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The Woman (M/M, M Strangely)


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This is the story of two gay guys madly in love... That is, until a woman falls for one of them and causes trouble. Based on one of my true experiences.


Steven glanced out his window. Dawn was breaking on the two of them and was showing bare skin and erections. Another night of sex and all he wanted was a sandwich.

Louis sneezed. It was dry and breathy and signified satisfaction. He usually sneezed during mornings after going at it. Steven bit his lip as an erection came over him and he got up to eat something.

Hours later, the two cuddled gleefully on the couch and watched NCIS. Lou fought off more sneezes and Steven blessed him with much nervousness. "Hih'nxcchh!" He pressed his hand to cover the spray and Steven pressed his head into Lou's shoulder.

"I'm sorry," Lou whimpered and Steven laughed, whispering "You don't have to be sorry."

"I suppose we should get to the casting call," Louis attempted to change the subject.

"But this is a new episode!"

"Do I have to be the mature one?"

"Okay, okay," Steven planted a breathy kiss on Louis' nose, causing him to turn around and shake with fitful sneezes. Steven watched, spellbound.


"Okay. Next," Steven drew a line through the girl's name and whispered in Louis' ear. "She is NOT going to hear from us."

Louis nodded. "This is the stage not a soap opera."

The next person to go up blew both of them away.


((Continue? Let me know.))

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