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Sims 3 pets for Xbox360


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i just bought this game last week, and its a really great sims game....partly for a particular reason for me.

apparently, when youre creating your sims, theres an option to make them allergic to fur...so in the game theyre constantly sneezing when theyre just standing around lol. its pretty cute too....but for some reason when i played the game on my laptop, the pc version doesnt have this option. so im pretty happy i bought this game

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the pc version is great too, but i cant play it on my laptop anymore since my cd drive's decided not to work anymore...i know they do sneeze here and there randomly in the pc version, but in the 360 game they do it alot more if you give them the allergic trait. i was surprised it was even in there when i first played...that made me so much more happy i bought the game. its also a pretty cheapo game too...especially if you get it used from gamestop or somewhere like that

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i never saw it in the pc version either, so im thinking the 360 version came out later, and they decided to throw that trait in there as an extra

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