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I feel so lucky!


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I feel so lucky. I regularly work from home, and my wife has been working from home a lot too, recently. We have no home office, but sit across from each other at the dining room table with our laptops, books, and papers.

My wife has no allergies and seems to get a cold only once every few years but I have always adored her sneezes. They're almost my ideal: Her face gets tense, her mouth slowly drops open, her eyes close, her nostrils slowly flare out until they're taut, and then she sneezes a three syllable sneeze: "Hahk-a-CHAAA!" Even better, she almost always sneezes a double with a couple seconds of pause in between, so if I miss the first one, I can get a great view of the second one. (loooooong breath in while her mouth opens and her nostrils flare and… "Heck-a-CHAAAAA!")

Sometimes the sneeze is so strong that her whole body will tense up with it.

The only thing that would make them better is if she had a bunch of false starts before the sneeze, but these days I've been appreciating the loooong drawn out, slow motion build-up more and more. The anticipation is just delightful! thumbsup.gif

But, sadly for me, she usually doesn't sneeze very often, and in fact it was a while into our relationship before I ever saw her sneeze. On top of that, it always seemed to happen when I'm in another room. Of course I would always stop what I was doing and listen carefully for that second sneeze, but just hearing her sneeze is never the same as being with her when she sneezes.

But now we're spending a lot more time sitting across from each other, and on top of that, lately she's been sneezing a lot more often. Just tonight she sneezed a double at dinner, another double when we started working and a single just now.

I admit that always wished she had some sort of innocuous allergy -- just something that made her sneeze, of course! But this is better. I get to see her wonderful sneeze without her suffering from anything all.

I don't know what is making her sneeze more than usual. I just hope my luck holds out and it's not temporary. Here's to the sneezy ones! biggrin.png

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b^ ^b Aw, that's awesome! <3

I'm glad you get to enjoy the view without any bad side effects for her ;D

Don't you love it when it works out that way~?

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now we're spending a lot more time sitting across from each other, and on top of that, lately she's been sneezing a lot more often

This is just the perfect scenario. Hope you get lots more "success" and enjoyment!


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