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Hey :) last November, I was treated with a GLORIOUS obs that I never posted. It was my friends B-day party, and we went down to DC on a scavenger hunt. (It was more fun then it sounds) and we got off the metro where it was really dark then we went out and it was all bright and sunny. My friend B is about 5'11, blonde hair bright blue eyes, a little muscular, long nose, cute in a boyish way. When we went out in to the bright light, he sneezed VERY loud five times! "HE-CHOO! HE-CHOO! THA -HECHOO! HEK-SHOO! HEK-SHOO!" After the second there was a pause, so I blessed him, and he started to thank me, but then he sneezed again :) explaining the THA sound. After that, I blessed him again and giggled (I could NOT help it) and he thanked me and I told him a hoped he wasent catching cold, and he thanked me and told me "the sun makes me sneeze, (then I tripped over a step, and he grabbed my arm to prevent my fall wub.gif ) and I don't think you should worry about me catching cold, I think I should be worried about you!" It was the sweetest thing ever :) He texted me a few hours ago saying he has a cold so............................... HAPPY NEW YEAR TO ME!

haha and happy new year to everyone on here jump.gif

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Oooo! Looks like somebody has a crush on youuu! ;) haha. He sounds adorable :)

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