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Lilies. (Secret Santa for High On Lullabies!)


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Hiya! So, I got High On Lullabies for my Secret Santa patron! Here ya go, doll! I hope you enjoy it! (:


Elizabeth Quimby walked up the stairs that led to the apartment she and her girlfriend Jane lived in, her hands behind her back. As she unlocked the door with one hand, keeping the other tight behind her, she grinned to herself. She jsut knew that Jane would love these flowers.

"Janie!" She called, kicking the door shut behind her, "I'm home!"

Jane rushed out of the kitchen, greeting Elizabeth with a peck on the lips. "Hiya sweetie! How was your day?"

"Wonderful," Smiled the brunette, "But not as wonderful as you!" Jane's eyes popped as Elizabeth pulled a bouquet of roses, lilies, and tulips, all brightly colored, from behind her back.

"Oh, sweetie!" She reached a hand out and took the bouquet from Elizabeth's hands. "They're so beautiful!" She brought them close to her face and took a deep breath in, smelling them. She set them on the table before turning back to her girlfriend, giving her the sweetest smile she could muster.

"Do you like them?"

"I /love/ them!" She reached an arm over and hugged Elizabeth tight to herself. "I love you."

"I love you t--"

"Heh...Hehh-IIisHOO!" The redhead's pretty little freckled cheeks were misted over with a blush. "E-excuse me." She looked down, until the red had dissappeared from her face. "Sorry."

"Don't worry about it," Elizabeth smiled, brushing a strand of hair from her face. "Bless you."

If it wasn't bad enough, having sneezed in front of her girlfriend, Jane still felt a little tickle in the back of her nose. She scrunched it up, trying to get rid of that tiny itchy sensation, but that just seemed to make it worse. Before she knew it, she was building up yet again.

"H-hehh..." She tried to hold it back this time, thinking that maybe if she tried hard enough, it would just go away. "Heh-ehhh! H-hih!"

"Janie, it's okay," Elizabeth chuckled, "You can sneeze."

Jane's face was turning red again. NOw she was emaberrassed, in front of her girlfriend, AND had to sneeze! What a situation she'd gotten herself into.

The hitching breaths eventually got the better of her, and a set of desperate, tickly sneezes escaped from her button nose. "HehIISHoo! I-IsHH! Hha-ack'choo!" She groaned and rubbed her nose, her face redder than ever. "I'm sorry," she sniffed, "I don't know what's bugging my n-nuh-nose so m-m-mu-huh, h-hih..."

Elizabeth knew how Jane felt about sneezing in front of people, so she decided to try and help. She put her finger under Jane's reddened nose, pressing firmly. It sated the urge for just a few seconds before she began to buildup again.

"P-pih... Hih... P-pinch id..."

The brunette pinched her girlfriend's nose shut with her finger and thumb, and eventually Jane's head slowly came back down. "Thadks, Lizzy." After a few more moments, she glanced over. "You cad, ub, you cad let go of by dose dow."

"Right," Elizabeth laughed, "Sorry."

Jane's eyes wandered over the entire room, searching for what might've caused her nasal outbursts, when she landed on the flowers. "Lizzy?"

"Yeah, hun?"

"Are those, l-lilies?"

"Of course! I thought you liked lilies!"

"Oh, I love them, but I'm ah-ah- ASHOO!" She blushed again. "Allergic to them."

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A beautifully written little story, full of stuff we like; blushing redheads sneezing from allergy to lovely lilies, FuN and other nasal caressing. what could be better? I don't spose we'll be likely to learn more of the ladies? I wouldn't mind betting both have hayfever probably at the same time.............

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I really like where this story is heading. Maybe not right away but you're planning a long story, see if Jane can get Elizabeth sneezing by any means necessary. She shouldn't mind because they're dating, or it sounds like they're dating.

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Awww, what a very cute couple! :D I'm a particular fan of the nose-pinching part. Thank you so very much for writing it for me :)

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