Hept-Choo!! His tissues were now quite abused, wet, and he needed fresh ones, but he had already made the effort of getting himself to bed, he couldn’t muster up enough energy to get the box of tissues. He managed, for the time being, trying to sniffle and stifle as much as he could, but he really needed to empty his nose and his mom was taking a long time. He decided to try and call to her. 

“Mom?” it came out barely audible. He cleared his throat and tried again, “Mom?” it sounded like a whispering whale call, deep but really faint. He coughed a little and called to her once more, “MOM?” that time it came out as a louder whale, less whispering, and more like a dying seal. 
“I’m coming, I’m coming,” Mrs. G. cried over Alex’s coughing and sneezing as she rushed in carrying a mug of tea. “Shh—shh—shh—don’t talk, you’ll only make it worse,” Mrs. G. advised. 
Alex took his phone and typed a message and had Siri speak it back out loud so his mom could understand what he needed. “Tissues.” Siri’s robotic voice spoke. 
Mrs. G. ran into the bathroom and retrieved the box of tissues and dropped the box next to Alex’s lap. He smiled and took a few as his breath was hitching. He-he-he-Hept-CHOO!! Hept-CHOO!! HESHOO!!! He took a few hefty blows to empty his sinuses which resulted in a light coughing fit. 
“Can you tell me what’s wrong?” Mrs. G. asked sitting on the edge of her son’s bed and began running her hand up and down his covered legs. 
Alex typed a message on his phone and Siri repeated it back: “Headache. Throat sore. Feverish. Want medicine.” 
“I’ll see what you’ve got,” Mrs. G. hesitated trotting back to the bathroom. She came back shaking out two ibuprofens for Alex to take for his head and light fever. “You are out of medicine, but I found some ibuprofen for now. I’ll have to go out and get some. Will you be OK by yourself? Dad already left to run some errands.” Alex nodded. “Alright, sweetie, go back to sleep and I’ll be back before you know it.” Mrs. G. kissed her son’s warm cheek and she tucked him in. 

Lisa being a good girlfriend and a worried girlfriend decided to drop by Alex’s house to see how he was feeling. She thought he must be pretty miserable if he’s not responding to her calls and texts. She trotted up to the front door and loudly knocked repeatedly. 

Alex deep in his sleep, heard a faint knocking in his sleep and tried to ignore it. It stopped for a little bit, but it came back and Alex wrinkled his brow annoyed that someone had woken him up. 

Lisa stopped knocking and crouched down to look for a hidden key. She checked under the mat, dug around in the potted plants, and finally found it under the cushions on the patio chair. She let herself in and called Alex’s name from the foyer. “Alex? Are you home?” 

Alex moaned and raised himself to a sitting position. He slipped on his slippers and trudged downstairs to see who was at the door. Though he had to stop once or twice to catch his breath from coughing and sneezing. [walking, coughing] Hept-CHOO!! Hept-CHOO!! [Walking, coughing] Hegxtsht!! Heshoo!! [more coughing]. 

Lisa threw her coat up on the coat tree and took a few steps into the house. “Alex? Honey, are you home? It’s me, Lisa,” she called folding her arms getting anxious. 

Alex finally made it downstairs and squinted at the brightness from the light the windows were letting in. “Lisa, what are you doing here?” he asked through his deep-hoarse voice in a tone that sounded like he didn’t want to see her. 

“You weren’t answering your phone. I just got worried and I know you’re not feeling well and I wanted to come by to make sure you were doing OK,” Lisa explained walking closer to hug Alex. 
“I’m fine. My mom’s taking care of me,” Alex mumbled. HESHOO!!! HEPT-CHOO! HESSHOOO!!! He sneezed into his elbow and sniffed wetly. 
“That doesn’t sound fine to me. Come on baby, sit down, you look like you’re about to pass out.” Lisa took his arm and guided him to the couch. There Alex collapsed and Lisa brought him a blanket to cuddle up with. “If your mom is taking care of you, then where is she? Why didn’t she let me in?” Lisa inquired sitting beside Alex who was already starting to drift back to sleep if it wasn’t for his constant sniffling and sneezing. 
HEPT-CHOO!! HESHOO!!! “She’s out getting me medicine. I was asleep, and I would have stayed asleep until she got home if you hadn’t been persistently knocking at my door,” Alex barked. 
“Are you mad at me?” Lisa bluntly asked looking into her boyfriend’s eyes. 
“Yes, to be honest, I am a little mad at you,” he murmured reaching for a tissue. HEPT-CHOO!! HETCHOO!! HESHOO!! Lisa retrieved the box and set it on his lap. He then felt guilty for telling her that he was mad at her. “Thanks,” he mumbled. 
“Why?” she whispered. 
“Well, you woke me up with your calls and texts—”
“Well, then I have a right to be mad at you because you didn’t answer them,” Lisa hissed. 
“And then you show up here unannounced, and you interrupt my sleep—again!” Alex fumed. 
“I’m just trying to be a good girlfriend. When my boyfriend is sick, I want to make him feel better and so now showing up to surprise him is now a crime?” Lisa protested. 
“It’s just that you seem over-protective of me. If I wanted my mom to take care of me, I would have called her…but I didn’t need to because she’s already here,” Alex retorted. 
Lisa tensed up, “Well, if that’s how you feel.” She got up from the couch and retreated to the foyer to snatch her coat. She slammed the door on the way out. 
“Lisa, wait. I’m sorry. Lisa, please, I’m sorry,” Alex moaned. He tried to chase after her but his lungs had other plans. He spelled into a coughing fit and his nose went crazy as well. [cough, cough, cough] HESHOO!!! HETCHOO!! HETCHOO!! ETCHOO!!! [cough, cough, cough] HESHOO!! HESHOO!! “Goddammit!” Alex cursed rubbing his temples with one hand and blowing his nose with the other. He eventually wore himself out with all his coughing and sneezing and drifted to sleep on the couch, only to awake an hour later when his mom returned with sundry medications and his favorite soup.

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Awwwe poor Alex D: oh my gosh. Continue yeh I love this story :) and yes Lisa, go away :P .

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Awwwe poor Alex D: oh my gosh. Continue yeh I love this story smile.png and yes Lisa, go away tonguesmiley.gif .

Haha, I knew you'd get a kick out of their little spat... but aha!!! She'll be back!

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Awwwe poor Alex D: oh my gosh. Continue yeh I love this story smile.png and yes Lisa, go away tonguesmiley.gif .

Haha, I knew you'd get a kick out of their little spat... but aha!!! She'll be back!

. Nope nope nope nope nope. I don't like Lisa but I approve of Jalex :P that's the only way Alex gets taken in my reality. Hue ah hah.
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Alex was gently awoken by his mother rubbing his shoulder whispering, “Alex, honey, wake up. I brought you some medicine.” 
His eyes fluttered open, he moaned turning on his back, “What?” 
His mother brushed his messy hair out his eyes and felt his forehead and cheeks for a fever. “I bought you some medicine,” she repeated. “What are you doing down here? You were asleep when I left.”
Alex snapped forward sneezing, being quick to catch them in his hands. Hept-CHOO!!—HETCHOO!!—HESSSHOO!!! Mrs. G. whipped her hand back and grabbed the box of tissues from the end table. “Thanks,” Alex uttered in a half-hoarse and congested voice. “Well, Lisa came over—” HESHOO!! He sneezed into the tissues. “But we had a little fight and she stormed out,” he explained wiping his nose. 
“I’m sorry. Do you want to talk about it?” his mother asked.
“No, she’s just being over-protective…” Alex suggested before coughing harshly into his elbow. He sniffed wetly and pulled the blanket up tighter around him. 
“I’m sure she didn’t mean any harm. She just wanted to make you feel better,” Mrs. G. proposed. She sauntered across to the kitchen, heading for the groceries. 
“Why are you defending her?” Alex questioned. Hept-stgxt!! Hept-Choo!!
“Because she’s was trying to do what I’m doing to you right now, taking care of you. Do you not like it when I baby you?” his mother sputtered, putting various items in the fridge.
“Not baby per-say, but I like that you’re taking care of me, but you’re my mom. Moms are supposed to take care of their children,” Alex answered coughing afterward. 
“Yes, but Lisa can’t help? She can’t come over and keep you company?” Mrs. G. argued strolling into the living room with a glass of water and a box of medicine.
“What would we do? I just sleep when I’m sick and you know what I like, anyway, tea, soups, food in general,” Alex countered. 
“I just think you’re being unfair to Lisa right now, your favorite foods are not secret, you can surely tell her what you like to eat when you’re sick and I’m sure she can make it. And you two could sit here on the couch and watch movies, so what if you fall asleep, it’s what you’re supposed to do anyway. I just think Lisa wanted to spend some time with you, and she thought coming over when you’re sick would make you feel better,” Mrs. Gaskarth lectured. 
Hegsxst!!—Het-choo!! “Ugh, I hate it when you’re right…I’ll call her later,” Alex complained.
“Mother knows best. Now take some medicine so you can get some well-needed sleep,” she ordered holding out her hand ready to drop the pills in her son’s palm. 
Alex dropped the pills in his mouth and gulped them down with a full glass of water. He had no idea how dehydrated he was. “More please,” he insisted holding out the empty glass. His mother smiled and returned with a full glass. “Thanks.” 
“Do you want to go back to your room?” she asked taking the glass from him. 
“No, I’m fine here.”
“Do you want another blanket?” 
“Yes, please.”
A moment later she was back shaking out another blanket and draping it over the drowsy Alex. “TV on?”
“ESPN,” they both called out in unison. 
“See you know exactly what I like, Lisa doesn’t know the first thing about Sick Alex!” Alex emphasized. 
“I’ve had twenty years of practice,” his mom laughed kissing him on his forehead, “now get some sleep. You need it. Sweet dreams.” 

Alex awoke late into the afternoon, discombobulated, a little sweaty, and dizzy. He inhaled deeply and flicked his eyes open, “Where am I?” he moaned, sitting up and rubbing his red eyes. Hegxssht!! Hetgxshtt!! Hetchoo!!
“Hey, sugar. You’re home, in the living room,” Mrs. G. giggled. “How are you feeling?” she asked feeling his forehead. 
“Miserable. That medicine didn’t do anything!” he cried, coughing deeply and wetly into his elbow.
“I’m sorry is there anything I can do?” she offered putting the tissue box in his lap.
Het-tchoo!! Het-choo!! He-HetCHOO!! “Can I have soup?” he begged before honking into a wad of tissues. 
“Tomato and a grilled cheese?” she assumed.
Alex nodded before going into another sneezing fit. HETCHOO!! HEGXSHT!! HEPT-CHOO!! He-He-He-He-HE-ASSSHOO!! APTCHOO!! HEPTCHOO!! [Cough, cough] “God, I hate this cold,” he complained to himself. Alex turned the covers over and gently raised his sore body to a standing position. He went to the bathroom and as he was lumbering back to the couch, there was a knock at the door. 
“I’ll get it,” Alex called to his mom. Alex plodded toward the door and the guest knocked again, “I’m coming.” He pulled open his white door and there stood Lisa. “Hey.”
“Hey,” she replied. “May I come in?”
“Yeah, sure—It’s freezing out there,” Alex granted. He stood aside and allowed Lisa to enter the house. He leaned on the wall in the foyer, waiting for her to finish shaking the snow off her and putting her coat away. HEPTCHOO!! HESSHOO!! [Cough, cough] HETCHOO!! He sneezed into his sweatshirt covered hands, then wiped his nose with a balled-up tissue that he dug out of the pocket. 
“Bless you,” she whispered, smiling at him. “You must feel awful,” she sympathized.
Alex slowly nodded, sniffling and running his index finger under his pink, chafed nose, “Ugh, I need a tissue.” 
“Let’s go to the couch, you look miserable,” Lisa suggested patting Alex’s shoulder to help him off the wall. 
Alex grabbed a tissue just in time to fire off a round of sneezes. HEXGST-CHOO!! HEPTCHOO!! HE-HE-HE-ASSSSHOO!! ASSHOO!-ATCHOO!! HEPTCHOO!! [Cough, cough] He went down coughing harshly into his elbow. Catching his breath, he carefully blew his nose, so as not to set off another coughing fit—that failed. Alex’s mom heard him dying and brought him a glass of water. 
“Thanks,” Lisa whispered, taking the glass from Mrs. G., while Alex coughed uncontrollably into his hands. 
The coughing finally died down, Alex’s breathing was very light and quick and his hands were shaking. Lisa helped him take a sip of water. “There we go, tiny sips,” Lisa hummed setting the glass down. Alex relaxed, laying his head back and closing his eyes, breathing still light and quick. “You poor thing,” Lisa wailed, gently brushing Alex’s bangs from his sweaty forehead. 
“Lisa?” he breathed, slowly swallowing, “I’m sorry,” he turned his head and gave Lisa puppy dog eyes. 
“No, I’m sorry,” Lisa expressed taking Alex’s hand. 
“No, you have nothing to be sorry for; I was being unfair, you didn’t do anything,” Alex claimed. “I was totally unfair to you and I was just grumpy from being tired and sick. I’m just not used to having someone care for me other than my mom—she knows what I like when I’m sick and I felt like you were trying to take over her job and that made me mad,” he explained. 
“I’m sorry if I was imposing. You just wanted to sleep and I wasn’t respecting that was I? Do you sleep a lot when you’re sick?” Lisa asked. 
HETCHOO!! Alex snapped forward as the sneeze snuck up on him, but he was able to catch its wetness in a tissue. “Yeah, I sleep practically all day, I wake up usually around this time, have my favorite soup, and then end up falling back asleep while I’m watching TV,” Alex informed holding off a fit of sneezes until he finished talking. HEGXSSSHT!! AGGSXT!! ATCHOO!! HEPTCHOO!! He-he-he--he-he-HE-ASSSHOO!!! TSCHOO!! APTCHOO!!
“God bless you! I’ll have to remember that next time you’re sick. Don’t come over until late in the afternoon,” Lisa noted. 
Alex’s mom came into the living room with a tray holding the soup and sandwiches. “Alex, honey, do you want to eat on the couch or table?”
“I can sit at the table, Mom, it’s not a big deal,” Alex scoffed. “I’m going to go wash my hands, I’ll meet you there,” he nodded towards Lisa as he raised himself up stretching his arms above his head. 
Alex carried the box of tissues and left them on the table; he washed his hands and returned grabbing a few as he sat down. 
HEPTCHOO!! Alex sniffed, “This looks good Mom, thank you,” he smiled. 
“Yes, thank you, Mrs. G.,” Lisa followed. 
Alex took apart his grilled cheese and dipped the tip of it in his tomato soup. He nibbled off his bite and smiled, coughing a little as it passed down his throat. “Oh, that’s good.”
“I take it this is your favorite meal when you’re sick?” Lisa assumed smiling as she dipped her grilled cheese in her soup as well.
“Yeah, I don’t really like chicken noodle soup. Mom’s been making this combo ever since I was little,” he added before turning his head to sneeze. HEGXSTT!! HEPTCHOO!! “Excuse me.” 
“There’s no need to apologize, you’re sick, it’s understandable,” Lisa shrugged. 
“Yeah, but we’re at the dinner table. It’s polite,” he smiled taking another sandwich dunk in the soup.
Lisa smiled back, “I see you’re in a better mood than this morning,” she joked. 
“Because I finally got the sleep I needed,” Alex bantered back. 
Alex and Lisa finished their dinner giggling and with Alex sneezing every now and then. They migrated back to the couch and Alex requested they watch “WALL-E.” Lisa sat next to Alex, helping him cover up and put the tissues beside him. Alex laid his head down on Lisa’s shoulder. She looked down and smiled. 
“What? Do you not want me to? I don’t want to get you sick…” Alex hesitated raising his head back up. 
“No, you’re fine. I’ll risk it,” Lisa replied patting Alex’s head back down on her shoulder. 
At least Alex had the courtesy of sneezing away from Lisa. He sat up and turned his back toward her. HETCHOO!!! ETCHOO!! ETCHOO!! He-he-he---he-he----he-HE-ASSSHOO!!! ASHOO! APTCHOO!! 
It was only thirty minutes into the movie when Lisa heard Alex’s breath come in regulated puffs. He was already asleep. Lisa smiled and covered him up and kissed his head.


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Awwwwwwwwwwwwe . It's already over D: but I need Alex cuteness ;o . This is just awwwwwe . Yes yes Lisa was worth putting in the story. I just love this story so much. Thanks so much for writing it :)

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Awwwwwwwwwwwwe . It's already over D: but I need Alex cuteness ;o . This is just awwwwwe . Yes yes Lisa was worth putting in the story. I just love this story so much. Thanks so much for writing it smile.png

I don't have any more plot to write. smile.png It's probably my first short story in a while! I always seem to let them drag on and never end up finishing them. This one I actually did finish! Glad you liked it!

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