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New year, new...cold?


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Sounds about right. I woke up January 1st to find that I couldn't breathe through my nose. Combine that with an unhappy, scratchy throat and voila. I would come down with a cold at the very start of the new year. Typical. tonguesmiley.gif

So far, nothing is too unbearable. It stings a little when I can manage to breathe through my nose, but that's probably because my nasal passages are dry. I've been sneezing quite a lot as well - usually in singles and doubles - but if I stifle then I get about three to four in one go. Coughing-wise, it's been minimal (which makes sense, since what I have is one-hundred percent a head cold). On that note, this is the first cold I've had in a long, long time so a small (masochistic?) part of me is enjoying it. The other part is groaning miserably. heh.gif

I'll be sure to provide more updates as this fiendish rhinovirus runs its course. ^_^

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Congrats and I hope it stays in your nose so you can keep enjoying it to it's fullest, Spoo! :D

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At least you will have got it out of the way early in the year! *tries to think positively*

Hope you feel better soon!

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Try to enjoy it as much as possible! At least it's the GOOD kind of sick, right? :) <3

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Thank you, everyone! happy.pngheart.gif

I'm feeling much, MUCH better. I'd even go with 'completely back to normal', but I'm still a bit sniffly. I'd have to say that last Thursday night was probably the worst of the cold. I had to work that night, and I was miserable. I was horribly stuffy, and there was a nasally undertone to my voice. There was a constant fluttering tickle in my nose that just would not go away, no matter how many times I sneezed (which I honestly lost count of throughout the day and evening).

By the end of the night I was in full-on "zombie" mode. You know, that haze that you slip into when you've got a cold? I spent the end of my shift leaning against walls and pretending I was in bed, because that's where I wanted to be. When I got home I took some medicine (because at the point I couldn't breathe at all through my nose) and went to sleep.

So yes, that was definitely the worst part. Otherwise, it was an average cold with no lingering consequences (as in, horrible chesty cough that sticks with you for weeks after, or the development of a sinus infection). Enjoyable overall, yes, but I've gotten my fix, so I'm good! tonguesmiley.gif

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