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"Ew, You Sneezed"


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This obs took place a couple weeks ago a few rows behind me in history class. We each passed our assignments to the person behind us for grading. W, short Chinese, boy, sat behind R, a short, Korean girl with wavy highlighted hair, in the very corner, and J, a short, short-haired, Japanese boy, sat to the left of R.

W sneezed. It was a sort of normal sounding sneeze, since I'm really bad at spelling them, just an "achoo." So already I was extra alert in the noisy classroom.

R: Eeeeww, that's gross.

W: What, I didn't sneeze on your stuff.

J: Sneezing spreads germs.

I'm just picturing how awkward I would've been in that conversation.... It was interesting.

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Aww i feel for W....did he cover his mouth?

I dunno... he was behind me, and if I turned around it might've been a little weird :P I've never seen him sneeze, but i would imagine he turns to the side and sneezes uncovered. I don't know, though.

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