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Kristen Bell Sneeze/Bradley Cooper Blessing


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Was doing some hunting for celeb blessings and I came across this. You can't hear the sneeze, :( it's like the audio is cut or something. But you can definitely see Kristen sneeze and then Bradley says "Bless you" and comments on how deep the sneeze was or something, lol. Score! Enjoy :)

Start around 22 seconds, the sneeze is right at 25 seconds.

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Awww, that was sweet! What a cute little interaction. Shame there was no audio. She certainly has a great sneeze in that blooper reel though! Nice finds, guys!

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Nice find. Here's actual audio of Kristen sneezing for those who were unaware

Are you serious? I thought her name was Veronica Mars. :P I've had that video since ages but didn't know it was her. Thanks so much.


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