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A belated recount of my illness that I had just before Christmas day.

I traveled a decent distance to get to my family's home for the holidays and perhaps all that germy airport air was what did me in!

I ended up with a ticklish cough on the night of 22nd that I attributed to a fragrance diffuser that I'm mildly allergic to but my mum always puts back in my bedroom at their house! I removed it and noticed the cough continued into the next day. It was a very ticklish cough with a pronounced chesty bark after a few drier introductory coughs. It hurt a little and felt like what I remembered my childhood asthma coughs as feeling.

The next day, the 23rd, I felt increasingly run-down but was surprised I felt no nasal symptoms. When I get sick it usually starts in my head and travels down. By the early evening, I felt a series of terrible aches start to creep into my limbs and I was so cold I ended up bundled in my pajamas with a sweatshirt and under 2 blankets on the sofa in the living room.

I ate dinner with my family but by the end of dinner I felt awful and my legs were so achy it felt like I'd run a marathon. I ended up back on the couch before my mum decided it was time to check if I had a fever. Yep. 102F/38.8C. No wonder I felt awful!

I took a Nyquil and went to bed around 8pm. I slept until 6am the next morning, got up and took another Nyquil and slept until 11am on Christmas Eve. My fever dipped up and down all night (I got up at 11pm to check it and it went down but was up again at 6am when I took the second dose of medicine). I felt so sluggish and the aches in my body made it very hard to lie comfortably. I sort of swaddled myself in the blankets and against some pillows to stay still and warm.

I had a lazy morning and went back to bed at 3pm for a nap until 6:30 when my family called me down for games and cocktails. I felt a LOT better and got rather tipsy off a drink plus the cold medicine. By the time dinner was over and it was time for bed on Christmas Eve, the fever was gone and I was just still really fatigued.

Strangely the cough was gone now and with the fever done, I slept well and got up for Christmas morning feeling good. The flu moved up to my head very briefly, resulting in a congested nose but not much else. I dealt with that and some minor sneeziness on Christmas but was almost fully recovered on Boxing Day except for some residual post-nasal drip.

It was such a strange flu...came on so quick and left so fast! It's been a few years since I've had a bad fever, so that was quite an adventure!

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Whoa! Glad ur feeling better Dusty.

Same here! That is some weird flu.

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