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So I tried to induce with pepper


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I have brown eyes, brown hair, and almost 6 ft

So I tried to induce with pepper,

I sprinkled a little bit inside of my nose, it had a strong feeling, but no sneezes as a direct result,

so I decided to grab a tissue , and Induced my self,

as i felt it penetrating my nose, i felt that famliar tingling sensation,

ahhuashooo, really loudly , dry no moisture,

I tickled a little more, moving deeper into my nasal cavity moving back and forth, ahhuashoo,

I repeated the tissue method , ahhuashoo,

I blew my nose with the pepper coming out, it was standard pepper, I'll see if i can try cayenne pepper, iver

heard that works, I don't have allergies, and hardly sneeze of natural causes unless i stare at the sun for extended period of time which can't be good for my eyes

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It's a little easier to sniff pepper if you put it through a coffee grinder or something of the like first. The finer it is, the less it'll burn.

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