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My stupid cousin got me sick! ugh...


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My little cousin had a terrible cold for a few days and I came home about a week ago and I started feeling sickly yesterday. So far it's been nothing but cough, fever, and stuffiness and sore throat. I sneezed a few times. For some reason, my sneezes change depending on the cause. If it's allergies or inducing, they're loud and wet. If it's sickness, wet and messy. Out-of-the-blue random sneezes, dry and loud, but I normally stifle around people and in public. Anyway, I've sneezed a few times and they were my sicky sneezes, so I think she gave me whatever it was she had. I'll keep you guys posted if you want.

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Awe! Thankies for all the 'feel better's! Today's been pretty rough... (my lack of sleep probably isn't helping...) I had to get up early and go with my sister to the doctor and sat there for about three hours sniffling in the waiting room. I've sneezed a good amount today. Normally when I'm in public or just around people I stifle them, but I've given up on that considering I sneeze about every five minutes when I'm sick. This is really annoying. *sniffles, sneeze, sniffle sniffle, cough* And my voice is starting to get real stuffy and my throat hurts when I talk. TT^TT

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Aww! Feel better soon! :D I hate when others get me sick and I know it... it's endlessly annoying. QAQ

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