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A Memorable Christmas Break


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Hey! So this story will take place during the 5th Harry Potter book! Hope ya like it! Oh and the *'s means someone's thoughts.


Chapter 1

*2 more days. Just 2 more days* Harry thought to himself as Snape went around the classroom barking out insults as usual. Ron and the rest of the Weasleys had gone home to be with their father in the hospital. So he was on his own. Well, that's technically not true, he still had Hermione, but she was busy studying for her O.W.L.'s even though it's only December.

"POTTER! Pay attention! The potion should be a light blue color right now and yours is a dark green!"

Harry looked at his cauldron sheepishly. "Sorry" He mumbled. To be honest, Harry didn't feel much like concentrating on anything. He had a splitting headache and just wanted to go lie down in the dormitories, but there were only two days left until winter break. Then he could see his godfather, Sirius, and make sure Mr. Weasley was ok.

"POTTER! Take that potion off of the heat or it will explode! DETENTION! 7pm Don't be late!" Snape barked. "Class dismissed!"

Harry quickly gathered up his things so that he and Hermione could head to lunch.

"You alright, Harry? You seemed a bit distracted during potions today." Hermione asked

"Yeah, I guess I'm just thinking about winter break. I'm worried about Mr. Weasley and the rest of them."

It wasn't a lie technically. He really was worried about them. He just didn't want to worry Hermione if he told her that he has a headache. She'd probably send him to Poppy, and not only does he not want to go, but Snape would kill him if he missed detention tonight. He sighed and sat down at the Gryffindor table. Today lunch consisted of roast beef sandwiches, pumpkin juice, and a variety of crisps. He ate as much as he could, which wasn't much today, and listened to Hermione ramble on about the research she's done on Occumulancy. Crap. I have Occumulancy tonight too, and DA practice.

He wasn't paying attention to Hermione at all anymore as he was too busy trying to put his schedule together for tonight. Last class ends at 3:30, DA is at 4:30 and lasts until dinner at 5, Occumulancy is from 6-7 and then detention is from 7 until whenever the greasy git decides to release me.

HSCHOO! He sneezed. That came out of nowhere. It caught him so off guard that it brought him back to focus on Hermione.

"Bless you, Harry are you listening to me?"

"Yeah, yeah. I'm listening."

"Ok, well good. Now we best be going if we don't want to be late for Defense against the Dark Arts".

Harry groaned. "You go on ahead, I'll be along in a minute."

Hermione left and Harry took a long drink of pumpkin juice and put his head in his hands. After what felt like a minute he lifted his head up and saw that the Great Hall was mostly empty. One look at the clock told him it was 5min. until DADA. He bolted out of the Great Hall and up the 4 flights of steps to the DADA classroom. 5 seconds to spare. *Phew* He sighed in relief as he walked into the DADA classroom.

"Great of you to join us today Mr. Potter. Take your seat."

Harry quickly took his seat. " Oh and detention tonight at 7:30 sharp Mr. Potter."

Harry groaned and then said, "WHAT! But I was on time!"

"To the room. But you were not in your seat, ready to learn on time. Now stop your backtalking or I'll make it a double detention."

Harry quickly shut up. "Ok class turn to chapter 5 in your textbooks. Today we will discuss how Expelliarmus can be used in the Wizarding world."

The class groaned as they listened to an hour and a half lesson on things the Ministry deemed appropriate. Finally, class ended and Harry had to stay behind to talk to Professor Umbridge.

"Um, Professor Umbridge."


"I have a detention tonight with Professor Snape at 7pm. I don't think I can make it to your detention at 7:30. Is there anyway we can move the date or time?"

"While this is certaintly not my problem that you managed to land yourself in two detentions in one day, I will talk to Professor Snape into dismissing you a little early so that you can make your detention that will now be served at 10:30pm."

"But, that's after curfew!"

"Well then I guess you better write your lines fast so that you can make it back to your dorm and have time to sleep."

Harry groaned, but didn't want to get in more trouble so he just said, "Yes Professor".

With the detention situation worked out, Harry went to his last class of the day, Herbology. Today they potted plants that thankfully, didn't scream, but they did bite. The class flew by and Harry ran up to the Gryffindor dormitory to grab his stuff for the DA meeting. On the way down the steps he had to stop for a minute because he felt dizzy. He quickly sat down and put his head between his knees until the dizziness passed, and hurried on to meet Hermione at DA practice.


End of chapter 1! Sorry it's kind of short, I was having some major writer block. More to come when I think of what to write. For those of you not familiar with Harry Potter, DA stands for "Dumbledore's Army" and it's a defense club, that was "illegal" during the novel. Umbridge had banned the club. As always, tips, comments, and suggestions are gladly appreciated!

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Thanks Not_Telling, Artygirl22, and DeathNoteOwner, and HarryPotterGeek!! P.S Artygirl22 You read my mind, Spoilers. xD Anyways, Here's chapter 2!


Chapter 2

Upon entering DA he went straight to work. The DA was still working on the Patronus charm. About 1/4 of the club had conjured it, so Hermione took those who had been successful to go practice dueling while Harry worked on getting the rest of the club to get the hang of the charm. Harry started coughing halfway through the meeting, and by time club had ended he couldn't tell if it was his scar hurting or if his head was just hurting that horribly. Harry and Hermione cleaned up the Room of Requirements after everyone had left.

"Ready to go to dinner Harry?"

Harry subconsciously rubbed his head and replied," Actually, Hermione, I'm going to go upstairs and start my homework. I have detention with Umbridge after my detention with Snape, Umbridge's detention starts at 10:30 and there's no telling when she'll let me go"

"But Harry that's after curfew! She can't do that! You have to tell someone!"

"Whose to tell! Dumbledore-HSXCHOO! is gone somewhere, and Umbridge is in charge of the school. I'm heading upstairs for a little while before Occumulancy. I'll see you tomorrow. Don't wait up. No telling what time I'll be back"

"Bless you...and ok. I'll see you tomorrow I guess." Hermione said while giving him a once over.

Harry started to run to the Gryffindor common room, but he got dizzy on the 2nd flight of stairs so he slowed to a walk. He finally made it to the Gryffindor common room and he took out his Transfiguration book and started his essay. He started coughing right after he finished his essay. He was coughing so hard that he didn't realize Hermione had come in until she started rubbing his back.

"Harry it's 5:45 you better get going. Are you sure your up to Occumulancy lessons and detention? That cough sounds dreadful."

"I'm fine , I just got some dust in my throat. I better hurry. Bye Hermione"


Harry made it down to the dungeons in the nick of time. Occumulancy lessons, like always were horrible. Snape was perusing through his memories and then he came across a really horrible one. It was the memory of meeting Voldemort in the graveyard last year. When Cedric died. Snape kept replaying it over and over probably trying to understand all that happened, but that memory has given Harry nightmares every day this year. Harry freaked out and concentrated as hard as he could to get Snape out of his mind. Even though he didn't push Snape all the way out of his mind, Snape exited his mind after he felt Harry trying to push him out.


"I don't want to- HSXCHOO talk about it. Can we move on?"

"Very well then, Legillimens"

It went like this for an hour. Snape playing Harry's memories and Harry desperately trying to get him out of his head. It caused Harry's headache to get worse. Thankfully, for detention all Snape had him do was clean the classroom and scrub the cauldrons the muggle way. Since Harry had lots of experience cleaning things for the Dursley's it wasn't that bad. However, the chemicals Snape had him using to clean were a little strong.

HISXCHOO HSXCHOO HUH-HUH-HUSXCHOO HSXCHOO! The made Harry sneeze and cough even more than he already had.

Every time Harry coughed or sneezed Snape would peek out of his office silently and watch.

*The boy sounds ill. Looks it too. With his flushed cheeks and the sweat on his brow. Or it could be from him not used to doing such hard work.* Snape thought. Finally at 10:00pm Snape had had enough of the coughing and sneezing, and the classroom was mostly clean so he said "Potter! Come here!"

"Yes sir?"

"Here is your wand. Are you feeling ok? Or do you require a trip to Madame Pomfrey?" Snape said with his usual snarl.

"No sir I'b fide."

"Very well then, I'll give you a pass to go to your detention with Professor Umbridge"

"Thank you sir."

Seeing as he had a half hour till his detention he walked slowly up to Professor Umbridge's classroom. He made it on time at 10:25pm.

"Good evening, Harry. Are you ready for your lines?"

Harry inwardly groaned before asking "How many lines?"

"3 feet, of "I will not tell lies"" Professor Umbridge said while handing him the blood quill.

Harry was feeling worse by the minute, his stomach was in knots, his throat was scratchy, and he was hot and cold at the same time. He tried to speed through his lines so he could go back to his dormitory and go to sleep. He finally finished at 12:30am and Professor Umbridge gave him a pass back to his dormitory.

Walking back to his dormitory Harry was feeling dizzier than ever, but he couldn't stop walking, he was determined to get in his bed. His body however, had other plans because he made it two floors from the Gryffindor common room before passing out.


"Stupid kids out of bed after curfew" Snape mumbled as he roamed the halls. He hated having to check the halls this late at night. He was about to head back to his quarters when he saw a body lying on the floor below where he was at. Curious he went down hoping to give the kid a detention, but what he saw shocked him.



End of part 2! Part 3 will be up soon! As always Comments, Tips, and Suggestions are gladly appreciated.

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:o :o :o :o




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Can you not cliffhanger ???????? o-o. Ah that's what I hate. No I want to know ugh. Continue just continue :) !

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OH MY GOSH! this is amazing!!!! i love this!! lol i'm sorry but snape is just awesome! I love how you incorporated Snape with some kind of sympathy for Harry :) That is just phenomenal

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Thanks Not_Telling, DeathNoteOwner, HarryPotterGeek, and peacelovehappiness1234!!! Sorry it took so long to update I could not think of how I wanted to continue the story. Which is also why I stopped on a cliffhanger haha. I'll try hard to keep the cliff hangers to a bare minimum. Here's chapter 3! P.S. Minor child abuse warning. Not much detail just simple stuff.


Quickly, Professor Snape felt for a pulse on Harry's wrist, and sighed in relief when he found one. He thought about taking him straight to Poppy, but then realized that he was closer to his personal quarters.

"Idiot boy, I told him to go see Poppy" He grumbled as he cast a body binding spell and a levitation spell on Harry. When he got to his quarters he left Harry levitating in the middle of the room as he put pillows and blankets on the couch. Then, he carefully lowered Harry onto the couch and undid the binding spell so that he could move.

Snape ran a quick diagnostics spell on Harry, and hoping it was just a mistake, he floo'ed Poppy to come through and check him out.

"Poppy, I think I messed up the spell, because there's no way what I found is really what's wrong with him."

Poppy ran her diagnostics and gasped at what she found.

A fever nearing 40 degrees celsius (104 F), a moderate to severe case of Wizarding Flu, and at minimum 1 stone (14lbs) underweight. There was also a bone in his ankle that had been broken and healed improperly.

Poppy gave the list to Severus and he grimaced when his list had the same diagnosis.

"Severus go get me a pain reliever, a nutrition supplement,a dreamless sleep, and a flu potion."

Severus quickly went and got the potions as Poppy woke Harry up. Harry was so out of it that he didn't even argue, he took the potions and was soon sound asleep. While he was asleep, Poppy rebroke the bone in his ankle and properly healed it with magic so that it would be good as new in 2 days.

"Severus, do you want me to take him? Or do you want to just leave him here? I know your fully capable to care for him."

"I'll keep him here. I was thinking of speaking to his head of house to see if he could go to the Weasley's a day early since he obviously won't be well enough for classes anyways."

"Good idea. Well, I'll leave you be, I've put monitoring charms on him so you'll know when he's awake or if anything changes."

"Thank you. Good night Poppy."

"Good night"

Severus kind of just stood there in shock for a minute after Poppy left. He had the bloody Boy-Who-Lived to make his life miserable in his private quarters. Eventually he snapped out of it and went to bed seeing as it was late. He was however, rudely awoken by the high pitched ringing of the monitor charms at 3:45am.

"POTTER!" Snape bellowed as he stormed into his living room.

"Sorry sir, I didn't mean to wake you I was just getting a drink of water." Harry said sheepishly.

"You should not be standing on that foot. Poppy re -healed it, but you should not put any weight on it for at least a few more hours. Now go lie down. Your fever is high enough without you aggravating your condition to find something to drink."

"Yes sir"

Snape handed Harry the water, and thought he saw something on Harry's hand.

"Potter what's on your hand?"

"Nothing sir."

"Let me see it."

Harry held out his left hand, which didn't have anything on it, for Snape to see.

"Not that one you idiot! The other one!"

Harry reluctantly held out his other hand.

"Where did you get these scars that spell out "I must not tell lies" "


"The truth Potter."

"Professor Umbridge's detention sir."

"Did she make you write with a quill that didn't use regular ink?"


"Bless you" Snape said as he handed Harry a tissue. "Mr. Potter, did you know it's illegal for Professors to use blood quills on a student. They are illegal as it is, but using it on a student is cause for a hefty Azkaban sentence."

Harry blew his nose before replying, "I just thought since, you know, she's taken over for Professor Dumbledore that she could do what she wanted."

Snape sighed. "No Potter that doesn't give her permission to harm a student. Here open up" He said as he grabbed the thermometer.

Harry opened and waited for the beep. "39.5 (103.1), it's lower, but here, it's time for another dose of the flu potion."

Harry grimaced as the medicine went down. Then Snape brought out a bowl of Murtlap and made Harry put his hand in it for 20minutes to help heal the scars.

"Go back to sleep. We have much to discuss in the morning." Snape said.

Harry easily fell back asleep and didn't wake up until Snape came in to wake him up.


Snape woke up at 7:00am and floo called Minerva to discuss Harry going home early. Minerva agreed wholeheartedly that Harry should leave early knowing that her little lion had been under tremendous stress lately, and according to some of the other 5th year boys, he hadn't been sleeping well either. Since Minerva agreed, he floo called Grimmauld Place to ask if Harry could come today instead of tomorrow since he was ill. Remus and Sirius were the only ones in the house since everyone else was at the hospital and they both agreed before he could finish getting the question out.

With that being settled he woke Harry up and told him the news. He was ecstatic to say the least, but he wanted to say goodbye to Hermione. Snape made him take more medicine and told him that Hermione would bring his trunk after her last class.


Alright there's part 3! I think part 4 will be the last. I'm not 100% sure though. Sorry this chapter was a little less sneezy. xD As always comments, tips, and suggestions are appreciated :)

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:D :D :D :D :D

not much more to say than I LOVE THIS MOARRRRRRR!!!

Harry's so cute and vulnerable and adorable c:

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I am so so so so SO Sorry!!! I have neglected this story! Between school and writer's block I have not been able to think of how this story should continue. Today was a snow day and I think I have finally figured out the ending to this story :) Hope you like it!


Part 4

True to Snape's word, Hermione arrived at the dungeons at 3:10pm sharp, 10 minutes after her last class ended.

"Harry! Are you ok?" Hermione said as she rushed to his side.

Harry who was lying on the sofa, half asleep, startled awake and pulled himself into a sitting position.

"I'b fide, Herbione"

"Oh, Harry, you sound awful. I should've made you go see Madame Pomfrey."

Harry flushed with embarressment and tried to change the topic. "Do you hab my trunk and hobework?"

"Yes! It's all right here! I also put a copy of my notes in there so that you could use them to study."

"Dank you so buch!"

"Your welcome."

At that moment, the dungeon doors opened once more and Snape came in.

"Good evening, Potter, Granger"

"Good evening Professor"

"Good ebening 'fessor"

"How are you feeling Potter?"

"Bedder, I'b fide dow."

"Mmmhmm of course you are" Snape said as he accio'd the thermometer and walked over to where Harry was lying on the sofa.

"Should I leave Professor?"

"No, I have some questions for Harry and you might be able to help. Please take a seat" Snape pointed to a chair close to the sofa.

"Potter, open"

Harry opened his mouth and then closed it around the thermometer. After a moment it beeped and Snape plucked it from his mouth.

"39.7 (103.6) degrees. It's gone up! What have you been doing all day? Running around like a maniac?"

"Do, I'b been sleeping"

"Hmm. Well, I still need to talk to you. How many detentions have you had with Umbridge?"

"Umb at least two timbes a week"

"And did you have to use the quill every single time?"


Snape growled before continuing. "Who else do you know had detention with Umbridge?"

"Umb I don't know sir" Harry murmered tiredly.

Snape accio'd the wizarding flu potion and a fever reducer and gave them to Harry to drink.

Hermone laughed softly as the face Harry made while swallowing them.

"Miss. Granger, who all has had detention with Umbridge?"

"Seamus, Ron, Fred & George, Cho, Neville, and a bunch of others."

"And do you think Umbridge has had them use the quill?"

"Yes, I've seen the marks on their hands."

"Thank you Miss. Granger. You better go on back to your dormitory. I'm going to deliver Harry to Grimmauld Place. Please say your goodbyes."

Hermione goes and gives Harry and big hug and kisses his cheek. "Bye Harry, see you when break is over. Tell Ron I love him and I'll be in touch ok?"

"Ok, bye Herbione hab a good break"

"You too, feel better!" Hermione quickly exits.

"Come on Potter, get up."

Harry slowly stands to his feet and Snape shrinks his suitcase and sticks them in his pocket. "I'm going to carry you Potter because floo is tricky and with your stuffy nose and hoarse voice, I'm afraid you might end up in the wrong place."

Harry's voice hurts too much to talk so he just slowly nods his approval.

Snape pick Harry up so that he's carrying him like a baby. He's initally shocked at how light he is, but quickly dismisses the thought as he steps into the fireplace and calls out, "Grimmauld Place, Password Marauders".

The flames swoosh and soon he is stepping out of the fireplace with Harry in his arms.

Sirius and Remus come running in seconds later as Snape sets Harry gently down on his feet.

"Hey Harry! How are you? Are you feeling up to a game of quidditch?" Sirius says while hugging him and managing to jump up and down at the same time.

Seeing Harry start to turn paler and greener by the second Remus snatches him out of Sirius' clutches to give him a hug.

"Hello Harry, why don't you take your stuff upstairs to your room and lie down for a bit while we talk to professor Snape."

Harry slowly trudges up the steps with his trunk. "I thought you cured him! You didn't say he was this sick! You just said he was feeling ill" Sirius said in an outburst.

"Calm down Sirius, here why don't we all take a seat in the living room so that way Professor Snape can explain things to us."

They all went into the living room. Snape sat on a chair across from the sofa where Remus and Sirius sat.

"I didn't tell you before because I didn't want you guys to freak out and come to Hogwarts. If you had done that, you would've ended up back in Azkaban, Sirius."

"Well, tell us now then!" Sirius snapped.

"Harry has a moderate-severe case of wizards flu. His fever has been between 39-40 degrees celsius the past day. He is at least 1 stone underweight, maybe a little more, and his ankle was broken a while ago and didn't heal properly. We didn't run a full scan on him, but we do suspect abuse. Also, Umbridge has been using a blood quill on him"

At this point Sirius and Remus both jumped up screaming and demanding to speak to Dumbledore.

"Dumbledore is away, but he will be back on December 26, and I will ask him to meet with you. I gave Harry a fever reducer and flu potion 1 hour ago, he can take them every 6 hours. Also, I have been giving him a nutrient potion with every meal."

"Thank you, Snape. " Remus said.

"Your welcome, I must be leaving now. I have other business to attend to."

Sirius and Remus bid him farewell before heading up to check on Harry.


Ok, I lied. There's one more part left to this story! :) Comments, tips, suggestions, are welcome as always! I promise to update soon! :)

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