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No Touchy (PJ Fanfic M/M)


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Heyo! Good day to all you Percy Jackson fans out there. First off, idk if any of you ship Percy and Nico, but this story will be about them, it's not like overly lovey-dovey but they are a couple. I am a Percabeth shipper but it's just somehow not as fun to write about as PercyXNico is...

Characters: Nico, Percy

Plot: Nico gets sick and Percy wants to take care of him, but finds it quite hard to do so when Nico is stubborn as hell-pun very much intended ;)

Sorry if the characters are OOC :\

No Touchy

Part 1

"Don't touch me."

"Don't TOUCH me."


Everytime. Every goddamn time. Percy sighed, running a hand through his tousled black waves. Why was he so stubborn? Why couldn't he forget his dignity and shut up while Percy nursed him back to health? Cause he was an ignorant little asshole.

"Here, just let me-"

"No. Get off," Nico pushed him away, and scooted further away from him.

There wasn't much room on a twin bed for two full grown boys, granted one was so skinny he looked almost like a bag of bones. But if Nico scooted one more inch away he'd be kissing the carpet, and sampling everything that had been spilled on it over the years. Percy huffed letting his hand fall. Well, fine, if Nico didn't want his help, then he wouldn't give it...

"LET ME TAKE CARE OF YOU!" Percy screamed doing a war cry as he launched himself at Nico.

The teen yelped, tumbling over the side of the bed with a very angry Percy on top of him. Once they hit the floor, Nico began struggling, planning on running to the bathroom and locking himself in to get away from his phsyco boyfriend. Percy pinned him down, glaring defiantly at him.

"Are you going to let me take care of you now?" Percy asked raising an eyebrow.

Nico glared, "no."

Percy huffed, "then you're not going anywhere."

The two stared at each other, waiting for the other to make a move. That is until Nico felt a prickle in his sinuses. He squirmed feebly under Percy's weight.

"There's no point, I'm stronger than you," Percy said rolling his sea green eyes.

"And fatter," Nico grumbled pushing against his chest.

"Ouch. That really hurt my feelings," Percy said, clutching at his heart.

"Good, now get off me," Nico said.

He was going to sneeze, whether it was on Percy or not. And he really hoped it was option 2.

"Get off!" Nico yelled.


"I'm going to sneeze on you," Nico informed him, feeling the urge building.

"Go ahead," Percy challenged. "See if I care."

Well...he was warned.

"Heh...Heh'tchush!" Nico's head snapped forward, sneezing right into Percy's face.

"EWW! You sneezed all over me!" Percy shrieked, flailing backwards. "I was joking!"

Nico sniffed indignantly, frowning at Percy's reaction. He crawled back into bed, pulling the covers over his head and facing the wall. He muffled a couple of stifled sneezes into his pillow.

"Heh'mmpft! Huh...huh'ktpff!"

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*W* yessssssss!!!!!!!!!!!! Me like!!!

Haha, thats good, I'll continue most likely :)

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I really love this story <3 You write such amazing fics <3 please continue I beg of you ! :)

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I really love this story <3 You write such amazing fics <3 please continue I beg of you ! :)

Aw thanks :D I will continue, probably later this week... so yepperdoodle :)

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You're continuing most likely? yay! awesome pj fic :)

Thank you :D

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So. Yeah. Its nice. I enjoy this. Haha...

YAYYYYYY! Gold star for you! ;) *sticks gold star to your forehead* HAPPY LATE NEW YEAR! :D (I'm sleep deprived dont judge meh! :P )

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