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Secret Santa for Alyssa(Percy Jackson fic)


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Hello all! I did not mean for this to be so late. Stuff happens(including your laptop acting up for the umpteenth time)As long as I didn't keep anyone waiting. Anyway,I hope you enjoy this!



“Honestly, I don’t know how you managed to let this slip for so long, Seaweed Brain!” she as she handed Percy the tissue. It was a week until they returned to Camp Halfblood and someone managed to come down with a full blown cold. Annabeth was baffled as to how her boyfriend alluded her the whole time but now she had to stay by his side until he was better.

“I couldn't even notice this yesterday, but it just started to flare up I guess.” Percy rasped out he gave off a strong honk in his tissue. His boyfriend knew he was stubborn but she wouldn't this that he would let it get this bad.

She sighed as she quickly pecked his cheek before walking off. “Well, just focus on resting. I’ll be back better well equipped to take care of you.” She said as she left.

“HESTISCH! AHCHUMPPTH! TESHIISH! HATCHI! HETCHCHH!” the green-eyed demigod continued on with his squeaky half-stifled fit until he slowly lulled to an exhausted nap.

When he awoke, he could see a plethora of things most likely about to be used to help him feel better. Before he could say anything, he felt a cooling cloth on his searing hot head. He looked up and saw his girlfriend, Annabeth. “You felt sort of feverish after your fit.” She said as he blushed lightly.

He opened his mouth his mouth to speak only to be interrupted by his own hitching breaths and twitching red nose. As quick as lightning, his friend quickly got the message as she snapped up a few tissues and placing in front of Percy’s nose.

Letting out a satisfied “HATISCHOO!”, he sniffled and recoiled as he gave a wet blow. He looked up sheepishly at Annabeth and nodded a thanks as she wrapped him in thick quilts.

“I made you some soup while you were out.” She said to break the silence as she lifted off the lid of the Tupperware. He inhaled deeply the grand scent as it seeped into his chapped nostrils. Minutes went by as he slowly ate more and more of the soup happily accompanied by his care taker. When he was finished, he was satisfied and feeling better already. Annabeth noticed this new dull flare infused into her friend once again yet there was still some work to do.

“Feeling better already I see.” She said smiling at the ill boy.

He nodded as he looked at himself in the mirror and studied his features. He noticed how congested he felt as he began to snuffle quickly. Annabeth caught this almost instantly. “Are you okay?”

He turned around scrubbing at his nose. “Yeah, I’m just a bit stuffy.” He said.

She nodded as she started to lead him somewhere. “I have something that might help.” She said as he slowly trail behind him to the bathtub filled with hot water. He relaxed and soaked his feet as Annabeth draped a towel over his head.

“Hey, what’s this for?”

“You’ll figure out soon enough. You’ll feel a difference.” She said as he left him to relax to his fullest extent.

After a few minutes, Percy managed to breathe deeply through his nose. After a half-hour had passed, his nose started to drip which set him off again. With a fluid gasp and near silent hitch, he managed to get out a few stray sneezes.


Suddenly, the door gave a raspy creak as Annabeth peered in only to stifle a giggle at the sight.

“How are you feeling?”

“Much better.” He said simply as he desperately ducked his head in another sneeze. She managed to help Percy get back to his room for more treatment. When he settled back in bed, Annabeth pulled out a container of Vaporub. As a cream known notoriously for having a minty penetrating odor that send some people into full-fledged sneeze attack, Percy wasn’t so sure of how this would play out.

Annabeth carefully spread out a generous portion over the other’s chest. The scent was making his eyes water, yet it wasn't strong enough to make him sneeze. He sensed the slimy goopy substance seep in and practically burn his nose off in the midst of unstuffing it.

Eventually the scent became so soothing to Percy that he actually fell asleep. Annabeth was cooing at the sight. As she kissed his forehead and slid into bed with the boy for a nap, she had a feeling that Percy would get better really soon.

Over the course of the day, the two were having a good time just talking and flirting. At the end of the day, Percy wasn't completely well. However, his overall cold had improved as his personality slowly flooded back into view.

All and all, he looked better and he felt better being around the girl that he loved most.

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Awwwwwwwwe <3 . I hope you plan on continuing and sidenote: I'll continue our roleplay when I get ideas hahah. Uh yeh I love this story <3

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This is adorable! I love it, thank you so much :)

No problem about it being a little late, it was totally worth the wait! I love how Annabeth is just like 'I know better than you so just wait and you'll figure it out' :D

It's so exactly how I'd imagine her acting.

So thank you again for a wonderful present, let me know if you do any other Percy Jackson stories 'cause I'd love to read them :)

And I hope your laptop behaves for you!

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Hello again and thank you all for reading and leaving your wonderful comments. To be honest,I was quite worried that I got the characterization wrong and such. You all are so reassuring though. I didn't expect that something I wrote with hours to spare would be so favorable!

As a few of you have asked for a continuation of sorts,I felt it best to answer you soon. While I might be interested in expanding on this,I think it's best to come back to this once I've expanded on my sneezy writing skills a bit more. I feel that if I continue now,I'll butcher the entire story into something unidentifiable from the original fic. I'm thinking about starting a drabble thread and maybe a collab or two if I play my cards right. So while this might not be a one-shot forever,it will stay that way for a while. I also think I'm more well suited to write more for cartoony stuff,but you could probably tell that by my profile pic...

Not to mention the fact that my laptop's in the shop and I'm using a temp for the time being. All in all,I'm glad I managed to please you all. Cheers!

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