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Hey guys! This is my second story! Sorry about how I spoiled that movie a little bit in the first story. Anyway, here it is:


I tickled my nose with a feather and promptly sneezed. You're probably wondering why I would do that. Well, because once I sneeze, I turn invisible. It's a blessing and a curse. Now you're probably wondering why sneeze? When I was in the woods at the old wishing well, I met an old woman with grey hair, wrinkles, and a hunched back. She told be I could have the power of invisibility but only if I did the thing I'm obsessed with. Sneezes. Yeah, it's kinda weird and all, but hey! Totally worth it. And, I can make other things invisible. Just not people or animals. So it's a blessing cuz I can make other people sneeze with the things I make invisible cuz if I didn't make them invisible, there would be floating objects and people would freak. By the way, sneezing is like a turn on for me, a fetish. Anyway, it's a curse cuz if I sneeze while I'm invisible, I'll get caught. And if I get caught, the old woman says she'll haunt me forever. I normally wouldn't believe that, but she did give me the power of invisibility so if that's real, why wouldn't this be?

You're most likely going "wow this girl's creepy!" but I'm gonna tell you something that'll make you go "omg, this girl is more than creepy!" It's that I have three more powers.

Anyway, I have the power to make people do things. The only rule is that I can't make them do things that can affect the world. Like making the president make school illegal. That would be a no no. I normally just make people sneeze. Yeah, sneeze. I could do things bigger than that, but whatever.

The third power is making things pause. Basically making time pause. I can also go backwards and make things go slow mo. It's awesome except I can't go fast forward.

And the last power is reading minds. It's fun when i make people sneeze but not when they're thinking bad stuff bout me.

So yeah. Those are my four freakish powers.


I haven't really gotten into it so I'm not sure if I should continue. If u think I should tell me and I'll continue

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I like the story and I like where its going. But just a tip. Maybe in the title, could you tag what gender its going to be? It really helps.

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