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My Girlfriend :3


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I love her to death. She's a new one since my old one and I broke up. She has short brown hair with a blue streak and hipster glasses. She has a face like Arielle from YouTube you know the lesbian?... And yeah so we got to spend New Year's together and would you believe my luck she had a cold. She showed up and she was about to say something to me when she gets this sneezy look and holds her hand over her face. I say to her let it out. And she does... "Ah'psshhu! Heh'etchoo!" Her sneezes are really soft which is funny because of her long nose. I bless her and pull her inside.

Peppermint makes her sneeze. How was I supposed to know? We were eating one like the Pocky game and then she just starts sneezing away like she's having hayfever or something. It's crazy.

So at twelve we lip locked and she starts hitching her breath and then "Heih'intchh! Intchh! Heh'inntchhh!" Right into my shoulder. I kissed her ear which pretty much made her gasp and then we were a heap of feelings and hormones on my couch.

She's adorable.

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Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww!!!!!! Wish i had someone to kiss on new years...but that is adorable.

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It was my first New Years kiss

Awww really? I so jealous! XD family doesnt count. But i hope ur girlfriend feels better.

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Her sneezing a tripple in ur sholder must have felt great to u because to me it sounds beyond awesome

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Oh! So hot! I can't wait to get my girlfriend in a few years! We've been dating long distance for a while and I promised I'd pick her up in a few years and we'd live together and stuff. Anyway, the sneezing on another person is always sexy! I'm hoping my girl will do that for me... (yes, she knows about the fetish...)

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