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Hello all :)! Thanks for checking out my first story, I hope you enjoy it. I've been lurking for more than a year, so hopefully I've got this story thing somewhat figured out, but any tips/requests/conductive criticism is(are) welcomed ;).

I've been toying around with this idea for a bit, and I hope to have a few more installments, so without further ado...

Audition (Sorry, I was tired)

A/N: Just to clarify, the narrator is a girl, that doesn't become apparent until a little ways in

I slid into a red upholstered seat near the front of the theater. This was my second time in the building, but only the first time for an audition, and I was curious to hear how the acoustics were in the small community theater. In my hometown, I knew all the stages like the back of my hand, but here, in my first year of college, quite a ways from home, I was still unaccustomed to these new places.

I pulled out the music for my audition, giving it a last minute study as the other cast-hopefuls-- from young kids to those who were middle aged and beyond-- filled in. I recognized a few people from campus, but none of my good friends had the same love for plays and musicals as I did, so I wasn't surprised when I didn't catch sight of any of them.

As the seats filled up, I found myself flanked on right and left by an older woman and a guy about my age, respectively. After receiving an unfriendly look from the woman when I made to introduce myself, I turned instead to the young man. I opened my mouth in preparation to speak, but before a word came out, he turned to face me, and the words died on my tongue. His face was unmistakeable, from the clear blue eyes to the chin-length blond hair that feathered softly away from his high cheekbones. I just about drooled.

Alex Sander had been a Senior when I was a Sophomore, but I had still had the good fortune to perform with, and even star along side of him in quite a few school and city performances before he graduated. Alex was not only a talented actor and amazing singer, but also quite attractive, with the contrast from his almost delicate facial features and flowing blond hair to his powerful shoulders and overall trim physique. I certainly would be lying if I said I hadn't had a bit of a crush on him through those two years.

"Melanie! Is that really you?" He spoke first, the suprise evident in his tone. I felt an irrational rush of elation at the simple fact that he remembered me. I felt silly for the thought, but I was glad nonetheless.

"I can't believe it's you, Alex! I had no idea that you were going to school here." I couldn't fight the ridiculous grin that practically split my face, but at least I managed to get the words out. He smiled back at me, but before he could reply, the director clicked the mic on and a hush fell over us all.

The director, a plump, middle aged woman with hair dyed a vivid auburn, had been droning on for all of two minutes before I noticed a constant sniffing from the seat next to mine. I glanced at Alex, and saw that his eyes were closed, and his head was tilted slightly back as he he furiously rubbed at his nose with a knuckle, sniffing periodically while he fought to keep what I guessed was a particularly fierce tickle at bay. After about a minute his ragged breaths became audible as he started to lose ground against the impending sneeze. A moment later his head snapped down to meet his cupped hands, and he let out a painfully wet "hiih'GSHH'oo".

Sorry, I have to cut it off there, all the more suspense :P! Also I apologize for only one sneeze, but I felt that there was some necessary scene-setting.

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