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Secret Santa for Zwee (SPN and Harry Potter)

CT <3

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Firstly, I’m so sorry that this is late. I’ve had loads of work to do over the break, and I did struggle a little bit writing this. Also, I’d barely heard of Supernatural when I got you as my recipient, but seeing as it appears to be your favourite, I tried to write a little something with that based on the other stories already on the forum. However, since I don’t know much about them, this is probably really OOC, so I’m sorry. I thought I’d play safe by writing a Harry Potter fic too (another of your favs, according to the message), so that one is really your main present, with the Supernatural one just being a little extra. I hope they’re alright!

*Disclaimer* Unfortunately, I don’t own Supernatural or Harry Potter.



The new demon Sam was fighting was a particularly fierce one. It ate into him gradually from the inside, leaving his head fuzzy and heavy, his throat scratchy, his nasal passages so blocked up that it was almost impossible to breathe. Since it had no known weaknesses, there was nothing he could do to defeat it either. Nothing except huddle up in bed with blankets swathed around him and wait until it went away.

"Hhhheehhh... hh-aahhhhh..." The demon struck again unexpectedly, attacking his sinuses with what felt like the hundredth insistent itch of the day. With no tissue to hand, Sam lazily pulled a handful of the covers up to his nose and let the volley of sneezes loose. "Ehhhh'tiiSHHIEew!!! Hhh-- Hhehh'tcchhhiiYUUU!!!"

"Bless you, Sammy." Dean leaned against the windowsill, his expression a mixture of smugness and concern, "Those are some seriously girly sneezes you've got there!"

Scowling, Sam wiped his dripping nose on the bedcovers. Already, it felt raw from excessive rubbing. "Doh they're dot! A'd I cad't codtrol how I sdeeze ady-- ady-- hhh... He'tisshhhIEEWWW!!!"

"Sure they're not!" Dean grinned. "Now, how about some soup? Cas won't mind making it- he really seems to enjoy learning how to cook."

Sam shuddered, remembering the angel's last attempt at making food. "Doh thadks, I'b ssnnnff good. I dod't kdow why you've got be id bed snnff ssnnnnfff at all. This isd't serious."

"Gotta get you recovered quickly, the next case could come at any moment." he dug into his pocket for a packet of tissues and threw them over, "Here, blow your nose. I can barely tell what you're saying."

Sam complied; blowing his nose with a screaming honk almost hard enough to shred the paper. Smirking, he turned back to his startled brother. "There. Was that snnff manly enough for you?"

For a moment, Dean looked like he was going to make some teasing remark. Then, his whole expression changed and his face contorted with anticipation.

"Hhhh-hhiiihhh--" he clamped a thumb and forefinger over his nostrils to stifle, "Nx'tchhhh! H'nmpphh!"

"Bless you, Dean."

His brother reddened. "Th-they weren't-- H'txchhh!-- aren't sneezes."

"Oh really?" Sam raised his eyebrows. "What were they then?"

"They were-- hehhhh-- j-just... ehhaahhh--hhhiahhh-- dammit..." He whipped around, presumably to hide his affliction, but Sam could still hear his stubborn stifles. "Et'ccshh! K'scxhhh! He'ttsskkk!"

"Bless you. I guess the cold demon got you too then?" Dean didn't respond, so Sam continued. "Don't you think you should be in bed too? The next case could come at any moment, after all!"

"Sam?" Dean turned around, holding a hand determinedly over his nose.

"Yeah?" Sam said, expecting denial, sarcasm, or an angry retort.

"Could you gimme one of those tissues?"

The Wrong Potion

(Harry Potter: Set sometime during the Half-Blood Prince)

Harry bent low over his copy of Advanced Potion-Making in attempt to decipher the Prince's fail-proof advice. According to these annotations, he had to cut the Sliphion roots lengthways instead of the originally prescribed widthways to achieve to most successful results. He could hear Hermione tutting irritably at him as he did so and held back a slightly guilty grin. For this lesson, Slughorn's class had been assigned to make a sleeping draught and, once again, Harry was flourishing under the Prince's unorthodox methods; his potion had already turned pale blue in comparison to everyone else's violet.

"Alright, everyone, we're at the halfway point now!" Slughorn called from the front of the classroom, "Try taking a sip of your draught. It ought to induce drowsiness if it's progressing correctly."

There was a flurry of movement over the dungeon as everyone scrambled to test their efforts. Hermione leaned over the table for a spoon, casting an eye over Harry's cauldron as she did so.

"Harry, are you sure your potion is supposed to look like that? It doesn't say anything in the book about it turning blue."

Harry shrugged nonchalantly as dipped his spoon into the liquid. If it was Hermione's word against the Prince's, he knew who's advice he was going to listen to. Raising the spoon, he took the tiniest sip he could manage; he didn't want to feel too sleepy after all. At that moment, however, a devious tickle ignited at the tip of his nose, spreading rapidly and intensely. Harry barely had time to turn his head away before it rocketed out.


"Bless you, mate." Ron said, glancing up momentarily from his curdling potion. Hermione was too overpowered with yawns from her draught to even look in his direction.

Harry wiped his nose on his sleeve. "Thanks." Frowning, he peered over the instructions again. He'd done everything the book had told him too, why wasn't he feeling tired yet? The Half-Blood Prince couldn't be wrong about something, could he? Perhaps he just hadn't taken a big enough mouthful. He picked up the spoon again and, filling it as much as he dared, gulped more of his potion down. Instead of the expected drowsy effect, the tickle flared back with renewed irritation and potency; making Harry's eyes water and his nose buzz over with pain. His head flung forward against his will as a racking fit spilled out of him.

"Hh'KSCHhfff... ehhh... Ek'SCHiiihhh! Hk'KISCHH! Hh'KSHH!!!" his sneezes turned increasingly fittish and messy as they progressed; spraying the desk with outbursts of nasal discharge. His glasses slid off his nose with a clatter.

"Bloody hell, Harry!" he felt Ron's hand squeezing his shoulder supportively. Hermione's voice trilled in concern.

"Harry, bless you! Are you alright? You're not coming down with anything, are you?"

"D-don't think s-so..." he hastily buried his face into his sleeve as another bout overcame him, "Hk'PSCHhh! Nk'SCHhIkk! Eh'KSHH!"

"Good Lord! Bless you, m'boy!" Harry looked up to see that Professor Slughorn had jogged across the classroom to their table, "What's the matter? Dust? Allergies?"

Harry's voice was too stuttery with sneeze suppression to reply, so Hermione spoke for him.

"Professor, I think it might be something to do with his potion."

Ron nodded. "Yeah. He's been sneezing ever since trying it."

Slughorn peered into Harry's cauldron and took a sniff. A second later, his face broke out into a wide smile.

"Oho!" he said, "Oho! I see what the problem is now. You haven't made a sleeping draught after all!"

Harry looked up through bleary eyes and fumbled for his glasses. "H-hav- Hh... Hk'KFFMpppfff! Haven't I?" He thought he'd followed the instructions exactly...

"No you most certainly haven't!" Professor Slughorn said, waggling his finger at Harry indulgently, "This, m'boy, is a sneezing draught. Tricky little potion, that; very difficult to get right indeed. But this has been brewed perfectly, by the looks of it."

He chuckled as Harry captured another "Hh'KSHIIhhh!!!" in his sleeve. "Take twenty points for Gryffindor, for the most-effective potion I've seen in a long time."

The rest of the class looked on gloomily; unsurprised to have been outshone by Harry as usual. Malfoy in particular seemed murderous, and Harry had to grin.

"Well, I hope you've learnt your lesson now." Hermione hissed as Slughorn moved out of earshot, "Taking that ridiculous advice from the Prince."

But Harry only shook his head. "Nah, I think I just turned to the wrong page, that's all." He took off his glasses and ran his sleeve over his face, the urge to sneeze finally subsiding. "Anyway, it worked out alright, didn't it?"

Hermione rolled her eyes.

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Shoutout to "Not_Telling" for getting me into Hary potter drabbles and awie the spn one <3

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Shoutout to "Not_Telling" for getting me into Hary potter drabbles and awie the spn one <3

*stutters* Deathyyyyy :D

Yes. That HP one was lovely <3

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Shoutout to "Not_Telling" for getting me into Hary potter drabbles and awie the spn one <3

*stutters* Deathyyyyy :D

Yes. That HP one was lovely <3

. *hugs Not_Telling* xD . And *Harry. Hah sorry Im really tired.
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I-I-I get TWO!?!?!? Oh my goodness, this is just about the best thing ever!! :D

Okay. Let me get this straight. You've never seen Supernatural. You had barely heard of it like two weeks ago. But you wrote this GEM!? No, seriously, it is a diamond, it is worth my weight in gold. (Plus I'm getting it for free, so that's always nice.) I can't even believe how cute this is. And it's SO in-character, wtf, you are a goddess. I think it's pretty accurate that Sammy has girly sneezes (and gets made fun of for it) and Dean stifles. My gosh! And I loved that you made a cold into "demons" that's so adorable, I don't even think the actual SPN fans have thought of that before ever, it's genius! Plus you got both the boys in there, that's my favorite!! :D I have come to the conclusion that you are perfect.

Also. That HP one. SO cute and clever! AAAAHHHH, how are you so good at writing in character!? It's like you're actually J.K. I just really like the situations that you write, this one could have totally happened. And Ron and Hermione are so cute and concerned!! And Slughorn gives Harry points for quality even though he didn't even make the right potion, that's SO right. And the fact that he ignores that his potion is the wrong color because of the Prince's advice! And Hermione tries to get him to stop using the book and he's just like "NO, the Prince is perfect", this just SO accurately sums up the entire Potions class part of the sixth book.

And this was just about the best Christmas gift ever!! Thank you so SO much for all of the effort and work you put in, I'm SO happy with it!! I just about love you right now!


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Love the HP fic! Zwee is right, it is So Perfect in all aspects! Pure perfection!

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