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Leaving gift fit (m) Allergy, sickness


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As you may or may not know, I just moved from Canada to the UK. It's bittersweet, but I've been gifted by the universe with some amazing obs. In the past two weeks, I've got to see sneezes from three of the four people I was desperate to get obs from, and one of them was this amazing fit:

At my leaving house party I was a little distracted. We stupidly made an open invite, everybody came, and our flat is only tiny. I got to observe this with half of my attention focused elsewhere. My head snapped around when I heard an emphatic sneeze, and I clocked that it was PK, standing right beside me in the doorway.

I nursed a crush on his for a long time, which has faded a little. He is Korean, and he is beautiful. He wears his hair longish, and he was dressed to leave in a tweed jacket and baker boy cap, shiny shoes and a bright red scarf pulled his over his face. I saw him double for a second time into his arm, then a third time without raising his head. The sound was not loud but urgent, with a lot of p or b in it, like it was forcing past his lips, all one syllable, all consonants. Something like-

"--PBSSSH! ---ih'BSSSChk!"

"Jesus! Bless you!" Someone said, passing.

"Hah. Thanks. S***." He laughed, began to join in the conversation again, interrupting whatever he was saying to sneeze again into his arm. "BHSSch!--- PBSSSCH! --- BSSChk!"

He backed a step away from the group with each sneeze until he was leaning against the wall, laughing at himself and panting, not fully raising his head. I was trying my best to keep my eye on his discretely and I came over.

"Bless you, PK! Are you ok?" I said.

He laughed and rolled his eyes. "I'm good. S***. That's so- excuse me-" Cute pre-sneeze face, almost no build up at all, just one breath and a quick scrunch of his features. He cupped his hand over his mouth and sneezed smothered by his red scarf.

"Gross!" His girlfriend said affectionately. "I hope you're going to wash that."

"Sorry. I will." He was blushing and laughing and gasping to sneeze again, dipping his head into the fabric a second and third time. "BSSChuh! ---Hah-PbSChssh!"

At that moment another person turned up and I had to go greet them at the door, but I heard PK sneeze at least once more as he was leaving the flat. I counted about ten sneezes in all. Amazing.


Because I am shameless, when I saw on Facebook that he was sick I couldn't resist messaging him to ask about it. This is the exact conversation we had, copy pasted for posterity:

I can't get the thing to format quite right. A friend brought his husky to the party and PK was lying on the floor with it.

Hey you. how you doing? Facebook tells me you're sick


I think I got me a virus

Every hour or so I have a wave of nausea that lasts about 5-10 minutes, also on and off headaches and general fatigue

ugh, poor kid

sounds like a virus

I remember you were sneezing a ton at my party but that prob wasn't related

Yeah at that Party I believe I happened upon an Allergy to David's dog

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*fans self* That was such a nice ob, Salamander! It was so cute and dog allergies are my favorite, then he came down with an illness. Sa-woon! Okay I'm done fangirling :)

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Wow! What a sendoff for you! I hope you can keep in touch over Facebook. One never knows… devil2.gif

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... Daaaamn this year starts well :P He sounds adorable (of course, asian automatically adds +5 to Cute, but...)

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That was REALLY well written. So well written I didn't understand half of it. but that's okay. im just an idiot haha . ;o It's really awesome to read ! smile.png

thanks for sharing c:

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A well-deserved send off! I also love how he capitalized the A in Allergy! Very official :)

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