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Gah....I'm so shy about posting this but I will try to be brave. So....hello....my name is Kaya. I've had a like for sneezing since I was 11 but it wasn't really sexual until I turned into a teen. I've been on the forum for almost a year but I was too shy to introduce myself. If you've seen my replies to other posts it's no secret that I love The Beatles. You could say I have Beatlemania. And my favourite Beatle is George~ (Hence my name) He's so sexy~ >////< I make Beatles sneezefics but I feel a bit shy posting them....I'm only uploading them if there's a fair amount of Beatles fans on here. Also I've only been writing stories for not even a year so I'm a bit rusty. (I should metion I have Anxiety disorder. XP) I also draw quite a bit but I'm not great at drawing sneezing. Anyways I'll see you guys around the forum! :guitar:

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Firstly, well done for being brave! You've done the hard bit now, so it should all feel easier in future :) Secondly, I approve of your taste in music - the Beatles were awesome!

Anyway, a belated welcome GeorgieLuver99! You've probably already seen it, but just in case, here is a link to:

read before posting

If you have any questions not covered by the link, please feel free to ask the staff using the "contact us" feature at the top of the page.

In the meantime, carry on enjoying the forum!


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