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Oh god ok I know I dont post a lot but hey I finished this and it looked nice so why not share. ;o;

My character Bibu and a friends, Warrick bein' cute and shit

Its lovely having friends who are cool with the fetish I swear :'D

Theres a little bit of mess...Because colds and mess are the best yo.

Okay im outie, back to lurking forever hahaha!

Any constructive criticism would be cool if you have any ovo!


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:omg: This is adorable. I love how she thinks he's just enjoying it at first, when he's actually trying to warn her. I love your style too! Adorable OC's. :)
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Ahhhh thank you guys so so much ;w;! This kinda responce makes me wanna post more art in the future.

Thank you all so much it means a lot! <3

(Also hey there Prowlav ilu babe c;!))

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